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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hey everyone!!

We have no Saturday classes today! Woot. It's pretty horrible that we ever have Saturday classes if you ask me, but oh well. So we actually get a real weekend this weekend. It's pretty amazing.

It has pretty much been snow, snow, snow this whole week. But we still didn't get a snow day. I don't think they believe in snow days at boarding school. It's terrible.

I could get into this whole spill about my life and my week, but yeah, I don't really feel like it XD

Let's just say:
- Valentine's Day was fun. It snowed so we played in it =]
- There's this really amazingly good looking senior who just got back last month after spending the first part of the schoolyear in France (isn't that just really hot?) and whenever I tried to sneak a peak at him at the "Afro-Latino" club meeting last night, I kept on catching his eye. It was strange XD
- I'll probably spend today watching my anime DVDs so I'm pretty excited.

It's really good that some people have been returning to MyO lately. It was so sucky because at one point, everyone just seemed to be leaving. Now a couple of them are showing their faces again. That's always fun.

I probably should quit because I really don't have the time or energy half the time to make layouts or comment and stuff, but I don't think I could. This place has been too much of my life for the past almost 3 years for me to do that.

I was like 12 when I started on here. What a weird thought.

Well life's being good enough to me. I hope it's going well for you guys too!!


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