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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I know I've been a bit of a rut lately, but I'm getting over it now. I talked to my history art teacher and it helped to relieve a lot of the stress that's been going on in my mind. She actually seemed very excited about me wanting some help in trying to figure out how to be an animator. She gave me a lot of feed back and even talked about having me talk with a friend professor of hers and see what we can get.

So yeah, I'm rolling and rolling to what may be the future dream job for me. I also took the initiative to go and research like never before and it sure has paid off. Man, I've requested so much information. There's on in specific that has an animation program in Canada. LOL, so yeah if I complete college first and go there expect to be a surprise visit from me Joflower. LOL, is so how is Canada over there?

I might try and see if I can go to a place in Newport Beach because I liked it over there whenever I visit. So yeah, something to look into next time I'm over there. And Long Beach has an interesting place too. Except I know with beaches housing is gonna be high...

Oh yeah, gonna try and get my license permit. Reading the rules and might try and test it in the Spring. If I pass I'll try and learn over the school. LOL, I know some of my close friends are probably thinking, "It's about time!!" LOL, yeah but I'd still like to get rides from them. ^__^

So any advise from anyone? Also if anyone wants to know about the animation field just PM me and I can get you a lot of the websites and books I used to get info from. Yes, I still look in books in this day and age. Can you believe it?! 0.o

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