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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Heylo all. I actually visited a good chunk of peoples in the past few days. I'm so proud of myself. High fives for Vanessa! Whoo!

Anyway, a little while ago, Parris told me about this little jazz band thing that he and this other jazz-baner, Greg, wanted to organize. In the middle of the year, the whole band went and played at Mr. Key's coffee shop so they decided they wanted to do it again with only the cool people in the band (like me, duh).

We had practice Monday and Tuesday over at Greg's house. On Monday, Greg's friend, another guy who happened to be named Paris, was there. As soon as I came in supposedly, he went over to Parris (my ex with the two "r"'s) and told him that he thought I was cute. He didn't know that me and Parris used to go out so he didn't realize that Parris wouldn't be too happy about that idea XD

I tried not to flirt with Paris (one "r"), but he kept on coming around and complimenting me and all this stuff. He's okay, but not really my type so I tried to let him know without completely rejecting him. He did invite me to go to a Bow Wow concert. I'm not a huge fan, but it is a concert.

When I got home, he called me like 4 times and then again on Tuesday. He didn't call at all on Wednesday luckily.

The practices were fun I guess. I was the only girl so most of the time we weren't very focused. That's what we get for putting a big group of guys together >__<

Anyway, last night I was talking on the phone with Parris. He was saying how he thought that I would probably go to another school and find another boyfriend quickly (which I wouldn't) because of my looks. I told him that in my whole 3 years in middle school, only him and other Paris had admitted to liking me.

Then, he decided to tell me some other people who liked me but didn't admit it. He was going through the basketball team. I hope I was hearing right because he said that at one point, Kurt (yes, THE Kurt) thought I was hot!!

Ahhhhh! You can only imagine how much I wanted to let out a fangirlish scream.

There is this kid on the team with the last name Kirkwood so hopefully I didn't hear wrong and he was talking about him. Oh well, I'm still going to live in my fantasy where Kurt said I was cute! I have no proof it wasn't him. It sounded more like Kurt... yep, it was definitely him =P

I'm going to try to not annoy you anymore, and for now, I'm going to run. I'll be seeing you.


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