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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hey everyone. Well my wonderful Saturday didn't turn out as great as I'd planned. You'd think no classes and a dance that night would automatically mean fun, but nope.

Okay, my afternoon and morning weren't so bad. I got to sleep in and sat in my bed and watched Spirited Away.

But anyways, I was towards the end of the movie when two girls in my dorm came in and started chatting with me. They'd already gone to dinner so I decided to pause my movie-watching and head off to dinner myself.

I got there and ran right into my boyfriend.

Okay, let me give you a quick low-down on this whole situation. I liked him a lot in the beginning of the school year. He didn't know I existed until like December when we went to the formal dance together.

We were pretty friendly for a while so my attraction to him kinda faded and I began to see him as just a friend. But that's around when he started noticing me. So he askes me out and I said yes. I thought that if we started going out then maybe my friendly feelings would turn back into how it was before. I guess I was wrong.

So now I always feel weird when I'm around him. I'm supposed to be his girlfriend but I just feel like his friend.

Well anyway, we had a short conversation at dinner and then I went and sat with my friends.

After dinner, I went to one of my friend's dorms. We were sitting around helping her pick out clothes for the dance and I just started feeling really sick. It wasn't too bad at first but then it progressed that at one point, I couldn't even see straight and I was sweating and just felt plain terrible.

I didn't think I'd be able to make it back across campus to my own bed so they called security to give me a ride down there. The security guy came and told me that I should probably go to the health center. I just listened and went.

I was in the waiting room for a while and when I finally got taken care of (they gave me some medicine and a heat pad for my stomach and I was just lying on the bed), my older sister called.

For the dance, our school invited some other schools to come. My sister's school got invited and she decided to come and see me.

So I'm laying on this health center bed and she tells me she's here at the dance. So I had to cut off my recovery so I could go back to my room, change, and meet up with her.

Even though I still felt kinda bad, I decided to leave and find her. When I get back to my dorm, everyone runs over to me and tells me that Mikio (my boyfriend) was looking for me. I didn't really care at that point.

I changed and hurried down to the dance and found my sister. I bought her some food from the student center and we went back and sat around in my room for a while.

Around 10, we went back to the dance and Mikio just pops up. I had already told him I wouldn't be able to hang out with him because my sister was there but he was kinda just hanging around behind us for a few minutes. It was kinda pretty weird.

I had to somewhat blow him off, but after a while I went back and talked to him.

I found my sister again and just stayed with her for the rest of the dance. Finally her school had to leave to catch their bus so I went to hang out with some of my friends, trying to cheer myself up.

Once again, Mikio just pops up and makes me dance with him instead. After one song, I just had to leave. I made up some lame excuse and just went back to my dorm and felt really bad for the rest of the night.

Now I realize that I'm going to have to break up with him. He likes me but I definitely don't like him in that way at all. I might as well just be done with him and all the drama and stress.

Yep, so that was my Saturday night. I'm just hoping that my Sunday can be a little better. I probably won't leave my room at all but that's fine with me. I still feel kinda sick, but I'm just going to take Tylenol and lazy around and hope it goes away *crosses fingers*

This was a long post so I'm going to go now!!


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