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Tuesday, September 7, 2004

well, nothing really big happened today, except for band. if u didnt already know, i'm in band. last year i was in advanced 6th grade band. there was also a beginners band. i have a reputation to keep up, so i couldnt lose to a beginner without feeling like a total loser. i got 3rd chair out of like 8 and luckily for me only other advanced player got in front of me. but this band geek boy is behind me in 4th chair and hes already challenging me for my chair! i'm not going to let that beginner beat me! i'd be disgraced! lolz. well, i just hope he doesnt beat me!

yesterday, we had no school! oh right! yay for labor day! my lil sister's friend came over and we rode our bikes over to her uncles house which happens to be like right by ours. at first, i didnt really want to go, but i had to babysit them. it ended up that her uncle was nice and they had these adorable little kids. we played a little with them. we played t-ball and their 5-year old son hit it twice as far as me. i stink ^_^;; well, i had fun.

i got up 30 min. late this morning because i went to sleep at 2 am last night (i know. i'm bad arent i?), so i was in a big rush this morning. now i know how sakura feels always getting up late. lolz

in literature, we were reading this book. we had to read the first like 40 pages. i was half-asleep the whole time. i was barely paying attention to the book. i was paying more attention on staying awake! i fell asleep for a few seconds, but since i sit in the back, no one saw. good for me! as soon as i got home, i took a nap. now, i'm refreshed! well, c ya guys!

Quote of the Day-
"If you look deep inside your heart, you will see the one you truly love."
-Cardcaptor Sakura

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Sunday, September 5, 2004

   hey everybody! ^-^
well, nothings really happened with me. mostly all that i did that was important was watch toonami and adult swim.

inuyasha was so sweet. he made friends with boonsa and even helped him. i guess it shows that he has a soft spot for children!

i was so happy during wolf's rain! hige and blue finally met up! its obvious they like each other. blue refers to the group as "hige and the others" which means she cares about him most. its written all over higes face that he likes blue. its so sweet!

well, wolf's rain made me happy, but after that it got sad. cowboy bebop, one of the best shows ever created ended. it was sooo sad! i've seen it 2 times before, but it wasnt as sad before. i bursted into tears as soon as spike left the bebop for the last time. faye was crying and jet was all sad and they even showed flashbacks of spikes life. him meeting julia. him being friends with vicious.
the whole time he beat the crap out of the red dragons i was thinking, "Go Spike!" even though I knew he was going to die. it was the best way to end the series though. cowboy bebop is the kind of show that has to go out with a big and sad bang. i'm glad thats how spike died. now, he died the leader of the red dragons (i wonder who's gonna be the leader now that hes dead) and like vicious said, vicious is the only person who can kill spike and let him die in peace. it went both ways. they killed each other. now he can live peacefully with julia forever. its sad enough to watch a series where youve grown to love the characters end (i cried when trigun ended even though it had a happy ending. i hate to watch series end), but my fav guy chracter had to die. i wonder what happened to faye and jet though. oh well. we'll never know. anyways, here are some bebop pics!

the legendary couple, julia and spike. my fav couple too! i came out as them in a quiz! its posted on my site now!

spike and faye. faye obviously loved spike, but never got to tell him. he probably knew in the end. they couldnt have been together anyway. julia remember?

spike and vicious. used to be friends and died mortal enemies.

finally, 2 pics of the bebop crew! dont they look happy? back in the good old days...

well, thats all c ya!

Quote of the Day-
You're Gonna Carry That Weight- Cowboy Bebop

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i got my 500th visit! I also have my 150th gbook signing! Yay! Well, I'll try to write the next chapter tomorrow if I can. Whenever I get the chance to go on, my sisters start saying they need the computer. I wish there was another one I could use, but all my stuff are saved on this one. Well, c ya guys!

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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

   I finally got the new chapter done!
It took a really long time, but here's chapter eight! sorry it took me so long. i wasn't sure what to make happen next! well, here it is! enjoy!

