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Friday, August 20, 2004

it was the strangest dream ever!
i had this weird dream a couple of nights ago and i had to tell someone.

well, my mom was going out with one of the guys from that kid's show, the Wiggles (my lil sisters watch it all the time). it was the yellow one. anyways, he would always act like an angel whenever my mom was around, but as soon as she left, he would start to threaten us and be mean. whenever we told her, she told us that we were being ridiculous. one day, we all went on vacation and for some reason the wiggle guy came with us. my mom and him got this fancy suite with a fancy bathroom and everything. meanwhile, all 6 of us had to sleep in a two-bed room. we had a brother for some reason in my dream, but he didn't even have the same skin color as us. he slept on the couch by himself.
anyway, one day when the wiggles guy was gone, we went snooping through his hotel safe. we found a model of our brother's head and a gun in it. we showed it to our mom (i dont know why he had a fake head) and when the wiggles guy came back, she broke up with him. he threatened to kill us all, but we had his gun. then, he pulled out another one. i had his 1st gun and shot him in the arm, causin him to drop his new one. i told my lil sis to go get it from him. then, we surrounded him. that's where the dream ended. wasn't that strange?

anyways, i'd like to say a special goodbye to my friend MA JR who is leaving myO. we'll all really miss him! he was a really good friend to me!
I know u like Rurouni Kenshin so i hope u like this!

I'll miss u!

Quote of the Day-
"Until you told me to become a strong, self-assured woman, I wondered if what I was aiming for and what I was doing were contradictory. I was really touched by your words and I use them for strength, but once you're gone, I may get lost agian."
-Ryoko Mitsurugi (Real Bout High School Vol. 3)

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Well, I finally got to chapter seven!
Chapter Seven
The Demon Gang

"See ya!" Aishiteru yelled to Skye after he had dropped her home. She sighed, daydreaming of Skye as she entered her home. 'I can't believe it's already been a month since our first kiss,' Aishiteru thought, 'It seems like only yesterday. Since then, we've been hanging out constantly. Too bad he won't get his parents to transfer him to my school. Yes, my school is really strict, but it's got to be better than being home-schooled like he is.' Aishiteru shrugged.
Now, she was in her bedroom. She closed the door behind her and smiled. "What are you so happy about?" a voice asked. Aishiteru searched around to see Chie. Her friend was grinning.
"I hear you were out with Skye-san again," Chie stated. "Yeah so?" Aishiteru questioned. "You two go out a lot. You shouldn't. You don't want to wear out a good thing," Chie advised. "I could never be with him too much," Aishiteru protested. "What about Tai-kun?" Chie quizzed. "What about him?" Aishiteru retorted. 'It took weeks, but we got over that silly argument, but we're different than before,' Aishiteru pondered.
"So, you're saying, there is nothing between you guys anymore?" Chie asked. "There never was!" Aishiteru insisted. "Whatever. All that matters is that he's free. You don't mind if I ask him out, do you?" Chie quizzed. Aishiteru shrugged. "Sure," Aishiteru commented, but at the same time, she felt weird. She ignored the feeling and smiled at her best friend.

Tai, Chie, and Aishiteru were trekking along together. Aishiteru bounced a soccer ball and they walked. It was November now and was getting cooler, but Aishiteru made it an everyday routine to still practice her soccer.
"What about this leader demon?" Tai asked. "We've been looking for weeks and we have nothing." Aishiteru and Chie shrugged. "Hey look!" Chie shouted. Both of her friends jerked around, alarmed. "It's a new's stand!" Chie finshed. Both Aishiteru and Tai fell over at Chie's ignorance. "What! You've got to stay updated on the latest news," Chie stated, buying today's paper. "I especially have to stay updated on the funnies!" Chie takes the comics and hands the rest over to Aishiteru. She read the headline and gasped. "What?" Tai inquired. "There's a new gang in the next city. They appeared only a week after my birthday. Isn't that a coincidence?" Aishiteru remarked sarcastically. "They're obviously demons. We'll go check it out tomorrow," Tai told them. "I'll tell Skye-kun," Aishiteru voiced. Tai sighed and began to walk away. Aishiteru shrugged. She and Chie continued to walk home.

The next day, Aishiteru, Chie, Skye, and Tai boarded a train to the city. Soon, they reached it and they all split up. Chie and Aishiteru began to investigate while Tai and Skye searched together. Chie had planned to go with Tai so they could get a little closer. Aishiteru had volunteered to search with Chie before Chie got the chance to ask Tai.
"Why'd you split Tai-kun and I up?" Chie demanded. "I don't know. My mouth just acted on its own," Aishiteru replied."If you're jealous, then why didn't you just say so?" Chie asked. "I'm not jealous?" Aishiteru asked.
"Are too!"
"Are not?" "Are..." Chie started. "Ssshhh!" Aishiteru interupted. "What?" Chie whispered. "Look at those guys over there?" Aishiteru told her. She pointed to a group of guys in their early twenties. Aishiteru could sense the demon aura all around them.
"Go tell the guys," Aishiteru instructed. "Why?" Chie asked, not being able to feel the demons. "Just go!" Aishiteru muttered. Chie reluctantly raced over to where the guys promised to meet them. Aishiteru stayed to get more imformation.
One demon began to inform the others of their future plans. 'This sounds like crucial info. I better go tell the others,' Aishiteru pondered. She began to back away slowly to meet up with her friends, when she knocked into a trash can. It clanged to the ground. Aishiteru gulped as all of the demons raced her way.
"So, we've got a spy," one of the demons remarked. "Let's just kill her," another suggested. "We better not. She might have friends. We don't know if more know about us," a brown-haired demon reminded. "What do we do then?" one quizzed. "We can just torture her into telling us," the brown-haired one stated blankly. Aishiteru began to shiver from fear. She usually tried to be tough, but it was hard when her life and those she cared about lives were on the line.
They snatched her by each wrist amd tugged her along behind them. 'I hope the others hurry,' Aishiteru thought worriedly.

