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Saturday, August 5, 2006


*gushes* I love my girlfriend. ^_^

EDIT: Apparently the picture doesn't show up consistently.....

So, here's a link: Carolyn. ^_^

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Thursday, August 3, 2006

   I miss my New England weather!

Seriously, it's way too hot. I'm even having trouble SLEEPING because of it. I actually went for a walk last night in the hopes that physical exertion would cool me down.

I'm exagerating a bit, but I don't really like warm weather. At all. I mean, I used to like it, or at least tolerate it, but now....I'm defenitely preferring the cold. I mean, if it's cold, you can always put a sweater on or wrap yourself up in a blanket or something, but....there are only so many clothes you can take OFF. And....I'm a modest guy, usually. ^_^"

I suppose I could go for a swim at my grandparents' house, but....that require actually getting there. And it's no fun really to swim alone. =/


I woke up this morning in a cleaning sort of mood, which lasted all the way to the top of the basement stairs. Pretty much as soon as I got to my computer, it was gone. It might come back later on, but then again, maybe it won't. I was also in a writing mood last night, and started looking up scholarship essay stuff. There's still money out there to be had, and I really need some of it for school. v.v

Oh, on the topic of school; I got my schedule all figured out. It seems very nice at the moment. I'll just have to waitand see how it works in practice.

8:00-9:45AM Writing Through Literature Seminar
12:00-12:50PM University Learning Skills ("HI! This is Uconn!" sort of thing)
DONE for the day.

9:30-10:45AM Introduction to Theater
11:00-12:15AM Music Appreciation (both in the same building)
3:30-4:45PM Introduction to Statistics Lecture(ewwww....but I need a math of some kind. v_v)
DONE for the day.

8:00-9:45AM Writing Through Literature Seminar
DONE for the day.

9:30-10:45AM Introduction to Theater
11:00-12:15AM Music Appreciation
3:30-4:45PM Introduction to Statistics Lecture
DONE for the day.

8:00-8:50AM Intro to Statistics Discussion
DONE for the day.

Three days that I'm done before 1:00PM. And the University Learning Skills class is a one-credit throwaway course, so it's not like Mondays will be awful anyway.

All of this, mind you, for 15 credits. Whoooo. Add that to the 10 I have from my AP Tests, and I'll just BARELY be a Sophomore in December. *chuckles* I feel like such a dweeb whenever I bring that up. :p

I move up to school on the 25th, and classes start the 28th. I haven't met my roommate yet, but we've corresponded a (very) little. So, hopefully we'll get along. We're in a dorm very convenient for me, as it has the best dining hall on campus, and is within a block or two of all my classes and the library. For the win!

Aaaaaaaand yeah. That'll do, Ben, that'll do.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

   Gamer Riddle-ish
Event Match 8 - "on Brinstar" = ???

I'm sure Shin could figure this out. Or Solo, if he put his mind to it. Let's see if anybody tries....

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