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Friday, February 23, 2007

Happy Friday everyone!

This is going to be another week where they've canceled Saturday classes. Yep, we have Saturday classes at my school. It's a boarding high school just in case you didn't know.

Most of the sports teams are playing our big rival school tomorrow so we're not going to have classes. I'm in track and we played and beat them already on Wednesday so woot!

There's going to be a big pep rally tonight and the whole track team gets to go up and say our part because we won.

I'm only going to have 3 classes today! I'm pretty excited. I already went to my physics class where I was pretty much half asleep and not understanding a word.

Then I have a math test in like 2 hours. Then I won't have another class until almost 5 o' clock in the afternoon, so I'll have about... 5 hours of free time. I'm going to take such a long nap. I'm pretty excited ^____^

Yesterday in my Japanese class, my teacher invited a couple of Japanese students to class to talk with us. One of them was this cute little teenage girl who was studying English. It was really fun, except since I've only been learning Japanese since September, we couldn't have real conversations.

It's a big step in my Japanese learning though. An actual Japanese person could understand what I was saying, so I feel pretty special XD

Well I should probably get to work on my Japanese homework for tonight. I'll talk to you guys later!


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