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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Hey hey hey! Vanessa's back from camp. Actually I got back Sunday night, but I was so tired that I knew that if I posted, I wouldn't be making any sense.

Anyway, camp was fun. I felt kinda out of place though. It was a minority camp so most of the people were black. Since it's a national thing, most of them come from big cities like the Bronx, Brooklyn, or Atlanta. Then I'm like, "Yeah, I'm from Springfield." It was weird XD

The first day was pretty much lectures which I pretty much slept through. The second day was the fun part. We got split into groups and had to do activities together and at the end, make a skit about what we learned over the weekend. It was a good way to meet people. Since there are at least 100 other kids, it was hard to find one or two to be friends with.

I had the cutest group counselor! He wasn't "hot", he was more adorable. He was this boy from Mahatten in this pink, pop-collared Lacoste polo with these tight jeans and huge Aviator glasses. And then a few minutes later, he'd bust out with all these ghetto dances. It was awesome. I found it cute for some reason.

My roommate sucked though. She was this overly-nerdy girl. I was talking to her and brought up how my friend was thinking of going to a math and science boarding school in Chicago, but decided not to because the people were too nerdy, and she got all mad. She said, "There's no such things as nerds in real life! Have you ever seen anyone in suspenders, glasses, and pocket-protectors before in real life? It's so stereotypical." I wanted to say yes because I pretty much have, but I didn't want her to think I was accusing her of being a loser or something (even though I pretty much was).

Then on Sunday, my roommate spilled water all over the floor and said she was going to get paper towels to clean it up. I just went down to meet up to go to breakfast. Then 5 minutes later, the counselors come and tell me and my roommate to go clean up the mess. Since my roommate happened to be nowhere in sight, I was stuck with her mess. It might as well have been a pond. I probably wasted half their paper towel supply cleaning it.

I got back 7 p.m. on Sunday. I was so tired. I barely got any sleep while I was there. I can't even imagine going away to school in September when I couldn't even last 2 days away from home.

I'm going to go now. This post is long enough. I'll try to comment tomorrow!! Sorry that I haven't lately. I'm such a bad friend =[

Oh well. I'll try to change that tomorrow.


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