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Tuesday, October 5, 2004

not much to say
well, like i said in my subject, not much to say about my day. nothin really big happened. only one thing happened.

ok, theres this boy whos in my gym class. 3rd period gym shares with some 6th graders. theres this one 6th grade boy whos one of the most annoying i've ever met! he thinks hes all that and is always like cussing out and threatening the 7th graders. i asked him once when he was like insulting and messing with us if he thought we were scared of him or something and he was like, "Yeah." i told him that i'm not. i was about to knock him out, but i have some self-control. well, for the past 3 days, hes been jumping into our volleyball game and catching the ball as soon as we actually begin to play well. he'd like insult everyones hits (even like the best players on the volleyball team) when he can barely knock it a foot in front of him! he was cussing at my friend just because she told him to stop. i was about to go off! then, he came by me and started trying to like flirt! eeww! gross! hes not only a 6th grader, but a disgusting and annoying one at that. i just tried to hold my temper.

well, today we had band instead of gym. i missed all the fun! one of my gym friends told me that the annoying boy (thats what i call him. once he walked by and i was like "theres that annoying boy again" and he heard me. i know his name, but i'm just so used to calling him the annoying boy. anyway, back to the story) was trying to steal the volleyball from someone and he started like cussing the person out a junk. i dont know who it was, but they pushed the boy down and a bunch of people came up and started kicking him. i mean, i dont know how bad it was, but i have to admit, i laughed. he deserved it! u might be thinking, "oh, thats so mean" but he wasnt injured or anything. i saw him right after gym and he was just fine. well, hes been bothering me 3 days, everytime he sees me, so i dont feel sorry for him. to bad i wasnt there. i wouldnt have hit him, but i sure would want to see him finally get what he deserves! well, thats all that happened today, so c ya guys later! heres your pic!

kingdom hearts pic! another game i've finished and with one of the saddest, but best, endings i've seen. cant wait for kingdom hearts 2! well, byes everybody!

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Sunday, October 3, 2004

heres chapter ten!!
well, nothin much to say. lets get started! if u havent read the first 10 chapters, theyre in my archives ok? this chapters kinda long, so be ready ok? well, now lets start!

Chapter Ten
To the Rescue

"Its great that we're all back together again," Chie commented with a smile. Aishiteru dug into their bowl of popcorn and replied with a nod. "Its been a week since we left Nagoya to Kyoto for our little adventure," Chie continued. Tai cringed. 'I dont know if Aishiteru is totally over what happened. She cried the wholel way home and wouldnt speak a word of it since then. No one's brought it up until now,' Tai thought.
Tai watched as Aishiteru gazed down at her feet. He braced himself for what Aishiteru might do, but all she did was look up and let out a little grin. "Oh yeah, since we havent really gotten together since the whole Kyoto thingy, I never got to tell you what I learned from staying with them," Aishiteru told them. "They kept on talking of how they were going to stay there in Kyoto for a while and then go to they're southern base. I'm not sure what that means, but then they were talking about going to Osaka." "This kind of makes sense," Skye remarks. "I guess that one gang wasnt the only one. We have to go to Osaka!" "We can take the train like we did before. It wont be that far," Aishiteru stated. Chie jumped up, excited. "Saturday we set off on another adventure!" Aishiteru grinned. Skye just stood. "I need to get some fresh air," Skye informed. He trudged out the back door. Tai opened his mouth to say something when Aishiteru stood. She gave Chie and Tai a tiny grin and followed Skye.
Skye turned as Aishiteru joined him outside on her porch. "Hey," Aishiteru greeted. Skye didnt reply. "Its been a while since we've talked, huh?" Aishiteru continued. "We havent even been alone since..." Her voice trailed off. She blushed, remembering the kiss they'd shared.
All of a sudden, Skye turned to face her. He looked into her eyes. "You know, I do care about you Teru," Skye informed. "I was... scared when those people had you. I felt so helpless. Thats why I was so reckless during that fight with Haki." "Skye..." Aishiteru started, but was interrupted by Tai bursting outside. "Well, didnt want to break up the party, but we might want to start planning," Tai remarked, even though he knew he couldnt stand the fact of Aishiteru and Skye being alone together.
Aishiteru nodded. Tai led them back inside and they plopped down on the couch with Chie. While Tai and Skye conversed on their plans for the trip, Aishiteru smiled, glad to have everything back to normal.

