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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hmm, actually I've had this problem, but I forgot to wrote yesterday. Well then, the problem is: I cannot send messages. At least that's what I saw at my screen. What I got when I tried to reply a message for me is: Query failed and blah-blah-blah at php line 64.
I don't know whether those I've tried to sent message can received it, and I'm tired with it, I won't try anymore. Do you all have that problem? Or just me? I couldn't sent messages so for those who sent me messages maybe I won't be on for that until the problem is fixed.
Or maybe some of you have instant messaging or other space? Let's use it ok! *laugh*

That's all. Have a nice day buddy!

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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Otaku Version Vibrant, uhmm.. well, I don't like it at all *no offense*, I really want the old myOtaku. I got problems everywhere, don't know it's because my computer's incompatibility or just there's problem inside Otaku V.V.

Oh yeah, I have some drawings to post, later I'll post it if I've uploaded it :)

And above all, I REALLY wanted my old myOtaku to be back. I'm serious! And I'm not playing right now!

Hmm, I think that's all, I don't have anything more.. well, I hurt my middle finger with a rusty cutter, I don't know what I'll get then ^^'
Have a nice day fellas!

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Hooray! Today's my birthday!!

Well, yes that's right today's my b'day and I'm 15 now. Just now I thought that the alteration from 14 into 15 is very contrast. I mean, just like from 13 into 14, altered from 14 into 15 just like leaving your childhood phase into your adolescent phase (ridiculous, yeah, because adolescent phase begins in 12). But in the other hand, mentally, I don't change that much! I'm still me, the careless and stupid person.

Well, age is still the age. Mentally I'm still at 14 :)

That's all for today, and look, how long it has been passed away since I posted my latest post?

Have a nice day!

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Hello! Long time no see.
Ok, off we goes,

Several days ago I got my tooth to be yanked out of my mouth. Well, this is my teeth from my childhood period, believe me. This is stills my milk teeth :)

Heeeyaaa, this is my milk teeth and actually it had to be yanked when I'm 8. So it means my teeth (I have 2 milk teeth haven't yanked out yet)is late to be yanked for 6 years!

How d'ya imagine that?

P.S: Visit Svalgard. The City of Nowhere.

I'm getting everything about Scandinavian Mythology, and anybody of you have it? I'm going to start a new story/ whatsoever based on that amazing myth.

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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Well, yesterday my city got in flood. All artery roads in my city are all covered with water. Know why, because since Thursday night until Friday dusk it's still raining. And, the impact is as predicted before: BIG FLOOD! Anyone get yourself in safe!

Many houses are covered by the water, and so was my school. Hoowww comeee.

Friday morning, I went to school after a free day at Thursday because it was my school's anniversary (not good saying 'birthday', right?). Actually I wished to skip this day for once because Saturday I'm free until Monday. But that plan was failed because I have to collect my physics task. Oh well. So on that day I went to school. When I go to school, it rained heavily that I couldn't get into school without carrying an umbrella.
But I ran under a roof, though.

After that, along the day in school it rains, both light and heavy. On English lesson my friend's mother came to get her son home because their house has already flooded. Oh my. After that, many of my friends in schools are calling their parents to pick'em up at school, cuz my school has already been flooding.

Finally, at 10, my headmaster gave command to send students home. Happily I went out carrying my bag to get into my bus school. I think this day will be happy since I've got an hour and a half free time (because officially school ends at 11. 30, just for this Friday).

But I guessed wrong. Hoho. It really takes time to get out of my school area. It gots half hour before I get out of my school area. And it took half hour too getting out into artery roads. And 2 hour spent when getting into the way home. When finally I spent 3 hours inside the car with my other caged friends, we arrived at the fact that: WE CAN'T CROSS THE ROAD. THE WATER IS TOO HIGH, IF WE DARE TO CROSS, OUR CAR WILL STOP. Oh my. Hours left we use to get back to school area (imagine that! 3 hours full of effort getting out of trap and now we're reaching into it again!!!)
and take a rest.
At a place we all got food to eat cuz most of us were really in hunger, and used restrooms. After that we got into our cars and get back home.
Stopped each several meters to ask a person around about water, turned around numerous time when the street we were crossing is covered by the water too high, and uncomfortable seat colored my long way trip to home.

My cell phone's battery was getting out at that time, I couldn't use it for music to kill the time.

My seat really kicked my ass. I got my waist hurt sitting in the same position for hours.

When finally the car got into the street I'm familiar with, I really feel fine. Everything's fine now. I can get home, finally. Finally. After spending soooo long inside the car. When I got home, I really love it. this means I'll leave my uncomfortable seat soon! Oh my! I've never loved my house this much.

