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Sunday, January 6, 2008

This is the last day of my holiday! At least, it is in my own region, now's January sixth 2008's afternoon!
I've been so lazy in this holiday, and I lost so many text books that my bookshelf now is empty. I forget where did I put my books.
And I was so lazy coming for school tomorrow.
My vocabulary about music is totally bad. You can rate it F. So I'm going to increase'em. The bands I've watched is:
- Depapepe, the duet guitarist, I've heard a bit of their songs, and that sounds good.
- Tohoshinki/TVXQ/DBSK/DBSG, they have too much name. Many youth girls even mothers are fanatic to this band. Do their songs are that good, or just because of the personnels are HANDSOME?
- NEWS, my friend has told me about it that the singers are damn handsome. And so are the songs. heheh. Handsome songs.
- UVERworld, they've releaset lots of singles but I haven't completed them yet. Lately I was hunting for their latest singles [I know], Ukiyo Crossing, and is waiting for their newest album [will released] in 2008. And I heard it was February. Heeeyaa. My birth month.
The list of UVERworld's project I haven't completed yet:
- Timeless
- Just Melody (the olden single)
- CHANCE! (oh my)
- Endscape (well...)
- Colors of the Heart(eww..)
- Kimi no Suki na Uta (?!)
Well, I'm not their fanatic fan. At least, I won't feel guilty if I haven't completed those yet :)

- KAT-TUN, my friend loves it because they're handsome. I prefer to their music, I guess. But I have no idea for it. One of them can do beatbox, and I'm keen for hearing it.
- w-inds, the man with girlie voice (pardon my words please)
- YUI, my friend gave me some, and her albums are TOO much for me to complete them'all, I guess I'll get too old to complete them ^ ^'
- m-flo, also, TOO MUCH.

Maaannn, can I complete 'em all?!

Well, that's all. Sorry for the overlength post. Weehee. Have a nice [holi]day! *stills missing holiday so much*

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