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Friday, March 3, 2006

Ah, it's been a long time since my last post...at least it feels like it. Well, let's see I think I'll list the most recent events and diasters.

Well, awhile back I was making dinner by myself for the first time. *Extremely happy fist at side* I SOOOOO ROX!!!! It came out very good maybe so much that it could have been considered delicious! Well, everything was going fine, I got to watch some Hellsing!! LOVE THAT ANIME!!^__^ But we I reached out to take off the top of the pot--@$#!# @!$!$ !@#$ !!!!

lol, no I didn't really say that but it sounded more like a bunch of choppy wanna be japanese sounds. The steam had collected at the top of the lid and it all came down on my hand seriously burning it. I threw the pot top on the stove with a loud crash, but surprisely no one heard. *sweatdrop* I ended up bandaging up my hand with some ice. Man, it HURT SO BAD!! I couldn't even touch the blankets which I was in. (Watched Doom too.) If I put it against anything warm it would start burning like HECK! Needless to say I had a hard time sleeping last night and my other hand was an ice cube. ;__;

Let's see, I've been watching Hellsing the past couple days from my brother's Netflix's and I like it alot. lol, everytime the Catholic priest pops up were always cheering for him. Integra gets on my nerves a little, how she hates the Catholic church so much, but I shouldn't take these things personally, ne?

I went to an open art studio here at Cal State. It was pretty interesting. I came across my teacher and she was really glad that I came. Kinda cool. In the ceramics and drawing studio they had some pretty amazing portraits, but I just loved the charcoal and pastels. I love drawing with charcoal and never wouldn't have known if I didn't take my ART 101 class. Funny thing was there were a lot of Japanese people there too. lol, I wished I spoke Japanese

There was also a scuplture studio, but the stuff there was pretty disturbing and morbid. It kinda freaked me out being there all alone with these pieces that seemed to come out of several nightmares I've had. *shivers* I really wished I was with someone then, but everyone was busy.

At the painting studio, there were simply AMAZING canvases!! I got to walk around and explore and even caught a guy who was working on a piece which was several feet high!! WAY ABOVE MY HEAD LITERALLY!! It was just simply phenomenal, and I can't wait until I start my art classes!! ^___^

Eh, I think I'll write more some day later, kinda forgot what else I was going to say. Don't you hate it when that happens? Well, Laters! Hope yalls doing okay out there. ^__^

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