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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hello everyone. Sorry I probably got around to visiting about half of everybody, but oh well. I'll try to get the other half next time.

Today I went to volunteer at my church. My older sister usually goes to babysit these little kids there, but since she had work today, I had to fill in for her. I wasn't really sure what to expect so I was pretty anxious/nervous to go.

When I got there, they were all singing and dancing to these bible songs so I knew I was in for an interesting evening.

At first, I was totally clueless. They assigned me to my sister's usual group of kids and one of the older kids in the group (she was probably 8 or so) had to pretty much get me into the groove of things. After a while, I think I got the hang of it. We had crafts, snack (these pretty good icee things), played musical chairs to these weird bible songs, watched a short movie, and had a story "bible adventure". I'm not really used to so many church-related things being cramped into just 2 hours so it was a new experience XD

The kids were adorable though. This one girl in my group, Olivia, was the cutest thing ever pretty much. She was 5 I think. The whole time she was pretty much hanging on to me. She would sit in my lap or during the song stuff, would start dancing with me or make me pick her up. She was so cute! Now I wish I could go back everyday ^^;;

Rather than that, my day was uneventful. It ends up though that Garbz is leaving us. I'll definitely miss her. Everytime someone leaves, especially people I'm really close to, it reminds me how bad I am with keeping in touch with people. Anyone who I used to chat with us on MSN knows that Matt and I used to be the closest thing ever and I just realized I haven't talked to him since around Christmastime =[

I'm going to leave you all now. I'm determined to keep this as short as I possibly can!


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