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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Nothing happen much as always. My English teacher lost her voice so class was okay, didn't have to do much really. I had the most FANTASTIC idea of what to do for summer vacation with my posse, but I first must see if it's even possible. Heads up for all of you out there. ^__~ It's gonna be MORE THAN WONDERFUL if we can pull this off successfully. *Wiggles UNCONTROLLABLY in seat!!!* MAN! I HOPE IT WILL!!!!!!

N-E-Wayz, let's see...got a math lab, I have a classmate in class we talk somewhat to each other and laugh every once in awhile when we're totally clueless. She has me ask most of the questions, but I'm cool with that since she does most of the calculations. ( I haven't got a calculator yet.) The money from my loan is supose to be coming some time so. So yeah I can pay Sindi back for selling her book to me. Also hopefully I can use some of that money to FINALLY get a California State ID so I can try to apply for more jobs which require one.

If there's any money for fun. (Which I'm PRAYING for!) I hope I can buy some Fruit Baskets DVD's or maybe a nice sketch book. ^__^ Maybe this small pocket digital camera I saw for sell at Wal-greens for twenty bucks. It's so you can email pics more than anything. Man, I really hope so I love taking pictures but I never get them developed.

What else? I went to the library yesterday and found two interesting books helping artists down their career paths. They were on the fourth floor though and the elevators weren't working. ;___ ; My legs were sooooo sore afterwards!!!

Oh yeah, I've been sick over the weekend holiday so that was no fun. EVIL FLU BUGGIE!!! Then yesterday I kinda went crazy with not being able to sleep, but feeling so tired achy and dizzy. The smell of that rub ob Vix and other medicine combinations got to my head I think. My little sister who I share a room with was rolling with laughter. One of the craziness moments include me heavily medicatedly dizzy dancing while HORRIBLY singing to "I'm too sexy for my shirt." song. Yes...that horrible horrible song about the models...I was too crazed to know what the @#$! I was doing!!!! *Shakes Head*

It ended when my brother came in the room and had to separater us. He told me I was too sick and might get my little sister sick. I was sooooo tired I didn't even bother putting up a fight. I got to sleeping in my sister's big bed since both of them were at Gloria's. Heh heh, "Return the sickness back to the depths of hell it came from." My brother dramatically said opening the door. They have soooo many blankets on their bed. It was kinda fun getting under all of them. I finally dozed off and woke around 5 to take a shower. Man, and I still feel a little sick and tired...I think I'll go to Doctor Chang's next week. He always makes me feel better and makes me laugh. ^__^ Best of all my doctor's an asian. ^__^

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