Chapter Eight
Search and Rescue

Skye, Chie, and Tai climbed the stairs carefully and quietly. "I hope we're getting closer to Teru-chan," Chie stated. "I miss her." "I'm worried. Who knows how long they'll decide to keep her alive," Skye remarked. "Don't say that," Chie squealed, nervously. "If they do hurt a hair on her head, they'll have to deal with me!" Skye exclaimed. He looked up as he said this, knowing that Aishiteru's captors were most likely watching their every move.

"Your friends underestimate me and my crew," Haki commented. "How do you know? They easily beat your other losers. They might be stronger than you think," Aishiteru reminded. "No one has ever defeated me before or even come close, so I doubt that you kids will be able to," Haki replied. "Well, there's a first time for everything," Aishiteru snapped. She slapped on a confident smile and jerked around, but deep down she felt a little worried.

The trio reached the top of the dark stairwell and Skye swung open the door. They were flooded with light and had to squint. They had just become accustomed to the dimness of the staircase. They cautiosly stepped inside the room. When their eyes adjusted to the light, they gasped to see their new opponent.
"Welcome to my chamber! Then chamber of Kichimaru!" a man declared. The door behind the kids slammed shut. "Get used to this room for you will never be leaving it again," Kichimaru warned. All of a sudden, Chie burst out into laughter. "What is so funny?" he demanded. "You! You're trying to scare us! You can't even compete with Tai and Skye. You're just a bookworm!" Chie exclaimed. She examined him in his plain blouse and plaid pants. He wore overalls and thick-lensed glasses.
"I may seem weak, but I am far more strong than your friends in wits," Kichimaru voiced. "Well, wake me up when this fight's over. I don't think you guys are going to need my help with this one," Chie insulted Kichimaru. The room had a a few pieces of furniture and Chie plopped down on the couch. Kichimaru smirked suspiciously.
"If you really want to relax, than drink this," Kichimaru offered. Chie grinned. "I am a little thirsty," Chie retorted. Kichimaru sauntered over to a table and picked up a glass pitcher of a red liquid. He poured it into a glass and handed it into Chie. "Chie! Wait! Don't drink..." Tai started, but it was too late. Chie was already gulping down the drink. "No!" Tai shouted. "Oh my god!" Chie voiced. "What is it?" Tai congectured, worriedly. "This is delicious!" she replied. "You had me worried a little there," Tai stated.
Then, Chie's eyes went blank. "Stop kidding," Tai spoke. Chie toppled to the ground. Tai and Skye raced over to check on her. "Chie-san, are you ok?" Tai inquired. She groaned and a look of relief filled both their faces. They each took an arm and helped Chie back onto the couch. Kichimaru smirked. Skye raced over to Kichimaru and extracted his weapon. He held the blade on their opponent's neck warningly.
"What did you do to Chie-san?" Skye demanded. "I poisoned her," Kichimaru answered plainly. "Well, you better fix her before I..." Skye began. "You can't do anything to me," Kichimaru interrupted. "Watch me," Skye remarked, bringing up his weapon. "I wouldn't do that if I were you. I have your friend's life in my palm," Kichimaru reminded. "If you want to see her alive, do what I say and follow by my rules," Kichimaru instructed. "What rules?" Tai asked. "Just solve my puzzle and you'll all be fine," Kichimaru assured them. "Fine," Skye agreed, putting away his naginata.
"Here's the rules," Kichimaru explained. "I'll give you an hour to solve my riddle. Each fifteen minutes you'll get a new clue. At the end of the puzzle, if you solve it that is, you'll find the antidote and the key to the next room. You'll be one step closer to save one friend and save another one at the same time. It'll be like killing to birds with one stone." "If you hadn't poisoned Chie-san, than we'd only need to kill you," Skye snarled. "Temper," Kichimaru chuckled. "Let's just get this over with. It sounds easy enough," Tai stated. 'We'll see about that," Kichimaru retorted. He waved his arm and their surroundings morphed. The next thing they knew, they were in a wide dome with green hedges all around.
"What happened and where are we?" Skye demanded. "Do you think my only power was my wits?" Kichimaru asked. "And where we are? Well, this is were your challenge will take place. This is a human maze. You must listen carefully to my clues if you want to solve the puzzle and ever make it out of my maze alive," Kichimaru warned. Skye scoffed,"I can solve any riddle that you can think up." Kichimaru just grinned. He waved his arm again and a clock appeared in his hands. It chimed the top of the hour and a bird popped out from a door on the top.
"When this bird comes out again, you're time will be up and so will the lives of your two friends. You'll be lucky if you survive," Kichimaru growled. "Don't worry. We'll finish with time to spare," Tai assured the villain. Kichimaru shrugged and waved his arm again. The two boys disappeared. When they materialized, they were in the maze, each in a different area.
"Go!" Kichimaru shouted. "Let's do this!" Tai exclaimed, setting off. Skye nodded his head and ventured off too. "Well, now that we're started, I'll give you your first clue," Kichimaru conversed. "Clue 1: Up, down, here, there, this can go anywhere." "What does that mean?" Tai quizzed. "Maybe... its moving," Skye guessed. "In this huge maze? How are going to find it?" Tai questioned. "I guess we have to try," Skye replied. 'Why do I have to work with this amateur?' Skye pondered, annoyed.
For minutes, Tai and Skye wandered around the maze for minutes. They both knew they were getting nowhere.
"Time for your next clue," Kichimaru conversed. "Here it is: It is fast, but also slow. If it will stop, nobody knows." "What's that mean?" Tai questioned. "You're asking me?" Skye quizzed. "Well, you are Mr. Kmow-it-all," Tai replied sarcastically. Skye scoffed.
A little while more past. Tai let out a yell of frustration. "It's like we're walking in circles!" Tai exclaimed. "I know. I mean, I swear I've seen this place before, but it's changed somehow," Skye shouted back. Skye turned a corner and heard a weird sound. It sounded like a door slamming. Skye jogged back sround the corner to see that the corridor he just walked through had changed! Now, there was an extra hall coming out. Skye raised an eyebrow, intrigued. Skye walked back around the corner and heard the sound again. He returned to see that his assumptions were true. He smiled.
"Tai!" Skye called. "What?" Tai answered. "The maze is moving around us," Skye informed. "What does that mean?" Tai asked. Skye kneeled and began to investigate. He inspected the area around where he had turned the corner. He grinned. "There are switches on the ground. When you step on them, the maze changes. Like a wall will move or something," Skye explained. "I knew something fishy was going on!" Tai exclaimed. "Now we know their little trick, there's no way we'll lose! We're not even half way done yet. We have like 40 minutes." Tai beamed. 'We're coming for you Aishiteru!' Tai thought.

