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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 07/04/04:
I've never really seen myself as sexy. Well, I guess thaty's what the results said.

Sexy Beauty!
Sexy Beauty! I don't know why but every move you do
looks so sexy. You like that but you don't pay
a lot attention on looking sexy, you just are
it, enough said.

What kind of beauty are you? .._..contains Anime pictures.._..
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Result Posted on 07/04/04:
Yea! Yuna is my favorite FFX character!

Result Posted on 07/04/04:
I've always felt comfortable in the water. I'm not surprised that it's my element

You're Element is Water. You are soft and serene at
most times but like Wind, you're scary when
you're mad. You proabaly have a talent is
singing and even your speaking voice is lovely.
You have an innocent type of beauty that makes
you look younger than you are and you like
close relationships with people.

What's Your Element(girls)? (PICTURES)
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Result Posted on 07/04/04:
I've always liked Robin. I luv her show too.

You are Robin Sena from Witch Hunter Robin
15 years old,born in Japan and raised in Italy.
You are a quiet one with
many hidden feelings. You are also very confused
in such a puzzlingworld. Later you were sent to work with the STN-J
to hunt witches with your special power of being a craft user of fire.
For a timid girl you can show many
signs of bravery while you search for yourself out there.
Which of my Favorite Anime Characters are YOU?
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Result Posted on 07/04/04:
I'm not sure how to be like Spike and Julia, but Spike is one of my favorite male characters, so what the heck?

Congrats! You got Spike and Julia.

Which anime couple are you? (with VERY NICE pictures)
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Result Posted on 07/04/04:
I'm not surprised I got these results. I love Inuyasha. It's one of my favorite animes. My name is bebop"inu"trigun

Results for "How Much You Like Inuyasha" Quiz is
you really love inuyasha so
do i inuyasha rocks and its
the best tv show ever inuyasha is so cool _SIT BOY_

Result Posted on 07/03/04:
I never really saw myself as being like Sesshomaru, but after reading the description, I know why I came out as him.

Result Posted on 07/03/04:
I never expected to end up like Faye, but I'm glad I did.

Result Posted on 07/02/04:
I've always understood Kagome's feelings about a lot of things. I'm not really surprised that I ended up being most like her.

Result Posted on 07/02/04:
I never really expected that I would be as high of a class as the teacher, but all I know is that it's better than coming out as the lowest ninja.

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