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Sunday, March 18, 2007


On Thursday I went and "shadowed" (follow one of my old friends around for a whole day) at the local high school most of my middle school friends ended up going to. It was really fun. It the first time I'd seen my friends since my spring break's started.

I was in the gifted program at my middle school. Most of the gifted program at the high school is just my old gang from last year. It was pretty weird. I didn't know only about 3 or 4 people in each of the classes and I don't even go to that school.

One of my old classmates, Colin, was being teacher for one of the activities and accidentally called on me to do one of the answers because I guess we're all still used to being in class together. He forgot I'm not in school with them anymore XP

It was a lot of fun. I got to see people who I completely forgot or just really missed since I'd left for boarding school. I saw the guy I had the hugest crush on last year XD It was funny. He really isn't that cute, haha.

Hopefully I'll see everybody sometime again before I leave.

I'm going back to school next Saturday and since they're still in school here, I can only hang out with them on weekends. Pretty much that means I only have 2 more days to possibly hang out with them.

I'll try to utilize those.

I'm also trying to utilize my free time with fanfictinon reading so I'm off to that ^____^


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