The week rolled past and soon it was Saturday morning. Aishiteru and gang had agreed to meet at the train station at noon. It was only 9 o' clock now, so Aishiteru had a while to get ready. She first packed her backpack with whatever she thought might be handy and then showered. She quickly changed into a comofortable outfit consisting of khaki shorts and a plain, blue t-shirt. She scooped up her few belongings for their journey and headed downstairs. Only 30 minutes had passed, but Aishiteru was too excited to sit and wait. 'I'll just go wait with Chie-chan,' Aishiteru thought.
Aishiteru took the stairs two at a time. She hurried into the kitchen and was about to just snatch a roll and leave when he mother spotted her. "Sit," Mrs. Tadakashi ordered. "Its been such a long time since you've come down from your room. It seems like we never see you with school and your new friends." "Well, I've been busy," Aishiteru replied. "With what?" her mother inquired, turning to her. 'I cant tell my mom I've been demon hunting! What should I say?' Aishiteru pondered. Her mother seemed to be awaiting a response, so Aishiteru just said, "Stuff. Lots of stuff." Her mother sighed. "So much details," her mother commented sarcastically. Aishiteru just gave her mom a weak grin.
Her mother plopped down a plate of bacon, eggs, and a bagel in front of Aishiteru. 'Well, I have time and I'll need my strength,' Aishiteru thought. She gobbled down the breakfast. She stood and thanked her mother before dumping her plate in the sink. She was on her way out, when her little brother, Kero, appeared in the doorway. "Where are you off to?" Kero asked. "None of your business," Aishiteru answered, pushing past him towards the door. "Are you going out with your friends again? The same ones who were here before?" Kero questioned. "As a matter of fact, I am," Aishiteru responded. She was now at the door, slipping on her sneakers. "Can I come too?" Kero pleaded. "I won't embarrass you in front of your boyfriend, I promise!" "Boyfriend? Skye is not my boyfriend," Aishiteru insisted. 'Well, I dont think he is. Maybe, I dont know,' Aishiteru thought.
"Can I go?" Kero continued, knocking Aishiteru out of her thoughts. "No," Aishiteru answered. "Why dont you hang out with your friends?" Aishiteru asked, beginning to leave. "I dont wanna! I wanna hang out with you! We never get to hang out now that your boyfriend came along," Kero told her. Aishiteru turned to her brother and gave him a smile. "Sorry, but we're doing big kid things. It'd be too dangerous for you," Aishiteru replied. "Dangerous? Mom, Teru-onee-sama is doing dangerous things with her friends! Thats why she wont let me come!" Kero shouted. "Dangerous? You better not be doing anything dangerous!" Mrs. Tadakashi hollered from the kitchen. "Especially nothing too dangerous for your brother. Bring him with you." Kero jumped up in triumph. "No! I cant!" Aishiteru protested. "Well, if you dont bring him, you can't go," her mother remarked. Aishiteru groaned. "Fine," Aishiteru reluctantly agreed. Kero snatched his shoes and slipped them on, following Aishiteru out the door. 'I'm not that excited to go anymore,' Aishiteru thought.

Soon, the siblings arrived at Chie's house. They rang the bell and in a matter of seconds, Chie answered. Chie's smile faded as she spotted Kero. "What's your brother doing here?" Chie demanded. "Mom made me bring him," Aishiteru explained. "I dont mind that much, but I dont know about Skye-kun," Chie remarked. "You mean Aishiteru's boyfriend, Skye?" Kero quizzed. "Yeah," Chie replied. "He's not my boyfriend!" Aishiteru exclaimed. Chie shrugged and let them enter.
After what seemed like forever, it was 11:45. Aishiteru jumped up and headed for the door. Kero followed and as soon as Chie made some final preparations (with her make-up and clothing), she came too. The three arrived at the train station at 12:05. Tai and Skye were already there.
"You're late," Skye stated plainly. "Some greeting," Chie replied sarcastically. "Well, we wouldnt be late if Chie hadn't stopped to flirt with that skateboarder on our way," Aishiteru told him. "Well, you have to admit, he was hot," Chie remarked. Everyone sighed.
"Who's the squirt?" Tai asked, noticing Kero. "He's... my brother," Aishiteru groaned. "What?!" Skye demanded. "You're brother! This isn't daycare! This is a super-important, super-dangerous mission!" "Well, my mother doesn't know that. Thats why she forced me to bring him along. Sorry," Aishiteru apologized. Skye glared at Kero. "Well, there's nothing we can do now," Tai tried to calm down Skye. He kneeled down so his face was level with Kero's. "Hey squirt. What's your name?" Tai inquired. "It's Kero," Kero declared, trying to act older. "I'm Tai," Tai informed. "The other guy's Skye? So he's Teru's boyfriend?" Kero asked. Skye turned to the boy and Aishiteru blushed the brightest red. "Let's just get on the train," Aishiteru stated, pushing Skye inside so Kero couldn't embarrass her anymore. Chie giggled and followed. "I'd rather you be my sister's boyfriend. You're nicer," Kero whispered to Tai. "That Skye is kinda mean." "I've been telling Teru-chan that for weeks!" Tai agreed. "You want to be my sister's boyfriend?" Kero demanded. "No! Not that! I mean... I was telling her that Skye is mean," Tai corrected himself. Kero nodded and boarded the train. Tai sighed and entered also.