Chie soon reached the boys. They were waiting at the same train station they had gotten off from.
"Where's Teru-chan?" Skye demanded noticing that Chie was alone. "She saw some guys and decided to stay behind and eavesdrop," Chie informed. "You left her alone?" Tai asked. "Well, she told me to," Chie replied. Skye sighed. "She might be in trouble! Let's go!" Tai exclaimed, running off. "You might want to follow me since I actually know where to go," Chie reminded. Tai halted and waited for Chie to catch up. Then, she led them to the alley where the demons had been. 'I just hope Teru-chan's ok,' Tai thought.
Soon, the 3 made it to the site. It was deserted. "Are you sure this is the place?" Skye inquired. "Yes," Chie insisted. "Maybe she's looking for us at the meeting place?" Skye guessed. "I doubt that," Tai remarked. "Why?" Skye asked. "I doubt that she'd leave this," Tai commented, picking up a shiny object. He held it up to reveal Aishiteru's locket. Chie knew that she always wore it and only took it off to bathe and sleep. Chie nabbed it and examined it. She opened it too. "Yeah, this is Teru-chan's," Chie conversed. "This is the picture of her old friend from before she moved to my distict last year. She always talks about him, but at the same time, she doesn't ever tell me anything about him. I'm not sure who he is. All I know is that she cherishes this picture more than anything. I think his name is Tat-something," Chie informed. "Well, those guys must've gotten her," Skye stated. "Way to state the obvious," Chie snapped sarcastically. "We don't have time for this! We've got to save her!" Tai exclaimed. "They stupidly left footprints. They're not smart demons, that's for sure," Skye insulted. The 3 began to follow the prints.

"Let me go!" Aishiteru shouted, kicking and screaming. They let her go, shoving her in a room. "Great way to treat your guests!" Aishiteru commented. The brown-haired demon, who Aishiteru had realized was the leader of this group, sauntered up to her. "I don't have time to stall. We have to take off tomorrow. Just tell me if u have anyone else who's tracking us," he commanded. "I'll never tell you," Aishiteru replied. "In other words, you do have at least one accomplice," he pointed out. "Tell me where they are," the demon instructed, pulling out a blade. "Never," Aishiteru insisted. "Reall?" the demon asked. He sliced her gently on the neck. She gasped as blood beganto dribble down her chin. The demon smirked and licked her blood of the weapon. She showed him a face of disgust and he just smirked even more. He turned and left. His minians followed him out.
Aishiteru gulped. "I can't wait for my friends to come and save me," Aishiteru whispered.

Well, its 11. i'll post the rest of the chapter tomorrow morning! c ya!

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Thursday, August 19, 2004

sorry i didnt get to visit all of my friends' sites. i didnt get to post a chapter either. i will though later today! c ya!

Here's a pic for all of my story readers! I found it and i realized that it looks identical to how Aishiteru is supposed to look

Quote of the Day-
"The ticket to the future is always blank."
-Rem Saverm (Trigun)

p.s. i'm remodeling my site. i want to have a brand new start for the brand new school year which is coming up on the 25th. all the pics, music, and buttons are going to be changed. i hope u guys dont mind. it may take a while before i find what i like, so bear with me! i took out all of the buttons and is going to put them back up after i'm done. if i took yor of and forgot to out it back on, tell me! sorry if i forgot!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

The Rest of Chapter Six
Well, last night I was forced off the computer, so now, I'm going to finish with this chapter.

