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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hey hey hey everyone. Sorry for not getting that new theme up. I spent a few hours trying to find a theme-worthy picture this afternoon, but nothing really felt right. When I find something, I'll get the theme up though.

Anyway, not much has happened since my last update. It was my mom's birthday over the weekend. We bought her this huge leather purse we saw her looking at a little while ago and surprised her with decorations, cake, and that whole shebang. We went to dinner which was yummy. The next day though I felt really sick. I spent most of Sunday laying around feeling yucky. I'm assuming it was from the restaurant because I have no clue what else it could've been. One of my other sisters felt sick too so it wasn't just me.

Let's see... I've spent most of my time lately reading fanfictions. I'm kinda obsessed now. I literally just spend my days reading story after story. So addicting XD

Rather than that, life has been a bore. I'm going to head out now!


P.S. Wow short post.

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