"Ha!" Aishiteru yelled. "I knew you couldn't trick my friends!" "Even if they know how the maze works, they won't be able to solve Kichimaru's puzzle," Haki replied. "He's a master at things like this." "Well... my friends are masters at being there for me! They'll save me no matter what," Aishiteru responded. "Even if they can get past Kichimaru-san, they won't be able to beat him in time to save your other friend," Haki pointed out. "They'll help Chie-chan too!" Aishiteru insisted. 'I really hope Chie-chan stays safe!' Aishiteru thought, 'I'm more worried about her than me!' Aishiteru gulped and continued to cheer on her friends, trying to be confident.

"Time for the next clue!" Kichimaru told them. "We're at 30 minutes already?" Tai inquired. 'Chie-san's going to be dead soon if we don't figure out his stupid riddle!' Tai stated to himself.
"Clue # 3 is: It is always moving and will likely never stop. If we reach the end though, we'll probably all drop," Kichimaru spoke. "Now, I might know something," Skye hollered out to Tai. "What?" Tai asked hopefully. "It's at the end of the maze!" Skye realized. Tai sighed. "Well, that was obvious," Tai retorted. "At least I'm trying," Skye defended himself. "I could've pointed that out myself, but I assumed it was so obvious that we'd both know," Tai snapped. "Anyway, if I had said something like that, you would've said that I was being stupid." "Well, you are STUPID!" Skye shot back. Tai tried to suck up his anger. "This isn't the time for this. We have to save Chie-chan and Teru-chan," Tai stated calmly. "After this, me and you are finally going to settle this," Skye stated, turning another corner. "I hear ya loud and clear on that one," Tai told him, but he was more interested in talking to Aishiteru. 'I wonder what Skye-san was talking about when he said something about him and Teru-chan. I hope she hasn't fallen for his "I'm tough, but gentle at heart" routine,' Tai wished to himself.
"I think we're getting closer!" Skye shouted, knocking Tai out of his thoughts. "How do you know?" Tai asked. "I can feel Kichimaru's prescence. He's most likely at the end waiting," Skye answered. "How far does he seem from you?" Tai questioned. "Maybe, about 5 minutes if I go straight there, but I have to go around the traps and find my way through the maze," Skye pointed out. Then, Tai could also feel an evil aura. "I can feel him too," Tai stated. Then, he sensed someone else. It was a familiar feeling and didn't feel evil, but strong. 'It must be that Know-it-all,' Tai realized. "Hey!" Tai hollered to Skye. "I can feel you too! We're all close to each other." "I'll follow your prescence and you follow mine. Finding each other is a big priority. It'll make finding the end easier," Skye instructed. Tai nodded in agreement. Even though he hated Skye telling him what to do, he knew that Skye's idea was their best bet yet.
"Well, here's your final clue! Only 15 minutes left now," Kichimaru told them. "Your last clue is: At the end, all will tell. It will let you know well." "In other words, we have to reach the end to figure out what's going on, which we already know," Tai spoke. "Wait!" Skye exclaimed. "I can hear you!" "No duh. We've been talking back and forth the whole time," Tai reminded. "Yeah, but you're so close!" Skye replied. "Yeah! You do seem closer. Let me follow yoru sound. Keep on making noise," Tai told him. Skye began to hum very loudly. Tai recognized the tune. It was a song that Aishiteru hummed and sang all the time. "Aishiteru, I will save you," Tai whispered. He shook his thoughts of her out of his head and began to search for Skye.
2 minutes later, Tai halted. "You're like right next to me! I can hear you perfectly too," Tai told him. "Me too. Why can't I see you though?" Skye questioned. Tai glimpsed around. Spontaneously, an idea popped into his brain. "You must be on the other side of this wall," Tai realized. "Probably," Skye replied. "How do we get through?" Tai asked himself. "I'll try my weapon," Skye tried. He extracted his naginata and slashed at the wall between them. "My weapon!" Skye exclaimed. "It's chipped! It's totally ruined now!" "Oh well. That's not important now. You can get a new weapon, but we can't get Chie and Teru back once they're gone," Tai reminded. "I guess..." Skye sighed. "I've had it for my whole life though..." "Be a man!" Tai shouted. "Right!" Skye replied. Tai grinned.