Aishiteru plodded down the street, still a little annoyed with her family's reaction. 'Good thing my father didn't hear or I wouldn't have been able to go. Heck, he would've locked me in my room to keep me from going out with a guy,' Aishiteru thought with a chuckle.
Then, she heard footsteps behind her. At first, she didn't pay attention. 'It's dark, but not only psychos walk at night. I'm walking at night,' she reminded herself.
Soon, the footsteps began to quicken. She began to move faster, so did the steps. Aishiteru was now beginning to worry. She started to jog and so did her pursuer. 'Time to run,' Aishiteru thought, taking off. The footsteps behind her started sprinting also. It began to catch up. Yes, she was a fast runner, but not in a skirt. 'I knew this skirt would pull me down', Aishiteru stated in her mind.
Soon, strong arms wrapped around her waist, turning her around. Behind her stood a boy that seemed only a few years older than herself. She could feel the prescence of a demon coming from inside him. Two more demon boys appeared. They covered Aishiteru's mouth to muffle her screaming, dragging her into an alley. The first demon shoved her into the alley, causing her to plunge to the ground. It picked her up and slammed her back into the wall. 'I wish I had the AniCom right now,'Aishiteru wished.
"So, you are the girl who's been killing off us demons, huh?" the demon sneered. "You don't seem so tough to me." "Should we kill her?" another demon asked. "Let's have some fun with her first," the leader suggested. "Fun? I don't see any cake or ice cream," Aishiteru joked with a nervous twitter. "You got jokes too?" the leader asked. He gave her a death stare. All of a sudden, Aishiteru was frightened.
"You guys stand guards while I teach this girl whose the boss around here," the leader demon instructed. His underlings nodded and left the 2 alone.
The leader demon pinned her hands above her head with one hand and with the other began to trace his fingers up her bare thigh. "Hey! Hands off!" Aishiteru shouted. The leader demon smirked. He began to lean in closer for a kiss which Aishiteru knew she was not going to enjoy. Before he could, there were 2 thumps and groans. Both Aishiteru and the demon turned to see his minians fall to the floor.
"What are you guys doing? I told you to keep watch," the leader questioned. "Well, I guess you need some new look-outs," a voice told him. It was dark, so Aishiteru couldn't make out who the voice was. The leader demon released her and charged over to the figure. All the mystery boy had to do was punch the demon once and it fell to the floor. The demon stumbled up and was kicked and punched repeatedly until it fell to the floor once again. This time, it didn't come back up. Aishiteru stumbled over to her savior. She tripped on her way. He raced over and caught her. She looked up at his face. She grinned slightly when she saw Skye's gorgeous eyes. He smiled back at her. Aishiteru took note that this was the first time she'd seen him smile.
"Are you ok?" Skye quizzed, setting Aishiteru down. "I'm perfect!" Aishiteru exclaimed, but fell to her knees. "What's wrong?" he asked. "My back aches and I cut myself when he pushed me," Aishiteru informed. She could feel blood trailing down her leg.
"I'll take you to my house. It's closer," Skye told her. He swooped her up into his arms and began to trugde. After only a few steps, Skye groaned in pain.
"Set me down! You're hurt!" Aishiteru commanded. He did as he was told. She examined him to see that he had been sliced in the stomach. She helped him up and they leaned on each other all the way back to his house.
When they reached Skye's home, Aishiteru became a little nervous. 'What if his parents are home? What could I tell them? Skye left only hours ago as good as new and he comes back a total wreck with some girl. That's a really good picture,' Aishiteru thought. Skye unlocked the door and led Aishiteru inside. No one was home. "My parents are out of town all week," Skye explained. Aishiteru sighed with relief.
Skye leads her upstairs and they go into a bedroom which Aishiteru assumes is his.
"First, let's take care of the cut on you leg," Skye stated. He went over to his closet while Aishiteru plopped down on his soft bed. Skye returned with a frst aid's kit and began to bandage Aishiteru's wound. While he did so, Aishiteru pondered, 'Why does a 15-year old boy have a first aid's kit in his closet? Does he get hurt often?'
"Done," Skye conversed. "Your turn," Aishiteru told him, getting off his bed. He positioned himself on the floor to not get any blood on his bed. Skye ripped off his shirt so Aishiteru to help him. Aishiteru examined the cut. It wasn't too deep, but it still looked bad. Aishiteru began to clean the wound and all of the dried blood around it. While Aishiteru bandaged Skye up, she took a note that he had a really built body. Rock hard abs and a nice six-pack. Aishiteru blushed.
"Done," Aishiteru informed. He sat up and Aishiteru put away the kit.
"Well, I guess I'll go home now," Aishiteru told him. She limped towards the door. "Don't go," Skye pleaded. Aishiteru was taken aback by his sincere tone.
"You're hurt. You shouldn't have to walk all the way home. At least stay and eat," Skye replied with a blush. Aishiteru smiled and followed him into the living room. Skye left for the kitchen. Aishiteru inspected the room while he was gone. The house was small, but was filled with pictures with his family. Aishiteru had to giggle when she saw a picture of a tiny boy. She had to recognize his blue eyes from Skye. The boy was seated on one of those baby potties, beaming.
Soon, Skye returned with two bowls of soup. Aishiteru wolfed down the food, greedily. Skye guffawed. "What? I'm hungry!" Aishiteru exclaimed. He let out a little giggle and began to eat. They gobbled down their soup in silence. When they were done, Skye returned their bowls to the kitchen.
"Does it ever get lonely having to train and train. You don't seem to have lots of time for fun," Aishiteru asked. "I don't need fun. For me, the satisfaction of knowing that I'm keeping those I care about safe, is all I need," Skye retorted. "Like I did tonight." Aishiteru blushed.
Skye let out a tiny chuckle. "What?" Aishiteru demanded. 'Maybe there's something on my face!' Aishiteru realized. She began to search for whatever it was. "It's nothing," Skye lied. Aishiteru playfully punched Skye in the arm. "This isn't fair! I can't fight a defenseless girl," Skye exclaimed. "We'll see whose defenseless," Aishiteru joked. She knocked him to the ground and he smiled. She and Skye began to play wrestle. It reminded her of what she and her little brother did all of the time. The 2 stop when Skye was kneeling over Aishiteru. She blushed and he leaned in closer. She began to stare into his blue eyes and he stared back. Soon, their lips were touching. It was a soft and quick kiss, but Aishiteru knew that she'd remember it forever for it was her first kiss.
He sat up off of her and blushed. "Sorry," he apologized. "I just got carried..." Aishiteru interrupted him with another kiss. This one longer and deeper than the first.
When the 2 parted, Aishiteru blushed. Before she could say a thing, he graspsed her hand. "Would you stay with me tonight... in seperate rooms of course?" Skye asked. Aishiteru smiled and nodded.
First, while Skye set up a room for her, Aishiteru called her mother. When Aishiteru mentioned staying overnight, her mother replied: "With who? It'd better not be that same boy?" "No! We... met up with Chie at the theater and I'm staying with her. We're going to sleep soon, so please don't call. We need our beauty rest," Aishiteru lied. They chatted for a little more and soon hung up.
Only seconds later, Skye appeared and showed her into her room. He tossed her a shirt to change into. It was obviously one of his for it was way big on her. He was turning to leave when he jerked around. "Oh yeah, you want to know what I was laughing about? It was the fact that that partner of your takes you for granted. You are someone special and he treats you nothing like that," Skye told her. "He's ok. He's kind of commanding though, but he's always there for me," Aishiteru protested. "Well, it was him you had the argument with, right?" Skye guessed. "How'd you know?" Aishiteru quizzed. "If it wasn't, you would've called him before me," Skye pointed out. Aishiteru raised her eyebrows at his perceptiveness. He smiled at her and exited.
Soon, Aishiteru fell asleep.

Later that night, Aishiteru slipped out of bed and tip-toed into Syke's room. She lightly knocked on the door and entered. She opened her parched mouth to question where the kitchen was, but stopped herself. Skye was still asleep. Aishiteru stared at him fondly. His hair and fallen over his eyes and his face was set in a peaceful pose. Aishiteru scurried back out and sauntered back into her room. She went back to her sleep. This time with thoughts of Skye dancing about in her head.

Well, that was my long chapter. I hoped you all liked it.

Quote of the Day-
"You're shooting for a goal with seeing the path to get there. And your goals are so high, it's easy to get knocked off course. You can stay in one place, you can rest, but you can't turn back. Don't mind those who leave your side and uhh... that is to say... oh please! You'll be fine by yourself! Just be who you want to be and not who people expect you to be."
-Tatsuya Shishikura (Real Bout High School Vol. 3)

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I know its late, but heres chapter six!
I'm going to warn everybody in advance. In this chapter, Aishiteru shows off her girly side, so brace yourself. Don't worry. As soon as this chapter is over, she'll be back to her old and tough self.

