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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Hello everyone. Once again, Vanessa is actually posting. I thought that now that Thanksgiving Break finally came, I'd have time to post and visit. Nope, just as busy as ever. I'm not even home (I'm staying with my dad in Florida) so I can't set aside the same amount of time as I would be able to if I was in Springfield.

Let's see... things are going as well as I expected. Visiting Florida is never horribly fun since my dad isn't horribly fun at all. I grew up down in St. Pete so it's always cool to come back and see the old scenery and whatnot. There's not much ocean in Springfield. There isn't even a Publix or Albertson's. Just driving by one of those is always exciting now XD

Since we've gotten here, there hasn't been much excitement. I was going to meet up with some old friends, but the one I wanted to see most is out of town this week. I know, the one week I come, she leaves. Urgh. So instead, I just gave up on seeing anyone I haven't seen since I moved.

I really just can't wait to go back to school for 2 reasons:

1. Staying with my dad isn't my dream situation and even being at boarding school is looking better at the moment.

2. It'll mark that it's only 2 weeks until I go back to Springfield. Lately I've been soooo excited to go back and see my friends. With everyday, I get even more anxious. Less than 3 weeks left! Whee!

I'm going to stop this post now. No point in leaving a long post when I can't even visit myself XP


P.S. Another reason I can't wait to go home is to get a new theme up. This one is so old. I have no time to make another one though. Only another reason to want winter break to come.

P.P.S. Happy Thanksgiving

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