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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

   Once agian, a poem....what can i say, its how i feel...^^
Im sick of the pain. I wish they`de all die. As your blood spells, so do my tears. Each life I see is cold & fake. The only thing real left is my truth. But I could be a lie. They`re so lucky its hidden away from their eyes. Mine stained in the secrets. Dont hope it on yourself. Your never born fallen. The world makes you fall. The times you begg for your life & mercy, Is the time you have none. & its the times you feel true love, When its ripped away. PROVE ME WRONG! Sooner or later you`ll be sick of the pain. Wish they`de all die. Watch as the blood flows from your veins. & tears run down. Go ahead, Begg for mecry.... This is the time when you`ll have none. PROVE ME WRONG! PROVE ME WRONG! .......When it all gets ripped away.........

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