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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Heylo. These past few days have been interesting. I was going to post earlier, but I've always been too tired. Finally I'm awake when I get on the computer.

On Saturday we had a party for my little sister's birthday. It was fun for them I guess, but it pretty much sucked for me. 10 little girls running around and giggling all day was not my idea of a great day. I was just glad that afterward my mom said I could go out with my friends and see a movie. It ends up, that my sister invited them to come sleep over, so I had to cancel my movie plans because my mom couldn't leave to drive me. Grr to them. All night those little girls were bothering me and running around in my room messing with stuff. So annoying.

Finally over 24 hours after the actual party started, the last girl left. Since it was late, I couldn't go and schedule something with my friends though.

On Monday, I woke up and my face was completely swollen. See, I don't have a huge pimple problem, but every once in a while I'll just get those annoying little ones that just won't go away. Well, my sister has this Neutrogena stuff that I used to use. For a while, it was good but then it started to burn whenever I put it on which was weird. I stopped putting it on for a while, but when those little pimpes popped up, I decided to risk the burn. It actually didn't burn so I thought all was well.

I was wrong.

I woke up the next morning and BAM! My cheeks are like 2 big cherries. The whole day my face was swollen and itchy. Just plain gross. I couldn't go anywhere that day either.

Today (Wednesday) though, my across-the-street neighbors asked for one of us to babysit their little kids. Since I had nothing to do, I volunteered to go.

It was tough. They have 4 kids. The oldest is a 7-year old boy, then there's a 5-year old girl, then there's a 4-year old boy, and finally a 10-month old girl. At first I just had the older 3 because their parents were only doing some work outside in the yard and just wanted me to be inside taking care of things. Then their mom decided to leave the little one.

That's when things got rough. She was scared to death of me since she hadn't seen me before and kept on crawling away. Since she was crying whenever I came near, I set her down on the couch and decided to stay 4 feet away from her while I played Monopoly with the others. 10 seconds later, she falls off the couch and starts crying. I felt so bad! I hope she isn't like seriously hurt or anything. She stopped crying pretty much as soon as her mom came back in. I swear, that little baby was just trying to get me in trouble XD

Well it was tough watching all of them since unlike my little sisters (who are amused with a computer and some video games), those kids weren't extremely lazy and actually liked doing things >_>

I made it through and only charged $5 each hour because I felt bad about the baby falling even though it had happened a long time ago. My sister said that was cheap, but I've never babysat for anyone rather than my sisters so I didn't know how much to charge. Oh well, if it was cheap, they'll just call me more.

I got $10 for the 2 hours and a handmade bracelet from the 5-year old girl. It was worth it to me ^__^

I'm gonna cut this now since I'm probably boring you. Laters

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