Chapter Six
Aishiteru's New Crush

"I love your silky hair. The orange looks so exotic," Chie complimented her best friend. "Well, I'd kill for your bright blue eyes," Aishiteru replied. Chie continued to ramble on about Aishiteru's beautiful features, but Aishiteru was too preoccupied to notice. Her mind was full of other matters.
"What's up? You don't seem to be paying much attention to me," Chie stated. "Well..." Aishiteru hesitated. "Come on. You can tell me! I promise I won't tell," Chie coaxes. "Like last time?" Aishiteru asked. "Well, only half of the school found out," Chie told her. "Fine. I've been thinking about Skye-kun," Aishiteru admitted. "He's cute!" Chie exclaimed. "And mysterious and strong. In other words, he's hot!" "I know," Aishiteru agreed. "I just don't know how to tell him. I'm not that great around guys." "You have bunches of guy friends," Chie protested. "They're all friends though. I'm starting to see Skye-kun as someone I like more than a friend," Aishiteru informed. Chie gasped and began to gossip and chatter about her and her many boyfriends and how they could double-date and such. Aishiteru barely listened for she was still thinking of Skye.

The next day, Aishiteru senses a demon. "Here we go again," Aishiteru stated as she pulled out the AniCom. She began to then chase after the signal. Soon, she reaches an alley. Inside, she finds Skye and a demon. It charges at him and takes him by surprise. It knocks Skye down. It is about to use its claws when Aishiteru uses her Wind Torrent. It blows the demon off of Skye. It then turned and spotted her. It began to lung at her, but before it can reach her, Skye used his naginata and struck down the demon. It fell to the floor and Aishiteru sealed it away.
"Thank you for your help," Skye told her. She smiled at him as he turned to leave. "Wait!" Aishiteru called after him. He turned. "You don't seem to be from around here," Aishiteru remarked. "No. I came from a city in Europe. I was born here, but haven't been since I was a child. Yes, I didn't live in the woods or something, but I was more thinking of my training than all of the recreational luxuries. I'm not really used to the big city life here," Skye explained. "Would you like me to show you around the big city?" Aishiteru asked. "It would be fun and you would learn more about your new home." "I guess..." Skye agreed. Aishiteru smiled. She brought him back into the city and she began the tour. They went everywhere that Aishiteru could think of. Along the way, they had a lot of fun. When it was getting late, they decided to eat. They went to MacRonald's. Skye wasn't used to the fries and hamburgers they served and Aishiteru laughed at this. Fast food was unhealthy for training. It seemed that she ate fast food almost everyday. Afterwards, Skye walked her home.
"Well, see you later?" Aishiteru asked. "I guess," he replied. He turned and left. Aishiteru smiled. She hurried up to her room, running right past her little brother and mother who were seated in the living room. As soon as she reached her room, she squealed with delight. "I've never been so girly around a guy before. I've never felt like this about a guy either. Not even around Yoji-kun," Aishiteru stated, confused. She shrugged.
For the rest of the evening, Aishiteru was in a daze.

The next afternoon, Tai and Aishiteru were trekking down the street after slaying 3 small demons. "I'm hungry. MacRonald's?" Aishiteru asked. "Sure," Skye shrugged. Aishiteru led him to the restaurant and they took their seats at a booth.
"It seems that we haven't hung out in a long time," Tai stated. "Have we ever hung out before?" Aishiteru questioned. Tai began to think. "I guess not," Tai remembered with a smile.
"This is the same booth Skye-kun and I sat at yesterday," Aishiteru mumbled. "What did you say?" Tai demanded. "You and Skye-san were here yesterday?" "Yeah. So what?" Aishiteru asked. "That Skye is bad news. I don't want you hanging out with him," Tai ordered. "Who do you think you are?" Aishiteru quizzed. "You shouldn't be getting mad! You can't tell me who not to hang out with!" She didn't even wait for his reply. She snatched her stuff, jumped up, and stormed away. She expected Tai to follow or at least call after her, but he doesn't.
Soon, she reaches her home. At her fast and angry pace, it only took her a little while. She didn't know who to vent to. She knew Chie was out. Her friend had only been bragging to Aishiteru about her date with Kito Mosinigi for a week. The only other person Aishiteru could think of was Skye. He had given her his number for in the event that she found a demon she needed help fighting. Even though that wasn't the case, she called him anyway. After 3 rings, he answered. Just the sound of his voice helped calm Aishiteru down.
"Hi. It's me," Aishiteru greeted. "Oh. What? Is there a demon?" Skye demanded. 'I feel stupid coming to him with my problems. Maybe I should just talk to him about something else?' Aishiteru thought.
"So, before you said about defeating the leader demon. What does that mean?" Aishiteru questioned. "Well, demons are stupid. They don't have enough brain power to live on their own without any direction. There has to be a leader demon that is telling them all what to do. If we find that demon, then the others will be lost and defenseless. They'll be sitting ducks; easy prey. Even if we don't get them all, they won't wreak havoc if no one's telling them to," Skye explained. "Oh, now it makes sense," Aishiteru responded. She let out a long sigh, still thinking of her argument with Tai.
"What's wrong?" Skye asked. To Aishiteru's shock, he seemed a little worried. "Oh nothing. I just got into an argument and I can't take my mind off of it," Aishiteru informed. She thought it would be best not to mention who the argument was with. He hated Tai and Tai hated him.
"I have an idea. Let's go see a movie. My few friends from my old home used to go to them all the time. I never went because I was too busy. It might help you forget about this problem," Skye suggested. "I'd be glad!" Aishiteru retorted. "You know where the theater is?" "We walked past it on our tour, didn't we?" Skye answered. "I guess so. Well, I'm going to get ready and then get going, alright? Bye!" Aishiteru exclaimed. "Hm," was his reply as he hung up his receiver.
Aishiteru put down her phone. As soon as she did, she did a little happy dance. Unlike her best friend, she had never been into the dating scene. This was actually her first date. 'I know that Skye-kun probably won't see this as a date, but I can't help it,' Aishiteru thought. She put on one of her only skirts. The light, soft brown matched with her eyes. Then, she put on a green blouse. She didn't have that much clothes that seemed suitable for a date, so these would have to do.
Aishiteru snatched her purse and hurried downstairs. She hoped she could sneak past her little brother. He would probably laugh at her. She rarely ever wore skirts. The only time were when her mother forced her to. She was heading out the door, when she heard a chuckle.
"Teru-onee-sama is wearing a skirt!" her little brother, Kero laughed. Aishiteru was about to put him a headlock when her mother appeared. "Where are you going?" her mother asked. "To hang out with one of my friends," Aishiteru replied. "Is it the same friend who walked you home yesterday?" Aishiteru's mom questioned with a grin. Aishiteru rolled her eyes and nodded. "You're going out with a boy?" her mom demanded. "I'm so happy!" Aishiteru sighed and began to leave. "Teru and a boy!" her brother yelled. Aishiteru rolled her eyes at his ignorance before exiting the house.

