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Friday, December 22, 2006

Hey everyone! If you haven't already seen the new layout, now I guess you have. Yep, that holiday season's definitely upon us.

It's kinda sad that Christmas is in 3 days and I haven't bought half my gifts, we haven't put up the decorations, our tree isn't even up yet! We're just a little behind, oops.

Well today I went to the mall and met up with my friend Zack who brought some of his friends. Even though Zack and I are like best friends, his group of people definitely aren't who I would normally hang out with. They're pretty strange, but fun. It was interesting.

For a little while, I just hang out with him. It was pretty cool. We just wandered around joked around. Pretty awesome. Hopefully I can hang out with him again before I leave for school.

I'm definitely in the middle of a full-scale cold right now. It's pretty depressing. Right around Christmas too! Hopefully if I have a good night's rest, I can get better. I won't even have time to sit around and recover with all the Christmas-related stuff I have to do. Maybe it'll just go away soon.

Well I think I'm going to make this post semi-short. I'll probably just take a Suda-fed and read fanfictions go to sleep (yeah, I'll probably end up reading fanfictions actually. Those always tempt me).


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