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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Happy Independance Day!!

And for those who aren't U.S. natives, Happy Tuesday!

Yeah, I know I'm one day late, but I'm always a day late for stuff like this.

Anyway, my 4th of July was pretty decent. My neighborhood has this little patriotic parade thingy in the mornings every year and this year my little sisters finally got up early enough to do it with everyone else. I had to walk down the street with them and kinda felt weird around all the little toddlers and such, but oh well. I still got my free popsicle afterward so I was pretty satisfied.

We met a few of our neighbors. I never realized how many cute little kids lived around me. This one girl across the street who's only 5 was pretty much following us the whole parade and talking to us. She was cute though. She even invited me to come over to her house and play, but I decided it would make more sense for my little sisters to do that instead so I kinda lied my way outta that XD

But anyway, rather than that, I didn't do much rather than go on my "daily mile jog" at the park down the street. Actually, I kinda just started doing it two days ago. Since I don't do any kind of routine sport, I might as well do this as my routine.

On my "daily mile jog" (which usually ends up having a good portion of it being a walk), I ran into... I bet you can guess... Kurt. Unlike the mall, it was really unexpected to see him. He lives pretty far from me so I didn't really think he'd be there. Not only did I see him, but I was so nasty after running so it wasn't a very good time to run into him.

At first when I saw them, I didn't want to admit it, but when I realized it must be them, I decided to just start my run. Since I was so distracted though, I ended up just stopping early and going over to where he and his friends were to talk. He's still as cute as 2 weeks ago when I last saw him!! His really cute friend Blayne was there too. Blayne though, unlike Kurt, knows that a lot of girls think he's good-looking so he's kinda conceited. He's not that bad though.

Anyway, I met 3 of their friends, but I tried to just concentrate on not saying something idiotic. I ended up mostly just standing and making little comments than actually talking. I hate when I do that. Oh well, I'll probably run into him again knowing my "luck" >_>

I'm going to head out now! Laters

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