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Friday, June 10, 2005

   Friendship...so good!
Hola gente! Hi ppl! I'm writing this cos I' ve read my gb and...I have a lot of new friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaah! I'm soooooo happy :P Thank you all of you, cos I'm newbie here...=_='' but it seems ppl who likes anime and art and music and art and...art! is really friendly, funny and loyal! So hard to find ppl like you...really...I'll try my best like a designer (but here, in Spain, designers are "trash" :( so I'm struggling with everybody for my goals!! Doing comics is my water, my air, my food...My dream and passion. You understand me, I know :D
ermmm..and now...yaaaaaaaaaah!!! why always I'm a sweet-cutie-pet-stupid one in all of these quizzes!!!!! I wanna be evil and black!!! uuh! haha!! joke..no matter...

Loving witch
You are loving witch you are kind and happy, and
have amazing white magic.

What witch are you. (with anime pics)
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adopt your own virtual pet!

adopt your own virtual pet!


see yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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