The 2 thought for a minute, knowing that their precious time was running. "I know! I'll jump this thing!" Tai tried. "It's more than twice your size. How can you jump it?" Skye inquired. "Hmmm..." Tai pondered. "Ah ha!" "What?" Skye quizzed. Tai didn't reply, but pulled out his weapon. He backed all the way back into the opposite wall and charged. "What are you doing?" Skye demanded. Tai just smirked as he dug his kendo stick into the grass. He used it like a pole-vault stick and pushed himself over the wall. He landed right beside Skye. "What the..." Skye exclaimed, startled. He jumped back in surprise. Tai guffawed at Skye. "I thought you were always cool, calm, and, collected!" Tai laughed. Skye smoothed back his hair and trudged on. Tai followed, still supressing giggles.
"Only 7 minutes left!" Kichimaru hollered out into the maze. "Don't worry. We'll be there before then," Skye growled. "It's right around here!" Tai nodded as Skye led him around the maze. They raced around two left turns and went straight for a few meters. Then, they turned right and another left immediately. Tai gazed forward, seeing a bright doorway. "It's the exit!" Tai exclaimed happily. "3 minutes left!" Kichimaru yelled. "Hurry!" Skye screamed, speeding up to his limit. Skye and Tai reached the end of the maze in a matter of seconds. Tai grinned when he saw Kichimaru staring at them in shock. "How'd yo get here in time?" he demanded. "And together?" Tai and Skye ignored his questions. "Where's the key?" Skye asked. "And the antidote?" Tai continued. "I didn't say it'd be waiting for you at the end. It's here, but you have to find it in only 2 minutes," Kichimaru informed. "What?" Skye demanded. "We don't have time. We've got to look!" Tai exclaimed. They were in an a traditional-looking room. There were tatami mats on the floor and fancy furniture. Tai glanced up at the clock. He knew the bird would pop out in only minutes, signaling both Aishiteru and Chie's deaths. He gulped and began to rummage through everything.
"This can't be what we have to do," Skye reasoned. "Why would he give us all of those confusing clues if it was just hidden regularly? There has to be the specific place inside of the clues. Like the first, second, and third clues have parts in it that have nothing to do with it being about being at the end of the maze. I've got to think. I have to think for not only my sake, but for those I care about; Aishiteru." He continued to brood while Tai dug in and out of every nook and cranny he could. "Only a minute left!" Kichimaru sung happily. "I know you're going to fail. When that bird sings, you're all dead!" "I wish we could stop time or something! I've got to remember that old saying: Time stops for no one," Tai stated. "Time stops for no one?" Skye considered. "...I've got it! Time stops for no one!" "You don't have it! No one's ever gotten it," Kichimaru replied, but he was obviously nervous. "You have 45 seconds to find the key." "Thanks Tai. Your clue was really helpful," Skye remarked, walking forward. "What?" Tai quizzed. "Time stops for no one! In a bunch of the clues, it kept on repeating that it never stops! Like time! Time can seem fast and slow! It said we'll drop if it stops. If time stops, so will we!" Skye explained quickly. "So how are we going to find it? Time isn't a place," Tai reminded. "But, he also says it moves and can go up, down and all around and that when all is done, it will let us know," Skye reminded. Skye halted when he reached his destination. "It's in the clock!" Skye exclaimed. "Where? You can see inside the clock," Kichimaru told him. "Yeah, but not in here," Skye replied, reaching for the clock. He dug his hand inside the clock, but not in the face of it. He reached inside the hole where the alarm bird was hiding. He grinned as he extracted his hand, the key and antidote inside. "Well... time's up anyway in only 5 seconds!" Kichimaru exclaimed. Skye jerked around and hurled the antidote bottle at Tai who caught it and fed it to the unconscious Chie. As soon as she gulped down the liquid, the bird popped out of the clock, signaling the end.
"Nooooo!" Kichimaru shrieked. "I can't be beaten! Not by you kids!" "Well like Aishiteru believes, there's a first time for everything," Skye beamed. Kichimaru crumpled on the ground and began to weep. Tai gazed at Skye, amazed at his wits. Skye just grinned happily, but not because he had solved the puzzle, but because he had just saved two of his friends' lives.

