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Saturday, October 15, 2005

   Inspiration and Tai Coffee
wonderful weather over here FINALLY!

I was looking at some of Ganymede's and Salem's artwork and it makes me want to draw something now. ^__^ Maybe from the new series I want to start. Coolness!

At the art gallery showing there were lost of silk screens. One was some circles that gave the illusion that it was pulsing. O.o
The other was talking about how they were all the same color that the amount of white in the pattern makes it seem like the color is lighter. o.o!! I was so amazed.

I ate some delicious pinapples, oatmeal cookies, and cheese and crackers! ^__^ Too young for wine. I also saw some people from art club and some waved hi at me. ^__^ Hm, what else to write? Got a new sack to make my backpack. My messenger bag was starting to break already! Watching my brother play Breath of Fire III. Looks fun! Finished "Stone of Tears" not sure if I mentioned that of not. Saw "Night Stalkers" for the first time. Very sad story, but very interesting show. (not an anime) Watched "Supernatural" THAT SHOW ROXS! It's one of my favorites. ^__^ *Shivers* I HATE IT WHEN THEY DO THAT FAST MOVEMENT THOUGH!! "Surface" last week made me laugh. heh heh stupid girl and her dog, got what they deserved!

Hm, working a little on my family tree project and found out my dad's side of the family actually had a family crest and were knights way back when. COOLNESS! On my mom's side of the family my grandma married a guy that had Spain blood in him. That's way some of my relatives have pale skin and BRIGHT RED hair. ^__^ Ruby is soooo cute!! (One of my little cousins.)

Went to Tai food yesterday curtsy of my big brother. My brother got a Tai Coffee. Very good, he let me taste it. ^__^ I tried a new meal titled, "Spicy Bamboo" My sisters laughed saying I was stealing the panda's food!! O.O "NO I'M NOT!!"

Bamboo tastes a lot better than I thought it would! The plate was delicious...until my mouth started to burn a bit!! My dad ate some, but neither of us could finish it. Saved it for breakfast the next day! ^__^ The Tai Food we go to is very nice and started in Long Beach. I hope I can take some friends there someday.

This morning watched Do-Re-Me. YEs, I love that show even though it's meant for a MUCH younger audience. Liked ninja turtles, but I don't like what they have done to Leo's personality. Watched One Piece. Very sad story about Chopper. And discovered Kim Possible comes on ABC. I love the bad guy and Shego!! ^__^ They so rock!

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