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Tuesday, September 5, 2006

As you can hopefully see, I finally got the new layout up. Actually, it's been up for 2 days, I just haven't posted in like a week.

Well this has been a busy busy week for me. Tomorrow I'm leaving for boarding school. I know, I should be excited. To me it just seems like a long trip. The hardest thing will not seeing my friends. I'll always have MyO though!

Let's see... Friday I was supposed to go to a football game with Parris. I had been looking forward to it soooo much. At around 6 (the game was at 7), my older sister who was supposed to drive me took a nap. I didn't think it was a big deal since my mom could just drive me instead. For some reason, my mom was being overly-lazy and wouldn't though. I was so mad. Finally my sis woke up and I was excited to go. I'd missed the first 30 minutes of the game, but there was still a good 2 hours left. I got ready in like 10 minutes and me and my sis were about to leave when my mom told me I couldn't go anymore. Supposedly, it was "too late" even though the sun wasn't even completely down yet. And even though I printed out directions from Mapquest, she thought my sister would get lost driving me. How can you get lost from Mapquest?! Then she told me that she assumed since I was going to the game with Parris that I must be making out and doing stuff with him! I was so pissed. I've never and probably never will make out and/or kiss Parris and that's a horrible reason to stop me from seeing one of my best friends before I leave.

It sucked majorly.

Saturday I ended up getting my hair done and missing another football game that my friend Zack was playing in. I got finished in time, but my mom wouldn't have let me go anyway. After I finished my hair at like noon, I just sat around the rest of the day, wasting one of the few days I had left at home.

Sunday, however, I got to go over to Najibah's house which was awesome. We watched Date Movie (hillarious) and I got to eat some yummy Bangali food. All around, it was great.

Today, I spent the morning and afternoon at the mall. Then around 6:30, I went back over to Najibah's house to hang for one last time. This time though, it was Najibah, Nancy, and I. I hadn't seen her all summer so it was a lot of fun. We started watching Pirates of the Caribbean since none of us had seen it. At about halfway, our friends Maggie and Liz stopped by which was cool. We chatted, ate, and joked around. I'm so glad I got to spend my last night with friends before coming home to pack, pack, pack.

It was good to catch up about their school and everyone's summers before leaving for New Hampshire.

I'm going to wrap this up now since it's definitely long enough. I don't know when I'm going to be able to post or visit. It depends on how long it takes me to move into my dorm and get settled. Hopefully that's soon.


P.S. Critique the layout! Yes, I see the huge space at the bottom. I still gotta figure out how to get rid of those XD

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