"Oh yeah! Go us!" Aishiteru chimed happily. Haki growled. "They're almost here. I guess I have to take care of them myself," he snarled, standing. "You're going to leave me alone?" Aishiteru asked hopefully. "Of course not! You're coming with me. It'll be much more fun to watch you see your friends die in person," Haki replied evilly. He yanked Aishiteru out of the room, but she was not worried this time. After witnessing the impossible missions they'd accomplished, she knew they could do anything.

Well, that's the end of chapter eight! I'm glad to know that it wasnt just my computer that was acting out yesterday. Well, I hope you guys liked it even though it was kinda long. Watch out for the next one. I'll try to have it out Saturday! It'll hopefully be the finale of the rescue!

i have to admit though, that i got all my inspiration from conan from cased closed. i tried to make skye solve the puzzle with the types of clues he'd probably use. and remember everyone, only one truth will prevail ^-^

Another Aishiteru pic!

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i'm sorry i havent been on in a while. i was going to come on yesterday, but i couldnt get to myO. my computer wouldnt let me. its always acting up like that. anyway, i'm in the middle of working on the next chapter of my story. sorry it took me a while to post it! it'll be up by tomomorrow! c ya!

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Friday, August 27, 2004

I found this cool pic
last week's cowboy bebop was so sad. i almost cried when ed left. it symbolized the end of the bebop crew. it would never be whole again. to me, it was one of the show's sadder parts. i cant wait to c the episode that comes on tomorrow. i've seen it, but it never gets old.

