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Thursday, August 12, 2004

Chapter Three is here!
Chapter Three
Aishiteru's First Challenge

"Finally school's over and soccer is here!" Aishiteru exclaimed. She hurried, not wanting to be late to practice. She couldn't be anyway, she was the captain of the team. She began to jog towards the soccer field. It was the day after she had met Taikichi (he said that everyone called him Tai.)
She was walking into the locker room when Tai jumped in front of her. She let out a tiny yelp of surprise.
"What do you want?" Aishiteru groaned. "What are you doing? We don't have time for games! We have to start catching the demons as soon as we can. You haven't tried! Have you even tried to practice with the Anima Complector?" Tai quizzed. "What does Anima Complector mean?" Aishiteru asked, changing the subject. "It means 'Soul Compass'," Tai replied. "Anyway, have you tried practicing?" Tai still persisted. "I've got to go to practice! I'm late!" Aishiteru stated, running inside the locker room. 'At least he can't follow me in the girls' locker room', Aishiteru thought.
All of a sudden, Tai pushed inside. "What are you doing?" she demanded, shoving him out. "This is the girls' changing room! You're lucky all of them are already gone." "Oops. Where I'm from, we don't have changing rooms," Tai explained. "Where are you from?" Aishiteru questioned, interested. "Well, I guess you've got to go to your practice. Farewell," Tai conversed, nervously. Before she could stop him, he was gone. She wanted to see what he was hiding, but she was late enough.
Aishiteru walzted over to her locker and extracted her soccer uniform. As she changed, Aishiteru felt stupid for not telling Tai the truth. 'I have been practicing. Just last night, I sat with the AniCom (her new nickname for the Anima Complector) in my lap for an hour. It felt weird. I felt calmer with it. I even heard a faint beeping noise in the background. Who knows what I was going through?' Aishiteru pondered.
When Aishiteru finshied dressing, she snatched her ball and raced out to the field.
"Where have you been?" Coach Higuraima inquired as soon as Aishiteru became visible. "I'm sorry I'm late," Aishiteru apologized. Yes, it wasn't entirely her fault, but why blame Tai. She might as well take it like a woman.
During practice, Aishiteru tried to make up for lost time of being late. She worked extra hard and afterwards, the coach was so impressed, she forgot all about Aishiteru being late.
Together, the whole team walked back to the locker rooms. Chie was on the swim team who got out only minutes before soccer. She had just begun to change when Aishiteru entered.
"Hi Teru-chan," Chie greeted. Aishiteru grinned in response, preoccupied. "You're daydreaming," Chie stated. "What about?" Aishiteru shook her head. "A boy?" Chie asked. Aishiteru turned to her friend and glared slightly. "You have been acting a little different lately. It must be a boy. You're always thinking about something," Chie pointed out. "It is a boy. His name is Tai. It isn't that I feel anything, but he's got me thinking," Aishiteru responded. She didn't feel like explaining her whole ordeal to Chie just yet. "He's got you thinking all right," Chie giggled with a wink. Aishiteru punched her lightly on the arm.
Soon, the two were finished talking and they began to trek home together. The whole time Chie had Aishiteru laughing. Mid-way, Aishiteru felt a strong pull from her left. She stopped her chuckling and looked over. At first glance, Aishiteru thought she saw a guy with miniscule horns and sharp fangs. He was standing talking with a group of regular-looking men. She rubbed her eyes to see the same guy without the strange features. He caught her staring and smiled timidly. He seemed only a little older than herself and probably thought she was checking him out. He nervously ran his fingers through his blonde hair. Aishiteru smiled back, embarrassed. She cleared him from her thoughts as soon as Chie began to chat again.
When the two arrived at Aishiteru's house, Aishiteru groaned to see that Tai was awaiting her arrival. "Who's this?" Chie questioned with her seductive grin. "This is the Tai I was talking about," Aishiteru replied. "I'm not surprised you like him. He's cute. Look at his gorgeous violet eyes," Chie remarked. "Too bad he's already yours. He's waiting at your house and everything. Introduce us." "Maybe later. Right now. I'm more interested about what he's doing at my house," Aishiteru retorted. Chie srugged before waving. Aishiteru waved after her and trudged up to Tai.