"I'm glad to be off that train," Aishiteru announced, exiting the train station. "I thought it was fun," Chie voiced. 'Yeah, well you didn't spend the whole time monitoring Kero, making sure he didn't say anything embarrassing,' Aishiteru thought. "This place brings back a bunch of memories," Skye muttered. "What's that mean?" Kero asked. "Well, I used to live in a little town by Osaka for a few years when I was like 5 and 6. My family and I came here to visit our relatives sometimes. I never got used to being in the city no matter how much we visited," Skye answered. "Cool. Maybe we could stop by your hometown when we're through," Aishiteru suggested. "I dont know if I'd even recognize the place. My family and I lived in Nagoya when I was born and then, when I was still a child, I moved here. Then, only a few years later, my favorite uncle died. He and my dad were so close, he couldn't stand living here. Everything reminded him of his lost brother. We moved to Europe where I spent most of my adolescence. I barely remember ever living here. After my uncle died, we seldom talked about here or even thought about here. Just being here brings back bad memories," Skye spoke, talking more to himself than the others. Aishiteru gave Skye a weak smile and rested her hand on his shoulder. He turned to her and just shook his head. "Don't feel sorry for me. It was a long time ago," Skye told her. "See, we dont have to feel sorry for him. He's just fine," Tai told them. "We should be looking for this gang." He grasped Aishiteru's arm and led her away. Aishiteru looked back at Skye and could tell he was hurting deep down. She gave him a reassuring smile, but he just looked away.
Soon, Tai halted. "Do you feel that Teru-chan?" Tai asked. She stopped and gasped. "Its a tremendous amount of... demons," Aishiteru replied. "Demons?" Kero demanded. "We must be getting close," Skye remarked, ignoring the boy. They all began to jog towards the demons. Kero struggled to keep up.
All of a sudden, the boy halted. Aishiteru looked back. "What is it now?" Aishiteru asked. Kero picked up a newspaper that he had stepped on. He held it up. "Whats this mean?" Kero inquired. Aishiteru groaned and came over. She gasped when she spotted the headline. She read it aloud: "Gangs appear in Osaka! Many new gangs have popped up in Osaka and little towns surrounding it. They are beginning to wreak havoc on innocent people. Just yesterday, they killed many in a little city right outside the city limits of Osaka."
Everyone gasped. "Right outside of Osaka? You dont think it could be..." Skye started. Before Aishiteru could answer, Skye took off. "Skye!" Aishiteru hollered after him. "Finally, we're rid of him," Tai grinned. Then, Aishiteru began to follow Skye. "Teru-chan," Tai shouted after her. Chie shrugged and began to follow Aishiteru. Before Tai could say anything, Kero trailed after Chie. Tai rolled his eyes in annoyance, and began to follow his friends.
Soon, they were out of Osaka. Aishiteru knew where they were headed and kept up. She knew it was probably torture for Chie and Kero who weren't as athletic as herself, but she didn't care. 'I have to be there for Skye-kun like he was there for me,' Aishiteru thought.
In a few minutes, Skye halted. Aishiteru soon caught up to him. "What's up?" Aishiteru asked. They were standing in front of a house. He gulped and knocked on the door. As they awaited for the door to be answered, Chie and Kero made it to them. The door swung open and a middle-aged woman with brown hair that reached mid-back was standing there. Tears welled up in her eyes, as she noticed Skye. "Is that you? Skye?" the woman asked. He nodded. He opened his mouth to say something when the woman scooped Skye up into her arms. "Oh Skye! We've missed you and your family so. So much has happened," the woman told hin. "Yes, Aunt Kiori," Skye replied. "Your cousin Yume.... she's..." Aunt Kiori hesitated. "She was taken by the gang! They took her and a bunch of the neighborhood kids. I dont know whats happened to them! She may be... dead." "What?" Skye asked. "They killed her friend Rini on the spot. What could those little kids have done to them to deserve that?" Aunt Kiori sobbed. "Dont worry. I'll get Yume-san back," Skye comforted. Then, Aunt Kiori noticed that Skye wasn't alone. "Oh my! Sorry. I've been so emotional lately. Come on in," Aunt Kiori greeted. Aishiteru gave the woman an assuring smile and entered her house. Chie and Kero entered also. Skye came in and Aunt Kiori closed the door behind them. They sat down in the sitting room and as soon as Aunt Kiori opened her mouth to say something when there came an urgent knock on the door. Skye stood to greet the visitor. Aishiteru could hear Skye's annoyed voice all the way from where she sat. "What are you doing here?" Skye growled. "Why wouldn't I be here, I'm apart of the team too," Tai's voice replied. Aishiteru stood and joined the boys. "What took you so long?" Aishiteru inquired. "Well, after you guys left me, I got a little lost," Tai told them. Skye shook his head in shame and returned to his aunt. Aishiteru followed and Tai trailed behind.
"Well, we never introduced ourselves," Aishiteru stated. "I'm Tadakashi Aishiteru and this is my little brother Kero." "I'm Chie," Chie informed. "This is Tatsuyaimo Taikichi," Skye told his aunt, pointing to Tai. Tai waved. "What's going on?" Tai asked. Skye filled Tai. Afterwards, Tai had a really sympathetic look on his face.
"What are we waiting for?" Tai asked. "We have to go save them!" Aishiteru jumped up, nodding. "Lets go!" Aishiteru exclaimed. "We'll be back," Skye promised his aunt. "I'll stay here," Chie offered. "I'm not going to be much help with the fighting so I might as well take care of things here." Aishiteru nodded, but deep down she wanted her best friends there. Reluctantly, she agreed and followed the boys out the door, hoping she could return peace to Osaka.

