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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year's everyone!!

It's kinda late in the day, but I wanted to make sure I posted on the first day of the new year even if it is 1 p.m.

I'm leaving to go back to school tomorrow so that means I need to hurry hurry hurry and make a new layout before I go. I wouldn't want to be stuck with holiday CCSakura layout for the next 3 months XD

What else is going on in my life... I celebrated the new year's by watching "Intervention" on tv with my sisters. No better way to celebrate than watch people overcome drug addictions. I'm kinda over the new year's excitement, especially since every year I do the same thing: nothing.

Maybe when I finally get the chance to go to a new year's party I'll actually begin to feel excited for this holiday.

It was a good year in all. Not the best, but I know how I'm going to try to make 2008 better, so just to get the nerve to do it. I learned a lot, made new friends, lost old friends, and made a lot of changes. Unfortunately, this year MyOtaku basically died on me, but oh well. I can't get myself to give it up.

Anyway, I'm gonna go now! Got to start on that new layout and the dreaded back-to-school packing routine.


[ edit: 3:31 pm ]

Finished the new layout! It'll probably be up until March so I hope you like it XD

I heard that quote when I was watching band interviews on the International Music Feed channel. For some reason, it stuck with me so I decided to make a layout out of it.

My original layout plan had been totally different, but I remembered the quote and I remembered seeing this wallpaper way back and decided to use it. I really like how it turned out.

So far, I've spent my first day of the new year doing nothing but this layout so I'll probably get going now. I'll try to post when I get back to school.

Laters again.

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