"What?" Aishiteru demanded. "If you aren't going to practice by yourself than I'm going to have to make you," Tai nagged. "Fine. Come in. I just hope my dad won't get mad," Aishiteru told him. She unlocked the door and let him in. They slipped off their shoes and put on some sandals. Aishiteru called out, but it seemed that none of her family was home yet for some reason. They usually were.
Aishiteru led Tai into the living room. "You make yourself comfortable and I'm going to get the AniCom," Aishiteru stated. "The what?" Tai asked. "That's what I call the it," Aishiteru informed. "Well, that's not correct," Tai told her. "And I care because..." Aishiteru replied with an attitude. "You know, you're not my mother. You don't have to correct me all of the time." Aishiteru jerked around and stamped her way upstairs to retrieve her AniCom.
When she came back down, Tai was inspecting the room. "The design of your house is way different from where I'm from," Tai voiced. "Where is this strange place you're from?" Aishiteru quizzed. "That's not important right now. What is important is you mastering the Anima Complector," Tai changed the subject. He sat on their couch and she plopped down next to him.
"Do you have any clue how to get the Anima Complector to work?" Tai questioned. Aishiteru showed him what she knew. She closed her eyes and her mind cleared. She could hear a faint beeping just like the night before. Last night, her sister had come to ask her something and claimed to not have heard a thing. Aishiteru assumed that Tai couldn't hear it either.
"That beeping!" Tai exclaimed. "You can hear it?" she inquired. "It means that a demon is nearby. Let's go!" Tai instructed. "Are you sure I'm ready? Maybe you should go alone while I practice," Aishiteru suggested. "Only you can get it to signal. I need you. We'll train later," Tai replied. He grasped her wrist and began to tug her outside. They follow the signal. It becomes louder and faster with each passing step. Soon, it is really strong, but they are in a huge crowd of people. "How r we supposed to know who it is?" Aishiteru asked. "I can't tell," Tai admitted. "Finally, we're both clueless," Aishiteru commented.
Both began to search around. Then, Aishiteru spotted the same guy from earilier. For a second she saw the horns again. Then, they were gone. She smiled at him.
"Do you know how these demons look?" Aishiteru asked. "They can look like anybody. People, animals, u name it," he told her. "They should still have some demon in them though." "So that guy must be..." Aishiteru started. She glimpsed around for him. He was slinking away.
"Oh no you don't," Aishiteru growled. She tucked the AniCom under her arm and began to chase after him. "Wait Teru-sama!" Tai called. 'No time. I've got to catch this guy. I've got to prove that I'm taking this seriously. It is my fault', Ashiteru thought, running. She was catching up on the demon. It turned into an alley. There was a dead end.
"It seems you're trapped, demon," Aishiteru snapped. "It seems to me that you've got it backwards," the demon snarled. The guys that the demon had been chatting with earlier stepped out from the shadows. They now had horns, fangs, and claws too. "I should've used more energy to mask my true from like my buddies. I guessed that no one in this city could be aware enough to c me. Oh well. Now we have to kill you," the blonde-haired demon stated. They inched towards her. 'What to do? I may be athletic, but I can't fight against them by myself' Aishiteru brooded nervously. As one of the demons lungde at her, Tai appeared. He pulled out a kendo stick and blocked the demon's claws with it. "Men!" he cried, whacking the demon on the head. It stumbled backwards. The other 3 raced towards Tai all at once. Aishiteru watched with amazement as Tai beat each demon on at a time.
Soon, all of the demons were unconscious. "There. Now time to seal these demons up," Tai stated. With his back turned, Tai couldn't see the blonde-haired demon come up to him. Aishiteru jumped up and swung hard. This knocked it unconscious. "Thanks," Tai conversed. "Now, seal them away." "I don't know how," Aishiteru admitted. "Just point the AniCom towards the hole and it'll do the rest," Tai informed. Aishiteur did as she told and a purple light shhot down from the hole. She then instinctively pointed to the demons. The purple light engulfed them and shot back into the hole.
"Now that's that," Tai remarked. "Hey! Did you just call the Anima Complector, the AniCom?" Aishiteru realized. "It rolls of the tongue doesn't it?" Tai replied. "But isn't it incorrect?" Aishiteru asked. "And I care because..." Tai joked, immitating Aishiteru . She giggled. It seemed that the two were finally seeing eye-to-eye.