Quote of the Day-
See You Space Cowgirl, Someday, Somewhere

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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Hey Everybody
hi! i havent been able to post or go to sites for 2 days! i know, i'm sorry, but schools been tough. i dont have many classes with my friends. i either have only 1 or none! my schedule is

1. Math
2. Science
3. Band/Gym
4. Language Arts
5. Literature this semester and health next semester
6. U.S. History

i have more classes with the annoying and immature boys in my grade than with my friends. oh well. i would tell u guys all the juicy details, but i'm supposed to be doing homework. c ya!

Quote of the Day-
"I want the person I love to be happy more than I want their love returned. Of course I would be delighted to have their love returned. But...if the person I love is happy...that's all I need to be happy."
-Tomoyo Daidouji (Cardcaptor Sakura)

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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Schools Starting
tomorrow, school is starting. i know, bummer. well, i have been missing my friends, but i've been dreading the work. since school is beginning, i wont be able to come on myO everyday and visit sites as often. i'm just apologizing in advance. sorry!

well, i thought this pic was appropriate for my post. back to those school days (but unlike me, tomoyo and sakura look happy. when school starts, i'm never very cheerful. actually, its not so bad, but i hate the way they give us so much WORK! -__-). well, c ya!

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Sunday, August 22, 2004

Finally, I've gotten the chance to write the rest of the chapter.
sorry it took so long, but here's the rest of chapter seven.

"The footprints end here," Skye informed. They gazed up at what was before them. It was a run-down warehouse. "Perfect place for a hideout," Tai commented. "Well, let's go." "We can't be so reckless. We have to think about this. For all we know this may be a trap," Skye reasoned. "I'd gratefully walk into a trap if it means that I may be helping a friend, especially one that I don't even know whether is dead or alive," Tai responded. "Don't say that! I know that Teru-chan is still alive! She has to be!" Chie exclaimed. "Well, we better hurry before she isn't anymore," Tai staed, racing inside. "What good will us saving her be if we get captured too!" Skye shouted after the other 2. They ignored him and continued. Skye sighed and followed.

Aishiteru shivered. The room she had been locked in was damp and mucky. Not only that, but she was frightened for both her and her friends' safety. The leader had stayed in the room and was staring down at her creepily.
"What are you looking at?" Aishiteru demanded. "You," he answered plainly. "Until you decide to cooperate, I'll have to keep looking at you. Can't take any chances." "Well, you're going to be staring for a long time because I'm never going to cooperate with someone like you," Aishiteru remarked. She turned and pouted.
Then, there was a knock on the door. The brown-haired demon stood and answered the door. "What is it?" he growled. "We have intruders, Haki-sama," the other demon explained. "There are 2 boys and a girl." Aishiteru gasped. Haki noticed her reaction and smiled. "It must be her friends coming to rescue her, huh?" Hai voiced, licking his lips. "Well, give them a warm welcome by our squad," Haki ordered with a smirk. The other demon let out a tiny grin as he exited. Aishiteru had a miniature feeling in the pit of her stomach that her friends were in for a lot of trouble.

