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Saturday, September 25, 2004

about my story! i know u guys r wondering whats up with my chapters. from now on, i'll make a chapter once a week. on saturdays. if i'm lucky, i might be able to make one on sunday too. well, that for everyone who was wondering.

oh yeah! and it is officially dark pheonix's birthday today! yay! shanny helped me a lot since i registered! thanx! we all luv u very much! too bad about all your problems with the flamers and stuff. hope things get better. well, heres a pic for ya! the beautiful haku! one of shannys fav characters!

c ya guys!

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Friday, September 24, 2004

   hellos to everybody!
well, i'll tell u about my day from the beginning (u probably want to know if i made the squad. well, i'm saving that for last).

first period math we had a quizzey-po. yeah, thats what our math teacher calls tests. hes really weird. before every quizzey-po, to relieve stress, we all stand up and flap our arms like wings and caw like a bird at the top of our lungs. its funny and it really does relieve stress. anyway, the quiz was easy.

nothin much happened until 3rd period. we had full band where the whole 7th grade band comes and plays together. we are good and i got to hang out with my guyfriend. hes really cool.

4th period language arts and lunch were pretty routine. nothin much happened until 5th period. its not even like i went to sleep late or anything, but i was still falling asleep in my book. i almost fell over out of my chair once.

6th period we met in the library for some research. it was refreshing since its one of the only rooms with air conditioning in my whole school! my group finished like 10 minutes early, so we had some extra time.

well, now, for what youve all been waiting for, the results! well, that boy from before was really determined for me to make it. he lugged me all the way to the front doors just to see the results and he made his way through the crowd to see the list. and... i didnt make the squad. yeah, boo hoo, but i dont really care that much. i got to hang out with my friends a lot and made a few new friends. now, i've never been closer with that guyfriend because he was there during the try-outs and we hung out. it was awesome! i really dont think that i'd be able to do all the work for the poms squad anyway. its really tough. well, everyone was nice about me not making it. yeah, my friends wanted me to make it, but they didnt react like i thought. they were really optomistic. especially that guy from before. he was like, "Yeah, but you'll have more time for other stuff like jazz band." he made jazz band, so we'd get to hang out a lot! well, we almost went late to our buses but he said he didnt care since we were hanging out. isnt that sweet of him? well, anyways, it was a good day even with the poms thing. i'll c ya later! oh yeah! heres a random pic!

fruits basket! i luv yuki-kun! hes so sweet! well, c ya guys laters!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

well, today started off normal. i was tired and bored.

after school was the poms try-outs. for all u who dont know, poms is the dance thing at my school like cheerleading but no tricks and stuff. anyways, that boy from the dance and stuff was there. he stayed after school to try-out for jazz band (he plays the trumpet). anyways, he was there and we hung out and talked for like the first time in like 3 months (over summer and since schools started). well, he made jazz band and he keeps on talking about how he wants us both to make it and it was kinda pressuring but it also made me more determined to make it.

well, he was waiting for his mom to come pick him up when it was my turn, so he peeked in and watched. it was kinda intimidating. everyone was watching. it was hard trying to dance knowing they were watching your every move. anyways, i can hardly do the splits and the toe-touches, but i'm ok at everything else. i messed up once at the end of our dance routine, but i recovered! i hope i made it! results wont be posted until friday after school! 2 whole days of wait! i dont know how i'm gonna make it! well, at least i got to do what i tried out in the first place to do: hang out with my buddies and have fun!

well, nothin much happened! so, i'll c ya guys laters! heres your pic! in honor of cheerleading! heres sakura!

well, byes everyone! ^_^

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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

oh yeah!
hey! u better go to my friend's site! she goes to my school and is really cool! she just registered on myO, so PLEASE visit her! here's the link:

on my last post i forgot to say: Its a half day! Its a half day! Joy! Joy! Yippee!

we only had 3 classes. I had math, science, and band out of my regular 6 classes because the teachers have a conference. anyways, i already gave u guys a pic before, so none now! c ya!

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i got to my 600th visit! yay! i'm so happy! after only about 2 months of being here i've got 600 visits! go me, go me! well, heres a pic!

c ya guys!