That's all for now. Tomorrow I'll put up chapter four! I think this chapter was the longest. I'm not sure though!

P.S. the Yu-Gi-Oh movie is out! yeah! too bad i wont be able to c it. at 1st i'd thought i'd look immature going to c it, but people way older than me r going. everyones going. i feel so left out! i never got to c how the marik thing ended. i'd go if i had a ride. Oh well, Happy Friday the 13th!

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Heres's Chapter Two
Chapter Two
Her Mission

Aishiteru plodded along on her way to Takamusha Junior High (my lil sister came up with the name) thinking of the events of last night. Even after all of her brooding, none of it made any sense to her.
"What was that hole in the sky? What was it I saw flying out of it?" Aishiteru asked herself. "Teru-chan!" a voice called. She turned and smiled to see her best friend Chie racing towards her. Chie was brushing down her long, black hair. She had obviously been late, like most days.
"Hi," Aishiteru greeted, still a little preoccupied. "What's up?" Chie quizzed perkily. "Nothin' much," Aishiteru replied. Chie shrugged. "Oooo, its Suikichi-san! He'a the greatest, isn't he?" Chie squealed, gesturing towards a brown-haired boy. Aishiteru shrugged, not paying much attention for 2 reasons. One, Suikici was no catch in Aishiteru's eyes and because she was still worried about before.
"Did something weird happen last night over by you?" Aishiteru questioned. "There was a rumble, but nothing else," Chie responded still fawning over Suikichi. "Nothing outside?" Aishiteru asked. "Nope!" Chie exclaimed. "Wait a second..." Aishiteru looked up, excited. "Ramako-san is hitting on my man!" Chie shouted. Aishiteru shook her head ashamed of her friend's naiveness. Chie scampered towards Ramako and Suikichi who were trekking to school right ahead.
Aishiteru continued to walk while brooding. While turning a corner, Aishiteru spotted a shadow in the bushes. She sped up just to be safe. It quickened its pace too. Aishiteru halted, but it started to creep towards her. When the thing was only feet away, Aishiteru whipped around and raced towards it. It tried to out-run her, but Aishiteru was one of the best on the track team. She caught up with the stalker to reveal that it was only a boy around her age.
"What do you want?" Aishiteru groaned. "It was you," was all the boy replied. "Huh?" Aishiteru replied, puzzled. "It was you who opened the hole," the boy stated. "You saw the hole? No one else but me said they did," Aishiteru told him, relieved. "I thought I was going crazy." Then, Aishiteru realized what he told her. "I opened that hole?" Aishiteru demanded. "How would you know?" The boy stepped out of the bushes and dusted himself off. "I know everything pertaining to the Anima Complector," the boy told her. "The what?" Aishiteru demanded. "Actually, I don't really care. I'm going to be late for class." Aishiteru jogged away. "Wait!" the boy called after her. Aishiteru ignored him and hurried to school.
"Thank you for joining us, Ms. Tadakashi," her teacher remarked in a cruel-like tone. Aishiteru just grunted, annoyed. She was too confused and she hated it.
Her first classes went by quickly enough. Everyone was still bothering her about her embarrassing day before though.
When it was lunch time, Aishiteru entered the cafeteria and sat down by Chie. "Good. She didn't sit in pudding today," a girl snickered from another table. Aishiteru turned to her and glared. "Well, now she knows not to mess with you," Chie giggled. A group of boys sauntered by and giggled at something. "Hey Aishiteru!" one shouted. "Did you get all of the mud out of your hair?" 'I feel like screaming!' Aishiteru thought as she plodded out of the cafeteria. "Teru-chan!" Chie yelled after her. Aishiteru ignored her and continued to go to the courtyard. Some people sat there and ate their lunch, but most stayed inside. Out here, she was practically alone.
"Finally, some peace and quiet," Aishiteru whispered to herself. "Pssst!" Aishiteru heard someone call. She turned her head getting fed up with the teasing. 'If someone says another word, I swear, I'm going to kick their ass' Aishiteru thought, so annoyed that she had resorted to cursing. She glanced around the courtyard and couldn't see anyone who seemed to be calling her. Then, a face popped out of the bushes. It was the boy from before. Aishiteru walked over nonchalantly.
"Do you like hiding in bushes or something?" Aishiteru quizzed. "No, but it's the only way to get close to you," the boy replied. "Well, what do you want?" she questioned. "I know that you opened the portal. Now, it's your duty to close it," the boy told her. "What do you mean?" Aishiteru asked. "Didn't you get the Anima Complector?" he inquired. He pulled out a picture. It looked identical to the present she'd found before. "That's..." she started. Then, the final bell rang. Aishiteru wanted to continue their chat, but knew she couldn't. "After school right here?" he suggested. Aishiteru nodded and ran off. During her final classes, all she pondered about was the mysterious boy.
Aishiteru was grateful for the day to end. When it did, she scampered out before everyone else. She retrieved her belongings from her locker and hurried to the courtyard. She snooped around the bushes, thinking he would still be hidig among them. "I'm out here," a voice called. She turned. The strange boy was standing behind her. "I don't just hide in the bushes for fun. Now that no one's around, I can stand out in the open," he told her. "Well, tell me more about this Anima thing-a-mabob," Aishiteru voiced. "The Anima Complector is an ancient tool used to detect demon souls and will give you the powers to destroy or seal them away," he informed. "What does that have to do with me?" Aishiteru asked. "With it, you must've made the hole in the sky. Do you know where that hole leads?" the boy quizzed. Aishiteru shook her head. "It leads to hell," he explained. "What?" Aishiteru demanded. "Now, we must seal all the demons that have escaped away," the boy conversed. "'We'?" Aishiteru questioned. "I've got to help. My ancestors used to guard that same artifact and its my duty to do that also," the boy retorted. "So, why do I have to help?" Aishiteru asked. "You must. I can't control the Anima Complector. Only you can. You have to be able to. You did use it to open the hole. Only you can close it, but it's my duty to help," he informed. "So, partner, what's your name?" Aishiteru joked. "Tatsuyaimo Taikichi at your service," he told her with a friendly grin.

