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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another "long time, no see" post from Vanessa. Life has been so busy. I hardly get to go on MyOtaku anymore. I feel so horrible. I wish that I could make layouts and comment like I was I did over the summer, but I guess that's over. At least until Thanksgiving Break which I'm definitely looking forward to.

Anyway, life has been pretty good. There was this sophmore guy named Mikio who I was obsessing over. Even back in April when I saw him while visiting the school, I thought he was a hottie. You can only imagine how much that's escalating now that I see him everyday XD

Well my a few of my friends know about my little crush, including a sophmore. There's this thing called EP here (evening prayer) where people get dates, or get set up with a date, and go listen to poetry and music and stuff in the church. It's more fun than it sounds, especially when you go with someone!

My sophmore friend decided (against my will, I might add) to set me up with him for EP. I was so nervous, you have no clue. It ended up going really well. He was really nice, funny, and unawkward. I was scared that we were going to walk in silence or that I would be too nervous to form sentences. Luckily, that didn't happen.

So we're kinda friends now which is a big leap from the nothing we were before =]

Wednesday was a pretty busy day too. My sister goes to another boarding school that's about 45 minutes away. Her volleyball team came to play our volleyball team so she was here. They let me go with them to the game. I felt kinda bad sitting on my sister's school's side and technically I should've been cheering for my own school. Oh well.

Later that day my dad came to visit. He kinda sucks most of the time but I tried not to bring up anything that could potentially start an argument since that usually happens when he's around. It ends up that he and his new girlfriend type thing are engaged. Oh well. I feel like I should feel really bad, but it's kinda more surprising. I don't really care though. If that's what he wants, he can go ahead.

Overall, this week has been a good one. Very tiring, but very fun.


P.S. I hope you guys had a happy Friday the 13th!

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