Now, take a look at the clock on the wall. I showed me the time right at: half past five P.M., which means that it's dusk already.

OH MY!!!


I've never went home from school this long.

That's all friends. Hope you're not bored. Sorry for this overlength post. Have a nice day! *went away and closed the door*

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hey there! Today I have few time left. And since my mom has been yelling to me to turn off the computer, I'll make this post short.
Ok, off we goes,

This is Sunday. Of course Sunday in my country. Dunno what's yours. I have to ask my friend what's homework for Monday. Since I'm lazily keeping track of my school days, I've never tracked on my homework's lists. So if Monday has a homework for me, I know it at Monday right away. Way too bad, yeah.

Just to tell you, finally I've completed much of UVERworld's singles and albums. The Timeless has completed, but the BUGRIGHT hasn't. The other singles are also completed. I like the song PRIME from the single CHANCE! Is there any of you know it? And yeah, PROGLUTION has released yet and it's damn long. Too much songs are there, much more than the previous albums. I've got 5 then. It's not changing yet.

Well, that's all friends. Sorry today I can't check out your sites' updates, but I'll do it if I have a chance, probably tomorrow. Have a nice day!

p.s.: Visit Svalgard. You'll help me increase it.

Thx a lot!

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Hey there, how have you all been? Good, I hope. Well, I've changed my theme into Ragnarok, dunno how many of you guys know or play it. I myself don't play it really, but liked the illustration of the characters. And the jobs' name rock!

Good news then, I've completed some of UVERworld's singles right now, so now the waiting list is being shortened :)

Uhmm... After being in school now, I don't really expect school days will be this ordinary (I've been imagining coming up to school after soooo long holiday will be horrible). Or maybe, yeah, I might too much fantasizing and dramatizing that fact. Weeelll. Heeeyaaa.

The only problem is in this school days I can't get up. Really. My mom gets annoyed everytime I don't get up. Oh my, I can't imagine how if I live alone on a little flat with no one there standby for waking me up. It'd be when my working time is 7 o'clock, I'll get up when the clock points to 12. OH MY. I really need my mom!!

That's all fella. Sorry for overlength post (If it is so ^ ^')

Have a nice day! (No [holi], please!)

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

This is the last day of my holiday! At least, it is in my own region, now's January sixth 2008's afternoon!
I've been so lazy in this holiday, and I lost so many text books that my bookshelf now is empty. I forget where did I put my books.
And I was so lazy coming for school tomorrow.
My vocabulary about music is totally bad. You can rate it F. So I'm going to increase'em. The bands I've watched is:
- Depapepe, the duet guitarist, I've heard a bit of their songs, and that sounds good.
- Tohoshinki/TVXQ/DBSK/DBSG, they have too much name. Many youth girls even mothers are fanatic to this band. Do their songs are that good, or just because of the personnels are HANDSOME?
- NEWS, my friend has told me about it that the singers are damn handsome. And so are the songs. heheh. Handsome songs.
- UVERworld, they've releaset lots of singles but I haven't completed them yet. Lately I was hunting for their latest singles [I know], Ukiyo Crossing, and is waiting for their newest album [will released] in 2008. And I heard it was February. Heeeyaa. My birth month.
The list of UVERworld's project I haven't completed yet:
- Timeless
- Just Melody (the olden single)
- CHANCE! (oh my)
- Endscape (well...)
- Colors of the Heart(eww..)
- Kimi no Suki na Uta (?!)
Well, I'm not their fanatic fan. At least, I won't feel guilty if I haven't completed those yet :)

- KAT-TUN, my friend loves it because they're handsome. I prefer to their music, I guess. But I have no idea for it. One of them can do beatbox, and I'm keen for hearing it.
- w-inds, the man with girlie voice (pardon my words please)
- YUI, my friend gave me some, and her albums are TOO much for me to complete them'all, I guess I'll get too old to complete them ^ ^'
- m-flo, also, TOO MUCH.

Maaannn, can I complete 'em all?!

Well, that's all. Sorry for the overlength post. Weehee. Have a nice [holi]day! *stills missing holiday so much*

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Weehee. I don't know your state's region, but now is January 2nd's afternoon!
So it may very late to say, but I thought I should say too.


Hope all your wishes come true through this year!
Anyway, is there some of you that has set up your goals for this year?
I have none, or at least, I haven't set it yet.

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Monday, December 31, 2007

The Post

well. I saw many users here has improved their own otaku accounts with their own layout. My question is: can you all help me to do that? I have no idea about what did you do with your account to make it appears like that.
Do you all use the CSS code?
or something else..?
And where do you all place those codes?

Please, answer. Your answers are precious for me.

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