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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey there! Today I have few time left. And since my mom has been yelling to me to turn off the computer, I'll make this post short.
Ok, off we goes,

This is Sunday. Of course Sunday in my country. Dunno what's yours. I have to ask my friend what's homework for Monday. Since I'm lazily keeping track of my school days, I've never tracked on my homework's lists. So if Monday has a homework for me, I know it at Monday right away. Way too bad, yeah.

Just to tell you, finally I've completed much of UVERworld's singles and albums. The Timeless has completed, but the BUGRIGHT hasn't. The other singles are also completed. I like the song PRIME from the single CHANCE! Is there any of you know it? And yeah, PROGLUTION has released yet and it's damn long. Too much songs are there, much more than the previous albums. I've got 5 then. It's not changing yet.

Well, that's all friends. Sorry today I can't check out your sites' updates, but I'll do it if I have a chance, probably tomorrow. Have a nice day!

p.s.: Visit Svalgard. You'll help me increase it.

Thx a lot!

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