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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hey MyO!! How is everyone? Hope you're well.

Anyway, this time I actually have time to type out a real post and comment too. How exciting.

Well the first few weeks have been okay. Just an extention of last year I've realized. Just with a few new faces around.

On Monday we had a day off classes to have dorm bonding activities. Some went to the beach, some went shopping, stuff like that.

Well my dorm faculty decided to be lame and make us go apple-picking. It wasn't that apple-picking itself is lame, it was just that instead of actually getting to pick apples, we helped out and picked all the rotten apples off the ground. Yeah, I know, it was helpful, but you can only imagine how gross.

You see all those cute, little cartoons with the worm crawling out of the apple. Yeah, if you only realized how disgusting that looks in real life...

After that, our proctors (or prefects as they're known in like Harry Potter and stuff XD) organized a game for us to play. That was fun. We went back to campus and did a town/school scavenger hunt.

That was a lot of fun. We were running around like crazy and doing the most ridiculous things. One was to find "the hottest guy in town" so we flagged down some random guy on a bike and scared him half to death taking pictures of him. It was embarrassing... but fun at the same time.

Afterwards we tallied up scores (sadly my team didn't win) and some people made pies and other baked goods with the apples we picked. Oh yeah, after picking up rotten ones for an hour we got about 5 minutes to get ones for ourselves.

Overall, it was a fun day. After I washed the grossness of rotting fruit from my hands.

Not much else to say. Only had 2 classes today (My school has a kinda college-like schedule. Some days you'll have lots of classes and days like today I'll have only 2) so I'll have to time to visit!! Yay!


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