Well, next week you'll be seeing the next chapter. Not much excitement in this one, but its leading up to something big! Well, c ya guys later!

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   Wolf's Rain! OMG!
if u missed the wolf's rain that just came on, i feel sorry for u. it was romantic, exciting, and sad all rolled into 30 minutes. I'm still in shock. i dont even believe that happened. i dont want to spoil it for anyone, but heres some pics ok?

toboe! higes my fav, but i luv him too!

hige and blue. i used this pic before, but its so cute!

its kinda late. i started on the new chapter, but i'll finish and post it up in sunday! c ya guys!

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Saturday, October 2, 2004

well, u guys asked for it!
well, most of u guys said blue and purple. well, i put in a little blue, but since most of u said purple, i have a purple theme! hope u guys like it!

well today i got my 700th visit! yay! friday was my 3-month anniversary and i got to the top 500 ranked. then, i got my 700th visit! good weekend for me huh? well, i'm gonna write the next chapter now so look out for it! well, c ya guys!

oh yeah! heres a pic!

byes for now!

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I have a question for u guys
i cant find out what color to use for my site! i keep on switching and i cant choose. well, i'm going for a yuna theme, so what do u think i should use as my color scheme? i mean, should i take out the blue and put in pink or like green or what? i already had a blue site in like august, so i dont know if i should use it again. well, c ya guys!

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   hello my friends!
hey everybody! well, friday was my 3-month anniversary on myO! yay! i'm so glad! thanx to everyone who came and visited ny site! i'm so glad i stumbled on myO one day. i made so many friends! thanx everybody! well, nothin happened today (well, i'll just say friday was today since its only like 1 a.m. on saturday. we had school off! yay! just stayed home and relaxed. well, since its a new month, i'm going with a new theme. it might look bad at first while i get everything the way i want, but by morning, it'll be how it will be staying. well, c ya guys later!

heres a pic! the naruto team! yay!

sorry fuujin-sama! i missed your birthday! hope this makes up for it!

well, byes! happy weekend!

