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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Heylo everyone! Long time, no post from Vanessa. Sorry I was trying to get the new theme up before I posted. As you can see, I did even though it took a while and it's still not completely done. Since it's 3 a.m., I'll leave it for now XD

Anyway, I could tell you guys about every little thing that's happened to me, but I'll decide against that. Let's just skip to the important things.

Well 2 nights ago, Parris, Liz, and I were 3-way calling on the phone. Since Parris just had to watch this t.v. show that was on, he said that he'd only include himself in the conversation during the commercials. So Liz and I kept on talking. We poked a little fun at Parris. Nothing big, but since he wasn't supposed to be listening anyway, we didn't think it mattered.

When the show ended, Parris came back and said he'd listened to everything we'd been talking about and was pissed for some reason. I tried to tell him we were just kidding, but he just got all defensive and stubborn. I guess he saw it as us talking behind his back even though none of what we said were even that negative so it shouldn't have mattered.

Yesterday morning, I called him back, thinking he'd cooled off. I guess not since all he did was start yelling and all that about how stupid we were for "talking about him when he was right there". We tried to explain that we were kidding, but he completely didn't listen and changed our words to make it seem like we had said all these horrible stuff.

After a while, Liz and I just gave up and left him.

All today I was kinda still pissed about the whole thing. All I was thinking was that Parris obviously didn't care about our friendship enough to even listen to me, but oh well. I'd never seen him be such a baby bitch.

At around 9 p.m., I get a phone call. DUN DUN DUN! It's Parris. I was pretty surprised when he apologized right off the bat for being so bitchy. He said he'd gotten in a fight with his mom and had still been pissy from that. Luckily Parris' little brother (who usually is really mean to me), calmed Parris down and convinced him not to be mad. Luckily he called or I would've just left us with that little grudge forever. Good thing that didn't happen >_> It's rare me and Parris fight but this one was pretty big.

After I got off the phone with Parris, my sisters and I played Kingdom Hearts 2 and finally finished it. I have to admit, I liked the 1st one waaaay better. KH2 was kinda just useless and didn't really have any huge twist and even the ending didn't have much excitement to it. Oh well, it was still a pretty cool game.

I'm going to head out now! Tell me about the layout. And yes, I see the huge space at the bottom. I'll fix that in the morning.

Laters =]

P.S. In honor of my 2-year any (which was a while back. I know, I'm very late!) I finally got around to making a little banner ^___^

Happy 2-year Anny to me!!

P.P.S. Dany's anny just passed as well I hear. Happy Anniversary to Dany too!!!

banner by sai

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