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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hey there, how have you all been? Good, I hope. Well, I've changed my theme into Ragnarok, dunno how many of you guys know or play it. I myself don't play it really, but liked the illustration of the characters. And the jobs' name rock!

Good news then, I've completed some of UVERworld's singles right now, so now the waiting list is being shortened :)

Uhmm... After being in school now, I don't really expect school days will be this ordinary (I've been imagining coming up to school after soooo long holiday will be horrible). Or maybe, yeah, I might too much fantasizing and dramatizing that fact. Weeelll. Heeeyaaa.

The only problem is in this school days I can't get up. Really. My mom gets annoyed everytime I don't get up. Oh my, I can't imagine how if I live alone on a little flat with no one there standby for waking me up. It'd be when my working time is 7 o'clock, I'll get up when the clock points to 12. OH MY. I really need my mom!!

That's all fella. Sorry for overlength post (If it is so ^ ^')

Have a nice day! (No [holi], please!)

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