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Monday, August 16, 2004

This pic is so funny!

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I defeated Final Fantasy X
sorry i didn't post up chapter six, but i was busy playing final fantasy 10! i finished the game with the help of hisui and all the others who answered my post all that time ago. i just got their levels up to what they said they should be and fought sin just now.

the ending was sad and happy at the same time. i was really happy that sin was gone forever, but so many people had to die from it. i was also sad that... i dont want to spoil the ending, but to those of u have finished it, i meant to say that i was sad that you-know-what happened to you-know-who. i need to buy x-2! he never even got to reply to what she told him. well, anyways, i'll post chapter six tomorrow!
here's a final fantasy x pic! yuna and tidus! i'm gonna cry!

Look! I'm apart of the mushroom patrol!

My Quote of the Day-
"You ain't that cute to begin with, so get some nicer panties or somethin'."
-Shizuma Kusanagi (Real Bout High School Vol. 2)

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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Heres Chapter Five
Hey everybody! i only have an hour to write this chapter (i have to watch justice league. its not anime, but i luv the excitement!) anyways, here it is!

Chapter Five
The Master of Illusion

"We're getting close!" Aishiteru exclaimed, quickening her pace. Tai struggled to keep up. "We're right on top of it!" Aishiteru told him. "Be ready to fight because it is right... here." The signal stopped all of a sudden. Aishiteru glanced around. Sure enough, there was no demon.
"Where could it have gone?" Aishiteru asked. "Oh well. We'll get it next time," Tai commented.
The next day, Aishiteru and Tai were once again following a demon signal. "We're right on top of it!" Aishiteru remarked. Then, the demon signal disappeared. "Not again," she stated. "Next time," Tai voiced. Aishiteru stomped away filled with disappointment.
The following day, Aishiteru and Chie are trekking home from school together. Suddenly, Aishiteru could feel the strong prescence of a demon. "What's wrong Teru-chan?" Chie quizzed worriedly. "Nothing," Aishiteru replied, extracting the AniCom. She could hear a signal strongly. "I've got to go," Aishiteru conversed. "What is that thing? Where are you going? You're always doing things and you never tell me what it is. You're beginning to confuse me," Chie whined. "A lot of things confuse you," Aishiteru teased. "I know, but you used to help me be less confused, not confuse me more," Chie retorted, oblivious to Aishiteru's taunting. "I've got to go. I'll tell you later!" Aishiteru exclaimed. She jogged away. "I can't spend time talking to Chie. I have to get this demon. I won't let it get away again," Aishiteru whispered.
Aishiteru followed the signal as quickly as she could, determined. She arrived in a tiny forest area just in time to see a boy with golden blonde hair whip around with enormous speed and kill 5 demons. "Wow," she muttered. He jerked around and spotted her. She carefully stepped out of the trees and showed herself. She cautiously approached.
"My name is Tadakashi Aishiteru," she introduced herself. "You must be why the demons keep on going away as soon as we're close." "I'm Skye," he replied, putting away his weapon. It was a long spear similar to a halberd. She recognized it as a naginata.
Then, Tai emerges from the trees.
"Aishiteru-san, what are you doing?" Tai quizzed. "How could you off on your own without telling me? I had to follow my senses here." "Sor-ry, but it doesn't matter. Skye took care off all of them," Aishiteru stated. "I'm Taikichi," Tai told Skye, finally seeing him. "Hm. I don't know why you let this guy boss you around. He doesn't seem so tough," Skye replied with an attitude. "You want to test my skills?" Tai quizzed, pulling out his kendo stick. "Hold it guys. Can't we play nice?" Aishiteru asked. "Hm. Well, I'll be off. Nice meeting you Aishiteru-sama. I will be looking forward to seeing you again," Skye remarked. In a flash, he was gone.
The next day, Chie and Aishiteru are once again walking together. "Tell me what you ran away from me for," Chie demanded. "Well, I met this guy..." Aishiteru started. "I understand. He must've been really cute for you to run out like that," Chie teased. "Tell me all about him." "He's mysterious and tough. Nothing like Tatsu-san. He has these piercing eyes. They're so..." she begins to say. Once again, Aishiteru feels demons. Aishiteru yanked out the AniCom and begins to hear the signal. "Bye! Got to go!" Aishiteru yells back to her friend, already gone. "Again," Chie mumbled, annoyed.
Soon, Aishiteru comes across one lone demon. "Time to try out my newest attack," Aishiteru commented. "Go, Wind Torrent!" She held the AniCom in her left hand and with her right, Aishiteru made a huge swoop. A huge gust of wind appeared and sped toward the demon. It killed it instantly. "Man, it was weak," Aishiteru commented.
All of a sudden, another demon appears. "I'll just take care of you too," Aishiteru states. "Go Wind Torrent!" She repeated the attack. This time, she wasn't as successful. The demon brushed aside her attack and raced towards her. She tried the Wind Torrent again. It was still unaffective.
The demon reached her and knocked her aside. She fell to the groun hard. It left deep scratch marks on her cheek. She struggled to stand. It punched her. She fell again. This time, it didn't give her the chance to stand. It began to kick her repeatedly.
"You have been the one who has been killing my demon brethren," it sneered between kicks. "Now it is your time to die." "If you want to kill her, you're going to have to get past me first," a voice stated from her right. Both she and the demon twirled around. Aishiteru grinned slightly to see Skye. He extracted his naginata and swung it. This provoked the small-minded demon. It raced over to him. With one swipe, he eliminated the demon.
"Your powers surpass mine by a great deal," Aishiteru complimented. "I've practiced for years. You've just started. I'm not surprised I am stronger," Skye replied. "I'm guessing that's a compliment," Aishiteru stated.
All of a sudden, more demons emerged. "Skye-sama! Behind you!" Aishiteru yelled. Skye turned around just in time to see a demon. He swiftly turned and blocked its attack. Then, another demon arrived and another. Soon, Skye and Aishiteru were way out numbered. They were grabbed and their hands tied behind their backs.
All of a sudden, their surroundings morph. The demons disappear and they are suddenly in a huge room. "What is going on?" Skye whispered. "It's an illusion," Aishiteru stated. "You've finally figured it out," a male's voice voiced from around them.

