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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


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Here's the manga that I'm making with Vincient and his band. ^__^

Today I actually had the wonderful wonder called "LUNCH"!! I usually only eat breakfast and dinner that's all. I was wondering around on campus looking for the art club board that they said was in the Student Union here. (Which I couldn't find! ;__;) Then a small group from behind a table asked me if I could make a shirt for them. It's domestic violence month for all of you who didn't know that. I chose to make one for homophobic violence. I was thinking of going again tomorrow and making one for child assults, but I think my classes wouldn't let me.

N-E-Wayz, I really like how it turned out! ^__^ Made a few upper classmen friends which is awesome. I also ran into a lot of people that I knew!! OHH!!! YAYNESS!! PEOPLE I KNOW!! I meet Armando, Mark, Daniel, Juan, Angela, John-Boy, and my teacher.

I shared my FREE lunch with Daniel, John-Boy, and Mark! It felt a little strange being the only girl at the table. In my mind I was like, "NOO!! I'm their TEA!!! AHHHH!!" There was also a new guy who was John's friend. He told me of the spider which was on me. I took it in my hands and put it on the grass. I nearly fell in the process because I didn't notice the step!! Then Later I found ANOTHER spider on me and put that one on the sidewalk. Daniel laughed and said there must be a thing with me and spiders. Last time we talked I was playing with one.

*Sigh* It's been a LONG day. I have to walk my nephew home soon. And my big sister's b-day is today. YAYNESS!! *Sigh* I have almost forgotten what it's like talking with people I know FACE-TO-FACE!! Very strange sensation...

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