That's all for now! I hope you like it!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Heres some of a story i'm writing
i told InuyashaGirl8803 that i was gonna post up some of my writing. it may be a little later than i said, but heres some of the story i was thinking of starting. tell me if u think its good. i tried to be totally original, but the beginning may sound a little familiar. the rest wont though!

Chapter One
Unlucky # 13

"Can this day get any worse?" muttered Aishiteru Tadakashi as she fell flat on her face in the mud. Everyone guffawed as she stood and began to wipe the dirt off of her face.
'Let me recap this horrible day,' Aishiteru thought.
Her bad luck had started when she'd first awoke. Actually, before that. The night before she had neglected to set her alarm clock. Thus, causing her to awake 30 min. late the next morning.
After hurrying out of the house only minutes before school was about to start, Aishiteru thought that her day could get no worse, but it did.
"Ms. Tadakashi," her teacher had called, knocking Aishiteru out of her daydreams. Aishiteru glanced up at the woman. "Time to recite your report," the instructor told her, pushing her glasses back into a comfortable position on her face. Aishiteru dug through her schoolbag only to realize that she had left the paper on her bedside table. She could even picture it sitting there.
The rest of her classes until lunch were fine, except for the fact that every question she was asked, she got wrong.
'At least lunch is next,' Aishiteru pondered. She walked into the cafeteria and found her friends. "I've been having the worst day," she told them as she began to sit down. "I'd advise you not to sit there then," her friend, Hanami, warned. Before Aishiteru could reply, she could feel the ooze on her backside. She stood and inspected it to see that she had just sat down upon chocolate pudding. Now standing, the whole cafeteria could see. "Look!" one boy shouted, pointing. His group began to laugh which erupted into the whole cafeteria snickering. Embarrassed, Aishiteru raced out and into the bathroomm across the hall.
Her next 2 classes had been fairly good except for the pop quizzes she hadn't been the least bit prepared for. But now, it was gym class, Aishiteru's favorite and last class of the day. After changing into her gym uniform, Aishiteru had ran outside to be the first up at bat. She ended up being fourth to swing. Her team's game seemed to be going pretty well. Now, it was Aishiteru's turn. The bases were loaded. All she needed was an okay hit, to send at least one player home. Now, she was one of the most athletic girls in her grade so she was trying for a homerun.
"Go Aishiteru!" everyone yelled. She grinned as the ball came flying towards her. She awaited the exact right moment and struck it with all her might. The ball went soaring! I guess my day's getting better, she thought as she zoomed towards 1st base. then 2nd, then 3rd. As she raced home, Aishiteru smiled. Then, she tripped over a small outcropping just as she was about to hit home plate. She hit the ground only inches away and as soon as she did, the ball was thrown to the catcher. "Out!" hollered the umpire.
'Now, this is where I am right now,' Aishiteru brooded as she slowly made her way to the back of the line. She was covered in mud from head to toe.
When the game ended, Aishiteru slumped back to the locker rooms, drenched in sweat. She quickly changed and hurried out, too embarrassed to face any of the other girls. On her way home, Aishiteru felt a tap on the shoulder. She jerked around to see Yoji Kanno. He gave her a huge grin that made her melt inside.
"Hi Teru," Yoji greeted. "Hi," she replied, keeping her cool. 'I can't believe that Yoji is talking to me and he called me by my nickname,' Aishiteru squealed in her brain.
"Well..." he started. "What?" she asked, worriedly. "Do you smell something? It's like old socks or something," Yoji told her. She almost fell to pieces. She had forgot to pu on deoderant of at least some perfume to cover up her smelly stench. She blushed. "I got to go," Yoji remarked, hurrying away.
'That was the perfect ending to the worst day of my life,' Aishiteru thought. Little did she know that it was't over.
As she entered her home, her father greeted her and not with a welcoming smile. "I just got a call from your school," he informed. "You forgot two assignments and failed two quizzes! What's wrong with you today?" She shrugged. "Unless you can think of a better excuse, don't bother coming down for dinner tonight," Mr. Tadakashi replied. He turned and trugded away. Aishiteru raced up to her room, trying to hold back tears that were threatening to overflow. As soon as she reached her little sanctuary, she locked herself in. She raced over to her bed and plopped down on it. She snatched up her favorite stuffed bear.
"Why now, Mr. Teddy? What did I do to deserve such a horrible day?" she asked the animal. "I guess I could call this my 'Unlucky 13th Birhtday'."
All of a sudden, an unexpected rage filled Aishiteru as she flung Mr. Teddy across her bedroom. It landed on a box. She hadn't seen it there before. 'It must be a birthday present,' she realized, Maybe today won't be so bad after all! Aishiteru scampered over to it and snatched it. She went back over to her bed and began to take off the wrappings. Finally, she pulled off the lid to reveal a circular contraption. It was made of bronze. There was a bronze ring around it and a spinner like a compass on it. Aishiteru could barely carry it for this inspection because of its weight.
"I wonder what this is?" Aishiteru pondered aloud. "It's not even important. This thingy doesn't repent for the hell hole of a day my birthday has been." Then, the contraption began to shake. The ground around her began to rumble. Worried, Aishiteru ran over to her window and peered out. A big, black cloud was forming in the sky. Aishiteru gulped. This cloud morphed into a hole. All of a sudden, Aishiteru could spot little white dots flying out from it. "What could that be?" she questioned. "Teru! Are u ok?" she could hear her mother's voice ask. Aishiteru unlocked the door and let her mother in. "Look outside," she instucted. Her mother shrugged and did so. "Do you see that?" Aishiteru quizzed. "See what?" her mom retorted. Aishiteru gazed out. 'How can she not see that big hole?' Aishiteru thought. "Well, I'm just glad you're ok. That rumble was a little scary," Mrs. Takadashi voiced. She exited the room.
"What's going on?" Aishiteru asked herself.

