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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Woot. Vanessa has time to post! How exciting.

Yep, first week and a half back at school has been a toughie. They definitely didn't ease us back into school mode after that long break. They kinda just threw all the work back at us but oh well. I'm surviving.

I'm so glad it's Saturday! We have our "Gender Bender" dance tonight. It's sponsored by the Gay-Straight Alliance group at my school (which I am semi-apart of. I hardly get to go to the meetings because of other things though =[ Very sad) and the theme is guys dress up as girls and vice versa. It's going to be pretty amazing. Some of my friends are going to the mall to see a movie tonight so I'm going to have to pick between the two.

I'm leaning towards the dance.

Classes are almost done for today (we have half day classes on Saturday). Just a quick Japanese quiz and I'll be done pretty much.

Well there's not much else to report and I need to actually start studying for this quiz so I'll cut this post.

One quick thing, semi-layout may be up this afternoon if I get the chance. I might not, but I'll see.


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