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

   hey my peeps!
wassup everybody! just updating u guys on whats gone on lately. yesterday was the poms (sort of cheerleading team on my school, but with no fancy tricks) clinic. they taught us the dance for the try-outs on wednesday. i'm not really the cheerleading type, but my friend convinced me to so we could hang out. it ended up being fun and i even made a few new friends. the dance is more complicated than it looks. i had a little trouble with it. after practicing, all i cant get is the really fast part at the end. at least we get to practice on monday after school.

now, time to tell u about later in the day. well, nothin much happened until justice league. yeah, its not anime, but i luv it just the same. i was about to not watch it since before the new justice league unlimited hasnt been as good as the old ones, but i'm glad i did. a whole bunch happened. the biggest thing, my fav character, hawk girl is back! yay! there used to be only 2 girls on the justice league, her and wonder woman, but i just liked hawk girl's attitude more. then, in the movie, she left the team and now shes showed up again! yay!

well, justice league was just the beginning. then, yuyu hakusho came on. i didnt really understand what happened. i missed it last week since at our hotel in boston the t.v. was broken. so, i missed it. all i could see was their fuzzy figures. yesterday i was completely lost on what was going on. oh well, at least i got to watch gundam seed since they fixed our t.v. before it came on.

well, finally something big happened in inuyasha. he learned the red tessaiga (thats how u spell tetsuaiga in the japanese version)! i heard about him learning that technique, but i was never really sure what it was and how he would learn it. next weeks episode is going to be important too i think. soon, they'll be meeting bankotsu! yay! i've seen pics of him before and saw that hes really hot. to me, hes even up there with sesshy. cant wait to meet him!

then, wolf's rain was epic! so much happened that i dont even know where to start. ok, i'll start with blue. she finally met up with Pops and he knows the truth, about her and about the wolves not destroying Currios (if thats how u spell it)! Yay!

then, hige met up with tsume and hige again and now theyre all free from the cells. even that detective guy, Hubb (i think thats his name).

all this other weird stuff happened that i sort of understand, but i cant even really explain. we figured out who jaguara really is and more about darsha, even though i'm still not completely sure. then, higes hurt and everythings weird and i just cant wait till next week! well, thats how my day went! c ya guys! time for a pic! let me see...

a yuyu pic! c ya laters!

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Friday, September 17, 2004

hey peoples!
hi everybody! just wanting to update u on the things going on in my life.

well, i'm trying out for the poms squad at my school. its sort of like cheerleading but all we do is dance. i dont really like the concept of dressing up to dance for my school (mostly the guys. they girls dont really care and there are some big pervs at my school, like every middle school). anyways, i'm mostly trying out because my friends liz convinced me. we have no classes this year, so its more like quality time for me and a bunch of my friends. well, i dont really want to make it, but i wont be mad if i do or anything. it'll just give me a lot of work with all the practices and everything. oh well

well, let me tell u about the other things going on. well, that same guy that asked me to the dance before (the really cool one), well we hadnt talked so much since schools started since we have no classes together. so, he wrote me a note asking me about my summer and all that stuff. he even asked for my birthday, so he could get me a gift later (isnt that sweet?) anyways, i told him about the try-outs and now hes telling everyone about it! oh well, i dont really care. they'd find out anyway if i made it.

one more thing before i go. the same boy was talking to one of my friends who he sits by in health and told her about how we never talk anymore. he says that its been so long that he hardly remembers how my voice sounds and that he kinda misses hanging out with me like we did last year. i feel the same way. we only have a class together once a week, full band on fridays. there, we sit across the room from each other. we can smile and communicate through gestures and stuff, but we cant talk. anyways, he asked my friend what to do and she said to just say hi. why not? i mean, i thought he was acting weird so i dont really talk with him when he thinks i'm acting weird. on monday, i'm gonna fix all this. well, the poms try-outs are in the morning so i better rest up! c ya guys! oh yeah, heres a pic! the beyblades gang! i used to watch this every morning while getting ready for school. i miss this show!

Quote of the Day-
"In order to be a great woman, just be yourslf, but I don't know what 'being myself' actually means, so I decided to just give it my all, all of the time. That's my plan!"
-Ryoko Mitsurugi (Real Bout High School Vol. 2)

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Thursday, September 16, 2004

   this is such a good poem
one of my friend's friends wrote this. its really good! read it!

by Alicia Kelly

Faces, faces in the crowd,
Like a pile of scattering bugs;
Somethings are bothering you;
Like a little kid at it's tugs.

You stand there and admire,
The lovely crowd of kids;
But there is some uncertainty;
Like the last one at its bids.

You see that kid in the corner,
No one bothers to meet;
He keeps his face in a book,
Like a mask used by a sheet.

