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Friday, January 26, 2007

I was going to update this morning but I was so busy running around campus and trying to write my English assignment.

But anyway, yep. The theme's done. I think most people came and visited by the time I'd already finished it. I just decided to be lazy and not edit my post and tell you guys that it was done.

Life's pretty good. Track practice was really easy today. Thirty minutes of whatever we felt like doing. We could jog around, do different drills, go to the exercise room (weights are there, stationary bikes, treadmills, and all that good stuff), or pretty much anything we wanted. Two other girls and I decided to head on over to the exercise room.

I was biking and in walks in the best-looking guy in my whole school. He's a senior. He spent the first part of the year studying abroad in France. I know, that in itself is attractive, but then you see him and you're even more blown away, haha.

So he was working out, lifting weights and whatnot. It was a pretty good view.

Rather than that, I'm pretty happy we don't have classes this Saturday (we usually get half days on Wednesdays and Saturdays). I get to sleep in 2 days in a row!! Yes.

Tonight we have late check-in because no classes tomorrow. I'm gonna be partying all night long (well, until 10 at least). I might not be able to visit until tomorrow so bare with me ^___^


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