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Monday, October 15, 2007

Hey everyone!

How's life? I hope everyone's doing okay. Sorry I haven't been able to visit. I usually try to get to a couple sites every once in a while, but I'll try to get to more today.

This weekend is one of the two 3-day weekends I have all year! It's Parents' Weekend. Everyone's parents come up and followed them to class on Friday. Then the rest of the weekend we have off just in case your parents want to take you out of town or, for the people who live close, home.

My parents couldn't come up so I spent the whole weekend doing nothing pretty much, which isn't a totally bad thing.

Saturday literally all I did was sit in bed and read Harry Potter while my friend sat and did homework in my room. I bet you can tell how exciting our lives are.

Almost nobody was on campus because their parents took them places. If I had gone to Boston, I probably would've seen more of my classmates there than on campus.

Sunday I went on a school-sponsored trip to the mall. Usually the mall the school takes us to is this really horrible mall with only like one store I would actually buy from. This weekend though, they took the people whose parents couldn't come up to this really nice mall.

It was great. Did more shopping than I got to do all summer. I had to beg my dad for the money though. I guess I shouldn't tell him I spent most of it on clothes and not on all the things I actually need XD

After shopping, we went to another place to go see a movie. There's not really any movies I want to see right now so I ended up just following my friends to Resident Evil 3. Even though I didn't see the first 2, I think I got the gist of it. To me, the whole movie was overdramatic. People were just dying for the sake of blood at some point. Overall, it was okay though.

Rather than that, I have one more day left of my 3-day weekend and I'll probably spend it doing homework and getting to things I put off all week. Maybe work on a new layout... I hope at least.


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