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Thursday, September 30, 2004

i've got an important announcement to make! today, i made it to the top 500 ranking! yay! and guess what? tomorrows my 3-month anniversary of being on myO! yay! what a big coincidence! anyway, i'm so glad! if u go to member list and go to the last page, my name will be the last one! #500! i'm so glad! all my hard work has paid off! yay!

anyway, let me tell u about the one thing that happened today. well, tomorrow is no school! yes! the teachers have a conference or something. today after school was math counts. its like this math team at my school. i'm not very good at math and i dont like it very much either, but my friend wanted me to join since she was all alone, so i went. it was fun. for about 30 minutes we worked on math. then, we played basketball. not real basketball, but my math teacher keeps a little hoop in his room about 4 ft. tall, so we shoot little basketballs into it. we had a tournament. i joined and even got a cute little nickname: VW (my initials) some people call me Volkswagon though. anyway, in my round, we had to go to triple overtime to see who won and i ended up losing, but i made a few new friends and got closer to some people i had just considered accquaintances. i cant wait until next week. i was kinda tired and crabby at the beginning, but then i got into it and i started having fun. theres this one boy (i dont like him or anything, but hes friends with my friends but for some reason he doesnt seem to like me very much as even as a friend). hes in math counts and i hope i can get him to maybe like me a little. i dont like it when people dont like me. hes nice though, but for some reason, i dont think he likes me. oh well. anyway, time for a pic! what about a greeting!

congrats to me! doesnt tohru look so cute in that pic? well, c ya guys later!

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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

well, let me just tell u about my day. nothin really except for band. like i said yesterday, i was challenged by this boy in my band class for my chair (or like a higher rank) in the clarinets. he beat me on monday!

today, i got challenged again by another boy. he was a beginner last year and i was advanced. he didnt stand a chance. a couple of weeks ago, he tried challenging me, but i was absent so we never got to. if i had lost, i'd be in 4th chair! but, i beat him bad! ^_^

then, i challenged colin for my seat back. the whole band was watching. they were all cheering for me (nobody really likes colin that much since hes immature and annoying). i didnt want to let them down, but most of all, i didnt want to lose to him AGAIN! well, it was close (not really THAT close) and i won! yay! i am 2nd chair again! oh yeah! go me! everyone like cheered when i beat him and they were all happy. it was cool. colin was like, "thanx for all the support." i mean, dont feel sorry for him. nobody hates him or anything, they just think hes annoying at that i deserve 2nd chair not him. well, it felt good to be back in MY spot! well, nothin more to say! here's your pic!!

Furi Kuri a.k.a FLCL! it was such a short and complicated series, but i have to admit, i still luv naota!

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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

not much to say
not much to say about my week so far. nothin much really happened

monday was regular except for that we hada substitute in history. he was weird. he was like an elvis impersonator and he had his hair like elvis and looked kinda like him (except that he was wearing a shirt and tie and that he was a middle-aged man).
at the end of class, right before the bell, he got up in front of the class and sang to us. it was funny (not to say he wasnt good). it was just that most substitute teachers arent elvis impersonators. anyway, our class got 3 songs while the other classes only got 1! yay for us!

one more thing happened yesterday. in band, this boy named colin that sits in the chair behind me challenged me. he's not that good if i have to tell u the truth, but he still beat me! it wasnt my fault either! my clarinet was doing it and when i fixed my clarinet, i did it again perfect, but our band teacher, was all like, "well, the first time you messed up, so you lost." i'm gonna challenge him back tomorrow! i'm gettin my seat back!

lets see... did anything happen today? not really. we're done playing softball in gym. us band people have to miss gym ever other day and every friday, so we only played 4 times. everytime but once, we lost. once, half our team forgot their gym clothes and had to sit out. so, there were only 3 girls and like 5 boys, but since everyone who forgot their clothes were holding us back anyway, we won! it was actually fun! i caught the ball (well, it wasnt in play, but it was a far pitch and i caught it! yay!) and i made it to home plate for the 1st time. every other time, i'd either get out running to first after hitting it or i'd make it to first and we'd get our 3rd out and have to switch to outfield. it wa a fun game, but that was the only time we actually had fun while i was there.
anyway, now we're doing fitness. we have to do a lot of exercises and then we have to run a mile, then we come in and either sit and talk or play basketball. its horrible! oh well, good thing we get to go to band instead (which i dont like that much either). well, nothin else has happened thats really worth talking about rather than those. ttyl! byes! now, for a pic! i choose...

real bout high school! i've only read the manga, so the anime looks kinda weird to me. i luv it though! well, c ya guys!

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Saturday, September 25, 2004

   like i promised, the next chapter!
well, i promised that the story would be out every saturday, so here it is! well, for all of u who havent read the beginning of my story, its in my archives k? well, time to start!

