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Monday, March 12, 2007


Yep, I'm on Spring break right now. Since I'm not at school, new layout! I hope you like. I really like it at least.

Well my last week at school was pretty hectic. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were finals days. I had 3 tests and 2 papers due for those 3 days. Even still, I wasn't too busy. I had 1 test a day, but that'd be my only class. So then I'd have the rest of the day free and get writing on my papers. Not that I really utilized that paper-writing time.

I only got my math final due before I left and I got a whopping 97%! Woot.

So let's see... last night of the term we usually can stay up as late as we want in the dorm (we usually have lights out), but the dorm faculty teacher wouldn't let us stay up! It was so lame.

We all just pretended to go to sleep and then like 5 minutes later got back together and hung out. My Friday night consisted of:
1. eating yummy Korean food in the kitchen
2. sneaking into a sleeping dormmate's room and borrowing DVDs
3. watching those movies (Finding Nemo and Pirates of the Caribbean 2)
4. sneaking out of the dorm at 2 a.m. to walk one of our friends to her very early airport shuttle (freshman and sophmores aren't supposed to leave the dorm after 8 p.m. so if we had gotten caught by security we would've gotten in soooooo much trouble. I don't even want to think of what would've happened. Luckily we got away with it XD)
5. packing and re-packing for home
6. sleeping at 5 a.m. when i was leaving at 9:30

Yep, it was a pretty fun night. Now I'm home and haven't really done much but rested and tidied up. I'll try to be more active on here now that I'm back. I'm going to have lots of free time so it shouldn't be too big of a problem.


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