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Sunday, February 4, 2007

Sunday's going to be my official lazy day.

We have a long weekend this week. In boarding school terms, a long weekend is 2 1/2 days. Yep, not that long at all actually.

Well my roommate went to Boston. I was thinking of going with some friends too, but I decided I'd rather sit around.

So I have the room to myself for a good 9 hours. Yess.

My week's been okay. Last night I went to another school for their regional dance. It was sucky. Unless you like to dance by rubbing your butt in some guy's crotch (what some people would call "grinding"), then you could not dance. There was no room, the music was messed up, and yeah, it just stunk.

It was our rival school too. Another reason we're better than them, we throw much better parties ^____^

I'm about to cuddle up with some fanfictions, Wolf's Rain DVDs, and Spirited Away. Can't wait!!

I'll try to visit but I might be too busy being a lazy bum XD


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