"Let me see what Aishiteru-san is doing. Maybe, she's free and we can get some demons," Tai mumbled to himself as he made his way over to Aishiteru's home.
When he reaches it, he is surprised to see a note taped to her front door. It read: "I have your girlfriend. If you ever want to see her alive, you'll come to the forest. There, you will find a manor. Come there to find her". He crumbles up the note in fury and hurls it to the ground. As quickly as he possibly can, Tai hurries to the forest.

"He's over there!" Aishiteru shouted, pointing to a man standing in the corner of the room. Skye raced over and struck the man with his weapon, but he just vanishes. "You cannot defeat me. I am Marako, Master of Illusions. I can disguise myself and disguise anything to look like me," the voice told them. Aishiteru continued to fight his illusions though. "We have to get out of here!" she exclaimed in frustration. "How are we going to defeat him any other way? I can't even feel his energy!"
"Maybe this will make you more determined," the male's voice stated. Out of the blue, Chie appears. She is tied to a stake with shiny bands. Aishiteru goes as quickly as she can over to her best friend.
"What's going on?" Chie asked. "Do you know these people? I'm scared!" "I'll explain later. Right now, I'll get you out," Aishiteru replied. She reached for the bands and was shocked. "I can't touch them," Aishiteru informed, jerking away.
"The only way to get out and to rescue your friend is to defeat this demon of mine," Marako told them. Then, a demon raced through an open door. It began to head over to Aishiteru. "I'll fight to the death to protect those I care for," Aishiteru stated.

Tai jogged into the manor. "Aisiteru, I'm coming," he whispered. He hurried inside and into the first room he spotted. Inside, he saw Aishiteru, Skye, and Chie. He smiled in relief and began to charge towards Aishiteru. 'She doesn't look too happy to see me. I wonder what's wrong,' Tai pondered.
"I'm going to kill you, you demon. Then, Chie will be free," Aishiteru told him. "Demon? It's me!" Tai replied. She didn't seem to hear him for she began to lung at him. "What am I going to do?" Tai asked himself.

Aishiteru hesitated a little. 'The demon's aura feels familiar. It reminds me of... It can't be.. I have to defeat this monster for Chie-chan,' thought Aishiteru. "Don't listen to this maniac! Why should I trust his word? He might kill us even if we defeat that pathetic beast," Skye commented. "There has to be a better way. I have to find this leader." Skye began to survey the room.
"I don't care if it's a trick. I'll risk it being one to protect my friend," Aishiteru conversed. "Wind Torrent!" Her attack hit the demon full-fledge. "Why don't you fight back, demon?" Aishiteru asked. She attacked again. It fell to its knees. 'Why hasn't it attacked even once?' Aishiteru brooded. She shrugged and raced over to it.
She clutched it around the neck. "Time to save my friend," Aishiteru muttered. Then, it pointed upwards. Skye followed its finger to see what he'd been searching for all along. It was a man in a long black cloak. He was drifting in mid-air. "That's this master of illusions fellow," Skye shouted. "He made himself blend in. How pathetic. He can't even stand up and fight like a man!" Skye lunged at him. Distracted, Marako dropped the illusion. Tai was revealed as his true self.
"Tai-san! I'm so sorry!" Aishiteru exclaimed. She went to help him. "It's not your fault. I'd do anything too if your life was on the line. Anyway, his illusions are pretty good," Tai assured her. "I'll be fine. Go help Chie-san." Aishiteru nodded and hurried over to Chie.
"It's all over!" Skye hollered. With one swipe he knocked Marako to the ground. He was an elderly-looking demon but more decrepit. "Eeewww!" Chie commented. "I'll seal him," Aishiteru offered. "No. He deserves to die," Skye declines. Aishiteru ignored Tai and seals Marako anyway.
"Now this is all over, let's go home," Aishiteru stated. "No this isn't over. You owe me an explaination," Chie demanded. Aishiteru sighed. "I've been lying for long enough," Aishiteru replied. She began to inform Chie of the past weeks' events.
"Ok. There's only one thing I don't understand," Chie told her. "Who's he?" She pointed to Skye. "I don't even know," Aishteru admitted. "I have trained for years just in case of an occasion where my skilla are needed. I am trained in every magic and many martial arts. When I saw the hell hole, I immediately came to kill, not seal, the demons, but this way is useless. I am going after the main demon leader. If I defeat that fool, I'll be throught with this hunt forever," Skye told them. "Now, I must take my leave. I surely be seeing you soon." He turned a disappeared out ot sight.
"Now, are we through?" Tai asked. Aishiteru nodded. "Let's go home," Chie remarked. Both girls took one of Tai's arms and began to help him up. "I thought I was the weaker one," Aishiteru joked, trying to lighten everyone's spirits. "Does it matter? He's hot!" Chie replied. "Is that a compliment?" Tai asked. "It means that you're a great person," Aishiteru informed. "Someone's got a crush," Chie taunted. Even though it was Tai who had technically saved the day, in the back of her mind, thoughts of Skye still lingered. 'I hope we do meet again,' she thought with a smile.

