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Sunday, February 18, 2007

happy birthday to me!
happy birthday to me!!
happy 15th birthday!
happy birthday to me!!!


Yay, I'm officially 15 years of age. Still pretty young, but still pretty exciting.

And it also happens to be Chinese New Year today!! Woot. It's a doubly important day ^___^

Usually on Sundays, the school just has brunch, but once a year they have something called "jazz brunch". It happened to land on my birthday this year!

They get all these gourmet fancy foods we only would've dreamed of on a regular basis. I just got back. Very yummy. Definitely the best birthday brunch I could've hoped for. They had juice and chocolate fountains. So much fancy food, it was ridiculous.

They got a band and decorated the dining hall in an Italian and French theme. It was pretty cool. I wish I had a picture or something. It was nice.

So far, my birthday's been okay. Nothing elaborate except for brunch so far. I feel like I should be more excited, but we'll see. Maybe something will happen. Such suspense! =]


P.S. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

P.P.S. A lot of people think I'm in college. Yeah, I'm just turning 15, so nope. Boarding schooler. It's high school you live at. It's pretty tough compared to public school that I'm used to.

A lot of famous people went to my school. It's pretty cool. The 14th president, Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code author), and the guy who runs Time Magazine and Sports Illustrated are just some.

It's fun when they come back and speak for us. Well, obviously not the 14th president, but you got my point XD

Well I'm gonna head off again. Laters

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