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Monday, December 17, 2007

Hey everyone!!

I'm finally home for the holidays. Got back on Friday night and I kept forgetting to post. I didn't want to update until I got a new layout up, but I don't want to use that as an excuse for not being around.

Well, life has been hectic!

I was supposed to leave school on Thursday, but on Wednesday night the airline called and said my plane was canceled and I couldn't leave until the next day (all the blizzards and whatnot going on).

So I slept over in the dorm an extra night. It was fun. Some of my international friends were there too so we just hung out. They invited some guys over and we watched movies and ate pizza until the guys had to go back to their dorms.

Then around 3 a.m., they decided we should go out on the roof since the 2nd floor bathroom window has a perfect exit to the roof of the building connected to ours.

So at 3 a.m., we played in the snow... on the roof.

It was an interesting night.

The next morning, because I stayed up until so ridiculously late, I woke up an hour late for my bus to the airport and freaked. My mom called the people in charge and they said the bus had been delayed an hour so I literally changed out of my pajamas and ran to the bus.

Finally got home Friday night after a long days' travel.

Then, the airline lost my luggage so I've had almost no clothes for the past few days. I'm living off the like 3 pairs of clothes I left at home.

Rather than that, I haven't done anything since I've been home.

Probably should start working on a new layout. I'll get to that...

Hope everyone's having a good holiday season so far ^____^


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