You notice he seems out of place,
The loneliness in his eyes;
And yet you go and turn around,
And let the days pass by.

The next day there he is,
Standing in his place;
No one ever looks that way,
With puzzlement on his face.

You never see him in the gym,
Doing those big strides on the track;
You never see him at lunch,
Riding here, there or back.

You've never seen such sadness,
And depression in his eyes;
And yet you turn and walk away,
Letting the weeks drift by.

You've seen him sitting at his desk,
Fiddling with his pen;
You wish that you could hear his voice,
Nope not once, won't happen.

He never mutters a single word,
You might understand him if you try;
Everyone thinks he's fine as is;
But only you can hear his cry.

Everyone says he's a loser,
A mentally disturbed freak;
An unexisting alien,
A lamo twisted geek.

But all those are lies,
And they know it too;
And yet somehow they wind up,
In the same boat as you.

You walk infront of the boy,
Both staring in eaches eyes;
But yet you go and slug away;
Letting the months zip by.

On and on it goes,
And still you can't decide;
You want to do something more,
Than just looking in his eyes.

The rumors about him get worse,
Now no one looks him in the eye;
And yet here you do nothing,
Letting the years pass by.

Now it's the last year of highschool,
You get tired of waiting too;
And you finally came to realize,
No one will talk to him unless you do.

You walk across the hall,
Picking up your feet;
But when you reach his place;
You find no one there to meet.

Finally you find out,
What had happened to this boy;
That he would not sleep,
Nor eat or leap with joy.

They say that he,
Is in a better place now;
Yes, six feet under;
You wonder, That's better how?

You go to the funeral,
To get one last glipse of he;
The boy you should have met
The boy that still should be.

You wonder over to the casket,
Holding your breath before you see;
The boy that used to look around;
The boy that used to be.

And you peer down at the boy,
Looking straight in his eyes;
Wondering why he left this earth,
Wondering why he died.

You ask his teacher,
And sadly he starts;
This boy had grabbed a kitchen knife;
And stuck it through his heart.

Speechless and upset,
Now you wonder why;
You only stood and looked at him;
Letting the time pass by.

Wasnt that sad? I just hope this isnt a true story. I'm gonna cry! Well, I'll try to suck it up! C ya!

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Monday, September 13, 2004

   I'm back!
i'm back everybody! i bet u missed me! lolz anyways, this is going to be a long post, so brace yourself!

ok. we went to boston . it was way different than springfield. it was like going from the land of corn and flat land to the city. lolz everything was so big! the buildings were like... woah! it was AWESOME! lolz

we saw tap-dancers on the side of the road. a jazz band and even a guy rapping. not something u see in springfield. we were going on the subway and we saw this hobo man sitting there and he looked all high off drugs and the police were trying to drag him away. my mom asked if he was ok and they yelled at her for being too nosy. yeah, she shouldnt have asked, but that wasnt very nice!

anyways, we went shopping. i'm not a big shopper so i bought 2 skirts and a shirt while my lil sisters bought up the whole store practically. lolz

well, we went to my sisters school and dropped her off. it was way different than i thought. it was woods with buildings scattered around. its like a 20 minute walk to breakfast! well, i better get used to it since i'm going there in 2 years. well, i'm going back to school tomorrow. we came back today. i thougt we were going to come back on sunday. good thing i brought extra clothes. lolz

anyways, nothin more to say. heres a pic!

my wallpaper! c ya!

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Thursday, September 9, 2004

   Bye everybody
bye everybody! i'm going out of town tomorrow! we're going to drop my sis off at school. we get to miss school! yay! but on the down side, i have to miss the back-to-school dance! a lot of gossip is going on about it. i want to see if it all goes through. i also got asked out by the one guy i would even consider going with, but i cant go! hes nice, funny, a fun person, and he likes ME! before, i used to be mad at him because i kept on hearing these rumors, but they werent true. today, i heard that he does like me! i was so happy, but i cant go to the dance anyway. its not like i couldve gone with him anyway (i'm not allowed to date). well, i was asked out... 4 times! isnt that cool? i didnt know any of them except that boy i was talking about before. it was kinda weird. anyways, i get to have a 3-day weekend though, so i guess i'm ok. i only had 3 days of school this week because of labor day. well, heres a pic. its me at the dance with my prince charming ^_^ just kidding! but isnt it a cute pic!

c ya guys!

p.s. i wont be able to post a chapter anytime soon. well, at least not until i get back on sunday. well, buh-bye!

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