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Friday, November 10, 2006

woot. Vanessa's back in town. How exciting. I really want to make a new layout, but since I take hours doing them, I know I'm not going to have time until Thanksgiving break. I know, boo hoo.

Well life has been good so far. Yeah, I've been crushing obsessing over this guy named Mikio. Yep, we've progressed to friends lately. Only a matter of time until I get him XD

This weekend we're playing our big rival school called Andover. I didn't know how seriously it's taken, but it really is. Today we had a pep rally thingy and everyone went wild. The whole school was in red (our school color) and being loud and it's not even possible to explain over the computer. Let's just say it was insane.

Tomorrow we're going over to their school to play them in volleyball, soccer, and football (main event). It's going to be pure craziness.

It's too bad that our class (class of 2010) can't get it together and find something to say. You know how there's like oh-seven or oh-nine for what year you graduate. No one in the freshman class can agree on what ours should be. Anyone else who is a freshman should tell me what your school is saying. I think one-oh makes the most sense but there's like 200 other freshmen to take into consideration.

Well I'm going to end this now because I need to get to homework.


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