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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hey everybody! Hope everyone's well.

I have my first 2-day weekend of the year! See, at my school we have half days on Wednesdays and half days on Saturdays, but this week we don't have any classes this Saturday because most seniors have to take the SATs. Sucks for them XD

Actually I'm taking the PSATs in 2 weeks, which seems so weird to me. I feel so old even though I'm younger than most people on here, I know.

But when I think of anything SAT-ish, I think of those episodes about the characters taking the SATs on Disney channel of Boy Meets World or Sister, Sister that I used to watch when I was like 8. Judging by how bad they made it seem, I'm surprised I'm as calm as I am.

Anyway, I got my first paycheck yesterday. $26.20! I should've gotten more but someone said they only pay you for a weeks worth at a time. I really should have double that, but I'll survive. The less money I have at a time, the less likely I am to spend it all on something stupid.

Life's been pretty good lately. A couple years ago my mom lost her job because she hadn't taken one of her required doctor board exams. So she's been sitting at home for a long time just studying. This whole time the only income we were getting was child support from my dad. With 3 kids at huge prep schools and 3 others at home that you have to take care of that doesn't really hold up.

We all told her to try to get another job while she was studying, but for some reason she wouldn't. So for the past few years we've pretty much been in financial ruin.

The week before I came back to school, she took it again and a couple of days ago she got her results back and she finally passed after 2 years. She was crying and everything. As a middle-aged woman, the last thing you want to do is put your life on hold, especially when you have 6 kids to raise.

So she's going to apply for her old job back and in the meantime, she finally took our advice and got a side job too. She's working as a substitute teacher for the school district. So finally I don't have to worry about my home situation. For a while, I thought we were going to lose our house. It's really nice to know that everything's going to be fine after 2 years of being worried.

Life at school is boring. You really can't have any fun at boarding school. Well anymore fun than sitting in a friend's room and watching a DVD or sitting in the student center and talking. It's a very monotonous place I've come to realize.

Hopefully something will happen to liven up my year because I have 2 months before I'm going home XD


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