Well, thats chapter five! Before I go, I want to show everyone my new wallpaper. Its my first so its not that great!

Quote of the Day-
"You're shooting for a goal with seeing the path to get there. And your goals are so high, it's easy to get knocked off course. You can stay in one place, you can rest, but you can't turn back. Don't mind those who leave your side and uhh... that is to say... oh please! You'll be fine by yourself! Just be who you want to be and not who people expect you to be."
-Tatsuya Shishikura (Real Bout High School Vol. 3)

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Friday, August 13, 2004

Chapter Four is finally here!
i know i shouldve written it earlier, but its here! enjoy!

Chapter Four
Juggling Time

"It's finally Saturday!" Aishiteru exclaimed. "For the past week all I've done is capture demon after demon. At least none of them were much of a challenge since the first ones we fought on last Thursday." She was in the shower, getting ready for the day. She liked to talk to herself. It helped her relax. All week it had been non-stop work, juggling school and demon-catching. Today, she had already finished her first, half day of school (on Sat. in Japan they had school on Saturdays. They had 2, half days. They were seperated) and was now home getting ready for her soccer game.
30 minutes later, Aishiteru was in the park with Tai. Tai sat on a bench, holding the AniCom for her while she practiced her with her soccer ball.
"You still should be practicing with the AniCom," Tai suggested. "I know how to get it to work. Why do I need to practice?" Aishiteru asked. "There is more to the AniCom than getting it to signal. There r magical powers that are available too," Tai informed. "Well, these are the city championships. Right now, this is most important," Aishiteru pointed out. "The demons wil wreak havoc if we dont stop them! Those r most important," Tai reminded her. "Why do we have to stop them right now? Can't we just take our time and finish in a year or two?" Aishiteru questioned. "There's two reasons: One, the demons won't just site and wait for us. They'll destroy towns and cities if we waste time. Two, we only have a year. A year from your birthday, the hole to hell will close and the demons remaining will stay on Earth forever," Tai told her. "What about the demons we've sealed. Can't they escape while the hole's open? We'll have to get them again!" Aishiteru quizzed. "No. If seal them once, they'll keep sealed for a year and if they're destroyed, theyre gone for good," Tai explained. "Fine. I'll practice with the AniCom," Aishiteru agreed. She set down her soccer ball and plopped down next to Tai. She closed her eyes and began to clear her mind. The beeping began. It was close. "They're probably weaklings like all the ones before. We might as well get them before your game starts," Tai suggested. Aishiteru glanced down at her watch. It was only an hour and a half before her game. They get up and begin to jog towards the signal. It was moving also, so they had to move twice as fast. They raced through the streets, dodging between cars. Then, they reached the suburbs where they were forced to zig-zag between homes.
Soon, the signal halted. Aishiteru smiled. 'It has no clue we're coming for it', she thought, 'Soon, I'll be done with this and at my game'.
They stop in a forest. That is where the demon is supposed to be. The signal is loud and fast.
"Where are they?" Tai questioned. Then, Aishiteru could feel it. She could feel the evil aura of the demons around them. "Tai, we're surrounded," Aishiteru stated, but he didn't hear her for the demons began to attack. They lunged out of hiding and at Tai and Aishiteru. Even with his training, Tai couldn't take on a horde of fairly strong demons by surprise. They ganged up on him and easily tossed him around a little. Aishiteru didn't know what she could do. She just raced up to them and began swinging. She knocked down two.
"So what do we have here? Get her? I guess we have to put this girl in her place," one demon ordered (he seemed to be the leader of the pack). He seemed human, except for a few things: his wings, claws, fangs, and horns.
The demons began to inch towards her. They clawed, bit, and punched her. "Aishiteru!" Tai screamed desperately. "So, this is your girl, huh?" the leader asked. "Don't worry. We'll be gentle." He snapped his fingers and one demon struck Aishiteru so hard that it knocked her unconscious. Then, the lead demon personally punched Tai. He was already weakened and was also knocked unconscious.

