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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

   One Piece quizzes ^^
good night minna-san!! did I mention I love One Piece? haha! yup, sorry, but I've just found these quizzes and I almost die laughing! :D so funny!! now, I'm going to work a little, I'm a bit lazy...cos it's summer I guess...

see ya!! take care amig@s!!!

What is your treasure? One Piece adventure test! by truthseek
Your pirate fleet name is:Kuro pirates
Rank:incredulously buff captain
devils fruit?yes, on accident...
dormant power:to turn into air
met a Luffy Pirate?Yeah! HE WAS AN EAT AND RUN!!!
Your weapon of choice:staff
Your goal/treasure:To find your lost sibling
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If the characters from 'One Piece' met you...what would they say/think? by Krackel3
What Luffy says/thinks:Are you strong?!
What Nami says/thinks:**Stares** What's your name? *this one looks scary!*
What Zolo says/thinks:**speechless** *.............such beauty!* H-hi!! I'm Zolo
What Usopp says/thinks:GAH!!!! DON'T HURT MEEEE!!!!
What sanji says/thinks:Who are you dude?! I don't take rudeness quite well you know!
Are you a Girl or guy?
How much they like you:: 98%
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What is Your One Piece Fate?
by rachelthedemon
Pirate Name
Your FateYou manage to defeat Mihawk and become one of the Seven Armed Seas. Go you!
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