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Friday, July 30, 2004

   My Quizzes
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False Love (My Inuyasha-based story quiz) Girls Only!
Theres a sequel for it too. its more exciting than the first. i'm working on the next ones. take the sequels!

If they dont work, just press refresh :-)

Hey look at who i adopted!

adopt your own virtual pet!

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My Personality


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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

   Isnt this pic funny?
i hope u dont mind fantasy, that i borrowed this from your site. its so funny, i had to!

this pic is funny too. this is for all the inu lovers out there!

Sesshomaru Smiling! Doesnt he look hot?

Its my Sesshy again!

Dont Goten and Trunks look cute! Oh yeah! Thanx Fallen! i hope u dont mind if i put your wallpaper on my site!

Aaaawww! Its a kid Miroku! Where did he go wrong. I hope u dont mind Lie74 that i borrowed it

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Monday, July 26, 2004

arent they cute together?

Music from Gpetz.com

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i finally figured out how to put on wallpapers
heres my first bebop pic!

my big sis luvs spike. hes cool (hes one of my fav characters), but i dont like him (my sis would attack me if i did)

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Here are the lyrics for Simple and Clean from Kingdom Hearts
i just finished Kingdom Hearts for the 3rd time. the ending was so sad, i cant get enough of it. i luv this song. it reminds me so much of the game. i got the lyrics from white fang, i hope u dont mind.
i luv this song. all my sisters do too. all 5 of them. we loaded it unto our computer

You're giving me to many thing
Lately your all i need
You smiled at me and said

Dont get me wrong i love you
But does that mean i have to meet your father?
When we are older you'll understand
What i ment when i said "no
i dont think life is quit that simple"

When you walk away
You dont her me say please
Oh, baby dont go
simple and clean is the way that your making me feel tonight
its hard to let it go

The daily things that keep us all busy
Are confusing me
Thats when you came to me and said

Wish i could prove i love you
But does that mean i have to walk on water?
When we are older you'll understeand
its enough when i say so
And maybe some things are that simple

Hold me
Whatever lies beyond this morning
Is little later on
Regadless of warnings the future doesnt scare me at all
nothing's like before

Hold me
Whatever lies beyond this morning
Is little later on
Regadless of warnings the future doesnt scare me at all
nothing's like before

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Sunday, July 25, 2004

   Inuyasha Movie News
In a not terribly surprising announcement, the TV broadcast of the first movie has been pushed to spring of 2005, due to requirements of how long a movie has to be on DVD before it is broadcast on television.

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