Tai, Chie , and Skye crept through the warehouse. "Man, this is easier than I thought it would be," Chie commented. "They must be up to something. They wouldn't kidnap her just to let us waltz right up and take her away," Skye told them. As soon as he finished talking, the room they were in lit up. On the opposite side, stood a trio of people. Skye and Tai could sense that they were demons. They didn't seem very strong though.
"Welcome," one greeted. "Where is Aishiteru?" Skye demanded, getting right to the point. "Fietsy, aren't we?" the same one grinned, wiping his long, black hair out of his eyes. "If you want to get to her, then you're going to have to get through the 3 of us," another demon informed. This was a girl with short, red hair. "What do you mean?" Chie asked. "We have a challenge for you 3 to accomplish," the demon answered. "What if don't cooperate and do your challenges?" Skye quizzed. "Well, we won't be able to guarantee your friend's safety," the girl demon retorted plainly. Tai gritted his teeth to keep himself from attacking the 3.
"What do we have to do?" Tai quizzed, still containing himself. "These are team challenges. If you aren't willing to work together, than you will fail," the 3rd demon informed. This was another man but with shoulder-length, blonde hair. "I have to work with HIM?" both Skye and Tai cried in unison. "I refuse!" "Fine. Say goodbye to your friend," the blonde remarked. "Fine. We'll cooperate, but only for Teru-chan," the boys agreed simutaneously. "Will you stop copying me?" They yelled to one another. Chie sighed.
"Anyway, your challenges are simple. All you have to do is defeat us in a battle," the red-head told them. "That should be simple for these two. They're excellent fighters," Chie grinned. "But, two of you will be blindfolded," the woman continued. "What?" all 3 friends demanded together, "One of the blindfolded two must fight Rika-san," the black-haired demon stated, pointing to the girl. "The other, must defeat Shinma-san." He gestured to the blonde-haired guy. "Well, you two are doing the fighting," Chie told them. "Meanwhile, you will have to yell out commands to them," the black-haired one told Chie. She gulped. "What are you going you do?" Skye asked the black-haired demon. "I'm going to make sure no one cheats," it replied. "Let's get on with it, Hinu. I'm thirsty for blood," the demon named Shinma remarked. The black-haired one (Hinu) handed Skye and Tai each a blindfold. "This is all on you, Chie-san," Skye told her, slipping on the blindfold. She gulped. Tai gave her a reassuring smile before putting his in place around his temple.
"Ready, set, fight!" Hinu yelled. Rika and Shinma approached. One from Tai's left and the other from Skye's right. "Tai-kun, go right! Skye-san, go left!" Chie commanded. The boys obeyed, going in the opposite directions than they should. "I mean, Ta-kun go left and Skye-san go right," Chie corrected herself. The boys sighed and before they could do what she said, their opponents lunged at them. "Sorry," Chie squeaked.
After a while, Chie began to get the hang of it. Soon, Skye and Tai were actually fighting back and even winning slightly.
"This can't be happening! we can't lose to these children," Hinu stated, watching his teammates lose. "Shinma, Rika! Time for combined attack!" Hinu declared. His allies grinned. "They're doing something!" Chie shouted. Before she could direct them anymore, Shinma and Rika each pulled out katanas and charged. Each of them attacked from an opposite direction and surrounded the 2 boys. They alternated with their attacks. They would attack one of the boys and then switch. Chie could barely track their movements because of their speed.
Afterwards, both assailants jumped back. Chie watched as her allies plummeted to the ground. Chie gasped. Soon, the boys staggered up. "What am I going to do?" Chie whispered to herself. "Both of my friends' lives are in my hand."

Aishiteru could sense her friends' prescence. It stood out among the auras of all of the demons. She could feel their strength decreasing. "I hope they're ok," Aishiteru muttered. She hear Haki chuckle. "What is so amusing?" Aishiteru demanded. He turned and showed her. It was a hand-held television. It showed her friend's in a room. Skye and Tai seemed hurt and Chie looked frightened and worried.
"Oh no!" Aishiteru cried. Haki cracked up into a hysterical laughter. "Don't expect to ever see them again. Once they're out of the way, you're next," Haki told her. "Please be ok!" Aishiteru wished quietly.

"Chie-san, what should we do?" Skye questioned. "I don't know. They're attacks are so fast. Maybe you two could track them if you weren't blindfolded, but I can't," Chie replied. Before they could say anymore, Shinma approached. Chie was about to inform her friends of this, when Skye stepped out of the way just in time.
"How'd you do that?" Chie quizzed. "Whoever that was, was stomping over here like a rouge elephant. It was easy to hear them coming," Sky insulted. Chie grinned. "Hear him coming?" Chie hinted. Skye seemed to understand. With a grin, he stated, "Hey! You guys are weaklings. Even after that attack, I feel good as new! My grandmother could easily beat you." "Oh yeah," Shinma remarked. Skye grinned and followed the sound of the voice. "What the..." Shinma started, but Skye interrupted with a hard punch. Shinma was sent flying. He fell into a pile of garbage cans in the corner. Skye went over to where he heard the crash and continued to rough up Shinma. "Good work, Skye-san, wherever you are," Tai complimented.
"It won't be as easy to beat me," Rika warned. "She's talking pretty loudly. It would be easy to find her in a big crowd," Chie stated. "That's a pretty irrelevent comment," Rika voiced, not getting the hint, but Tai did. He hurried towards the Rika's voice and attacked. He extracted his kendo stick and began to battle. Rika, unlike Shinma, fought back. It wasn't as easy, but Tai blocked as many of her attacks as he could. He had to listen carefully for her sound though. Both people were swift and precise. Chie got dizzy since the two were moving too fast.
Soon, Rika collapsed to the ground. "You did it!" Chie exclaimed. "Not quite," Hinu remarked. "You forgot about me." "Hey! This wasn't apart of the plan," Skye stated. "So, plan's change," Hinu responded plainly. "Well, if you're going to break the rules, than we can too," Tai commented. He pulled off his blindfold and Skye followed his example. "Fine. I'm way stronger than you two. I can defeat you with your eyes open," Hinu bragged. Skye scoffed and charged. Hinu smirked and as soon as Skye reached him, jabbed Skye right in the stomach. Skye fell to his knees. "My turn," Tai stated. He raced up to Hinu and raised his kendo stick. Hinu sneered and knocked Tai's weapon away before striking Tai repeatedly. Tai staggered back. "I am undefeatable!" Hinu exclaimed. "Are you ok?" Chie cried. "Yes," both retorted. "I just don't have a clue what we can do to beat him," Skye muttered. "But we have to try," Tai mumbled. "For Teru-chan."