When Aishiteru came to, the first thing she did was glance around. She was in a huge room. She tried to stand, but couldn't for her arms were chained to the wall. She looked to her left to see Tai. He was still unconscious and seemed so peaceful. 'He might as well enjoy his peace because as soon as he wakes up, he's going to be in hell', Aishiteru thought. Her whole body ached and her head throbbed. Her arns hurt from being kept in such an uncomfortable position. 'Worst of all, I'm going to miss the championship and let my team down', Aishiteru thought.
"Don't worry. It'll be ok," Tai's voice comforted from her left. "I know," Aishiteru replied with an attitude. "I just have something in my eye. I never cry. It shows weakness." She turned to him and gave him a friendly smile though as if to say: "Thanks for caring."
"Well, well. What do we have here?" the leader of the demons quizzed, entering. "A bunch of children. How did you think you were going to stop us? Without your little contraption, I'm assuming that it'll be even worse for you." Aishiteru looked around. "Are you searching for this?" the demon asked, waving the AniCom. "Give that back," Aishiteru growled. "I like her. She's got spunk," the leader demon stated. "Unchain her and bring her with me." Two demons appeared and did as they were told. They retied her hands with rope instead. They tugged her along. Aishiteru looked back at Tai, worried. He gave her a reassuring smile. he was really thinking, 'What am I going to do? They've got Aishiteru-sama. I hope she's going to be ok'.
The leader of the demons halted on the last door in a vast hallway. "Leave her with me," he ordered. The other demons turned and left. The leader grabbed her and forced her inside of the room. He shoved her onto the velvet couch.
"My name is Munangi and I am the leader of this pack of demons," her captor informed. "And I care because..." Aishiteru snapped. "You're a prettu girl," he complimented. "Thanks, but I'm a little too young for you," she remarked. "Now that I'm leading this troop of unstoppable demons, I can have whatever and whoever I desire. That includes you," Munangi told her. He inched closer. Aishteru gulped. He was standing above her and was leaning in closer. He puckered his lips, obviously expecting a kiss. Desperate, Aishiteru did the first thing she could think of. She kicked him as hard as she possibly could in the place where the sun don't shine (if u get my drift). He crumpled to the floor. Aishiteru jumped up at her chance to escape. She found a statue jutting out from the wall. It had a sharp point on it, which Aishiteru used to cut the ropes around her wrist. She first retrieved the AniCom. Then, she dug in Munangi's pockets and extracted a key. 'This should unlock Tai's hands', Aishiteru thought. Before running out, Aishiteru took one last glance at the wincing Munangi. She shook her head in disgust before kicking him once more. With a giggle, she raced out.
Aishiteru made her way back to where Tai was.
"Aishiteru-sama!" Tai cried in relief. She smiled in return. "We don't have time for a reunion," Aishiteru replied. She was racing toward him when a bunch of demons filed in. 'Munangi must've gotten his strength back to get his goons', Aishiteru thought. They jumped between Tai and her. "You're not getting the boy out," one stated. "Just give us the key and everything will be fine." "This would be the perfect time to use the AniCom's special ability," Tai commented. Aishiteru nodded and tried to calm herself down. She began to concentrate more than she had ever before. Then, she felt something different about the AniCom. It was beginning to glow. "Good! Just a little more," Tai voiced. She continued to concentrate and the demons began to inch away. All of a sudden, one cried out in pain. Then, they all began to also. It looked like an invisible force was beating on them badly. "I don't know what I just did, but I'm glad I did it," Aishiteru remarked. She jogged over to Tai while they were still in pain. She unchained him. "Now, seal them away," Tai instructed. She concentrated and rose the AniCom above her head before pointing at the demons. The disappeared into the sky. "Now, Munangi," she sneered. She hurried over to the room from before. He was gone. Aishiteru searched around for him, but he was nowhere in sight.
"Aishiteru!" Tai shouted. Munangi had jumped out of the closet and was heading straight for her. Just in time, Tai pulled out his kendo stick and knocked Munangi to the ground. "Quick, seal him!" Tai exclaimed, but Aishiteru was already at it. Soon, Munangi was gone. "We're done," Tai conversed. "No! My game!" Aishiteru yelled. She lanced at her watch. The championship had started 15 minutes ago. "Let's go!" she hollered.
20 minutes later, Aishiteru and Tai were racing into the soccer field. "You're late," her coach told her. "I know. Can I still play?" Aishiteru asked. "I shouldn't let you, but we're losing and you are the captain. Go get 'em!" the coach stated. Aishiteru smiled. She looked up into the crowd. She spotted Tai. he caught her stare and waved. She grinned back and raced into the field.

The next day, Aishiteru laid in bed. Her head was throbbing and she was sneezing every other second.
'I never get colds', Aishiteru thought. "Teru-san!" her mother yelled. "A boy is here to see you!" The door swung open and Tai entered. "Teru-san, is this your boyfriend? I knew this day would finally come," Mrs. Tadakashi conversed. "Mom!" Aishiteru exclaimed. "He's cute. Introduce us later," her mother continued the embarrassment.
"Sorry about my mother," Aishiteru apologized once her mom was gone. "That's ok, but are you ok. You look horrible," Tai commented. "Thanks," Aishiteru retorted sarcastically. "I brought you something," he told her with a tiny blush. He handed it to her. It was a tiny bear that read: "Get Well Soon". "Thanks," Aishiteru remarked with a small smile.
"I'm here!" Chie exclaimed, bursting inside. She noticed Tai. "Ah, so your boyfriend's here?" Chie teased. She spotted the bear and winked.
"Chie, this is Taikichi, but everyone calls him Tai. Taikichi this is Chie," Aishiteru introduced. Tai walks over and kisses Chie's hand. Chie blushes. Aishiteru glares. "No need to be jealous. He's all yours. I'll give you two some time alone," Chie told them. Chie winked and exited.
"Sorry about my friend too," Aishiteru apologized again. "No problem," Tai repeated. "I should've told you to tone it down. You've done a llot of work this past week. That's probably why you got sick." He changed the subject. "Yeah, but it did rain mid-way through the game," she pointed out. "Just slow down. Go at your own pace. Don't worry about being left behind. Those who care for you will let you catch up and those are the really important ones," Tai advised.
Aishiteru began to daydream. She had a flashback of someone, a really close friend of the past, saying the same exact thing.
"Tatsu," she whispered. "What?" Tai asked. "I'm going to call your Tatsu. Your last name is Tatsuyaimo, right? Anyway, Tatsu fits you," she replied. They both smiled at one another. Chie entered and laughed. "How sweet?" Chie joked. "Oh, shut up," Aishiteru stated, but deep down, Aishiteru felt something from Tai (i guess Tatsu now) that was different from any other guy.

Quote of the Day-
"Please try not to resent me, but I am willing to do whatever it takes to protect the one I care about most... to fight, kill, or die to fulfill that person's dreams. Doing so is my own dream."
-Haku (Naruto Vol. 3)

my quote matches this haku pic! i shouldve used it with my quote from yesterday

Well, that's chapter four. Sorry it took me until 9:30 to write it! I'll write chapter five first thing in the morning. well, the chapter was long enough without my rambling, so bye! enjoy!

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   I got my 300th visit!
yes! i got my 300th visit! i'm so happy! thanx to everyone whos visited and a special thanx to those who signed my gbook. another thanx to those who've added me as a friend! the fourth chapter of my story will be up later on today. meanwhile, just enjoy this wallpaper! i luv this pic! I just bought the 1st Fruits Basket manga, but i luv it nonetheless!

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