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Monday, April 3, 2006

I have a narrative lab to do for my public communication class and I decided to do mine about my little sister and how she has helped motivate me. I really hope that my project won't seem to lame. My teacher was giving some amazing examples of what her past students did. Some pretty amazing stuff. After class I walked around with Alisha and had some laughs. She had to go do something though and I ended up waiting an hour for her. It's cool though. We decided to meet up at 12:30pm so it's all good. Maybe we can go to Michael's or something. I ran into Angels and we went to the Admissions Office and talked some. She told me how she was going to switch from her undecided major to art. It made me real happy to have someone with me now. ^__^ She's gonna take the same art history class I had and I told her how I still had the book. So yeah, we went to my old teacher and it made me smile that she still knew my name. Went to the Student Union and say bye. I went to the Art Gallery they had in the multi-purpose room and met up with Joe again. I hadn't seen him in a while and I don't know how but they got me to buy a shirt. lol Grrr!! I DON'T EVEN LIKE IT!! It said CSUB art club on it though and I was going to join it. I just have to go to the meetings now. The logo on it had munch's scream and said, "Make War, not Art" I think they got the words mixed up, just looking at it now makes me FURIOUS!! I'm probably gonna tailor it so it looks like a normal black shirt and might print out some iron ons and give it some of my own touch. ^__~ Maybe make it a Gackt fan shirt. ^__^ lol Talking about Gackt-san!!! I GOT MY DVD's OF HIS VIDEOS!!! *UNCONTROLLABLE SQUEAL!!!* I felt so happy when they came in the mail I watched it all day and the next. I even whipped out the lyrics to his songs and picked out which were which even though they had the Japanese titles. Awesome, as my nephew would say. Alisha is a fan too, but I was shocked to hear she never heard him actually sing!!!!! O.O SHOCKED!!! So yeah, I'm gonna have to make plans where we can just sit and watch the DVDs down my place if I can. ^__^ Well, that's all that's been happening. Laters!!
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