"Tatsu-kun!" Aishiteru shouted as he fell back. "No use in screaming, they can't hear you," Haki chuckled. "I can't believe that I'm stuck here while my friends are in trouble," Aishiteru voiced. "You should be more worried about your own safety because as soon as they lose, you're dead," Haki informed. Aishiteru shuddered and continued to pray for her friends.

Chie didn't know what to do. Her friends were both fighting as hard as they possibly could while she did nothing but watch. They boys were losing badly. Everytime they lunged at Hinu, their attempts would be in vain as he knocked them back.
"This isn't working," Chie stated. "I know," Tai replied. "Do something different! Surprise him," Chie suggested. "I don't get surprised," Hinu remarked. "I've done all of my attacks and none of them work!" Skye exclaimed, frustrated. "They did tell us to work together..." Chie tried hopefully. "You're kidding me, right?" Skye asked. "How can I work with this self-absorbed loser?" Tai demanded. "If I'm such a loser, why am I the one who got the girl?" Skye quizzed. "What is that supposed to mean? Yeah, you and Teru-chan are spending a lot of time together, but you didn't 'Get her'," Tai told him. "She never told you what happened?" Skye asked. "What happened?" Tai inquired. "Well, this isn't the time..." Chie tried to change the subject. "I know. Let's get this over with," Skye agreed. Tai glared at Skye, but agreed to go along with his allies' plans.
"You 3 can do anything you please, but you'll never beat me. I'm unstoppable," Hinu told them. "We'll see about that," Skye replied. He sauntered up to Tai and they began to converse in secret.
"Stop stalling," Hinu snarled after a few seconds. Tai and Skye parted. "Let's go!" the boys yelled in unison. Skye raced up to Hinu head-on. Hinu grinned. Skye halted when he was about 2 yards away. "What? Is the little boy scared?" Hinu teased. "No. I'm only the distraction," Skye replied plainly. Hinu put on a puzzled face. All was explained though when Tai pinned back Hinu's arms from behind. Hinu struggled, but Tai wouldn't let up on his hold. Skye smirked and extracted his weapon. He used it and struck Hinu a multiple of times. Tai released him and Hinu plummeted to the floor.
"See, you did have to work together. That's what we were told in the very beginning," Chie stated. "I don't care. Just don't make me have to stoop down to his level again," Skye remarked, putting away his weapon. Tai just scoffed. "Whatever. I don't care what you two say 'cause now we're one step closer to saving Teru-chan!" Chie exclaimed, following the boys.

Aishiteru jumped up in triumph. "Ha! I knew your goons couldn't beat my friends," Aishiteru commented. "Now, I know their weaknesses," Haki conversed. "And what's that?" Aishiteru asked. "Their love for you and hate for each other," Haki smirked. Aishiteru glared at him, but deep down she knew that he was right.

well, that's the end of chapter seven. again, sorry for waiting so long to make it.

this is a pic of how chie (from my story. not the real chie of course) is supposed to look. if u havent seen the aishiteru pic, its in my archives

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