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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Just wanted to stop by and make a post since it's been a little while.

Well, my family and I went to St. Louis to pick up my little sisters from the airport (they stayed behind in Florida after I left). Then we went shopping.

Since I live in a semi-small city (it's the 2nd biggest in Illinois after Chicago, but that's not saying much), there isn't much shopping you can do here besides the one mall. So we went to St. Louis and hit up the mall first thing. Even though we didn't even go to the Galleria or the St. Louis Mills which are two huge malls, the one we went to was still pretty intense.

Lots of stores I never even would've seen if I had stayed home. I spent a lot of money, but oh well. It's probably the only school shopping I'm going to do so I might as well splurge.

Finally went and saw Harry Potter 5. Wasn't as good as I would've hoped. It seemed to me that the makers were just trying to cram in all the needed information in a short amount of time.

The one thing I liked about the 4th movie was that there was extra stuff just for laughs or fun. There didn't seem to be more than one scene like that in the whole movie.

Pretty much every scene was completely necessary. Not that they should waste time, but it's nice to add a random event from the books just to spice it up.

Overall, it was okay. I fell in love with Luna in this one.

Anyway, rather than that, life has been uneventful. Enjoying summer while I can.


P.S. Sorry to anyone the layout is still being stupid to. It's working fine for me, but I'll work on it!

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