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Monday, January 1, 2007

Only 15 more minutes until the new year for me! I wanna squeeze in a post before it hits.

This year has been quite exciting. I had my lows, I had my highs. I'm glad to say I made it through another MyOtaku year. Hopefully I can stick it through and make it to another one.

It's weird when you think of all the time that's passed. Years go by so fast. Soon it'll be 2010 and I'll be graduating. Yikes.

I could easily go into some whole spill about the meaning of life and how happy I am to be here with such wonderful friends. I could start talking about how much I love everyone and am really glad that I've been able to get so close with everyone in the almost 3 years since I first registered on this site just to get some new anime wallpapers.

Garbo, Sara, Shadow, Cristina, Vicky, Tiffi, Teri, Alexa, Shanny, Hinaru, Dany, Travis, Lisa, Ina, SessLover, Josh, and everyone else I've met along this wonderful MyOtaku journey, thanks for a wonderful year! I hope we have much more together!!

Happy New Year!! 2007 here we come ^_____^


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