Chapter Nine
The Casaulties Are Over

"I'm not even worried anymore. These fools dont even compare to me," Skye boasted. "Well, someones being optomistic," Chie stated. "No, he's being big-headed. You should never underestimate your opponent," Tai replied. Sky just scoffed and continued up the stairs.
Soon, the 3 reached a landing. Tai took in a deep breath before swinging open the door with no clue what they might have to go against next.
They entered the room and glanced around. It was empty. Chie put on a confused face. "Whats going on?" Chie quizzed. "Why dont u get some guts and come out and fight! We dont have time for games! We want Teru-chan back!" Skye hollered. "Keep your pants on. We're right here," a voice responded. Then, a figure emerged from the shadows. It was a brown-haired boy, only a few years older than them. Tai could sense an evil aura about him. Then, he noticed Aishiteru. She was tied up to a chair that was behind the demon.
"Let Teru go!" Tai yelled. "Feisty huh? Well, youre gonna have to beat me first," the demon smirked. Tai pulled out his weapon and was about to charge when the demon spoke. "I wouldnt do that if I were u," he told Tai. Tai halted in his tracks. The demon pointed at Aishiteru. Tai hadn't noticed before, but there was another demon. He was standing next to Aishiteru. The demon sneered at Tai before reaching down into its coat pocket. It grinned as it extracted a gun. Chie gasped. Both demons smiled at her reaction. The demon with the gun pointed it right at Aishiteru's skull. Tai clenched his fists in fury, trying his hardest to contain himself.
"What do u want from us?" Tai asked reluctantly. "Dont let him fool you! Haki's not trustworthy!" Aishiteru shouted. "Do whatever u can! Dont think about me! Sealing them away is most important!" "Shut up girl! I'm not going to trick these children," Haki told them. "Children huh?" Skye growled. He retrieved his naginata. "Dont worry. This fight isnt like the others. The only rule is to not try to save your friend until I am dead. Also, do not hold back," Haki assured them. Tai raised his eyebrows, puzzled. "Thats all?" Chie demanded. "No tricks?" Haki nodded. "On my honor," Haki answered. "You have no honor," Aishiteru snapped. Haki turned to her and slapped her. He hit her face, leaving little scratches on her cheek. "Teru-chan!" Chie cried, approaching. "Not one more step," the demon with the gun warned. "Good Kitou," Haki stated. "Now, we all knwo the rules, let's get started shall we?" "I've never been more ready!" Skye exclaimed, lunging at Haki. When Skye was a few feet away, a blue light surrounded Haki, sending Skye flying backwards. He landed right on his rear. "I didnt say 'go' did I?" Haki questioned. "He's powerful," Tai remarked. "Way more powerful than the rest." "Well, I am the leader," Haki commented. Tai narrowed his eyes at Haki, searching for a weakness.
"Come on children. If youre so tough, then beat me already," Haki taunted. "I am 15 years old! I am not a child!" Skye hollered. He sprinted towards Haki once again. Again, he was sent back with incredible force. 'He maybe sensible most times, but when he has little self-controll when aggrivated,' Tai thought, shaking his head at Skye's naiveness.
Skye continued his assaults, each time knocked back. Meanwhile, Chie and Aishiteru watched and Tai tried to device a plan. "I have no time for this!" Haki declared. "Time to attack!" He backed up to the shadows. Tai couldnt even see a trace of him. "Its like he disappeared, not like hes hiding," Tai whispered to himself.
All of a sudden, Haki reappeared, but he was on the other side of the room, behind Skye! He pulled out a katana and sliced Skye with it. He left a deep, bleeding gash in SKye's back. Skye plunged to the ground in pain. "What was that?" Chie demanded. Haki grinned at disappeared again. This time, Tai saw what was going on. Haki morphed into shadow and could move wherever he pleased without being detected. Tai gulped. 'This is going to be hard to go against,' Tai realized.

Aishiteru watched in fear as her friends fought for her. Chie was kneeling next to Skye, trying her best to help him, but not to much avail. "Skye-kun! No!" Aishiteru muttered. "I have to do something!" She glanced left and right. 'First, I have to cut these ropes,' she thought. She let out a tiny grin as she found just the thing.

"I dont have much choice. I have to fight now," Tai spoke. He took out his kendo stick and charged Haki. "Stupid humans. Dont know when to give up," Haki remarked, transforming into shadow. He flew around the room and materialized by Chie. Chie shrieked at the top of her lungs as he brought his face down to hers. "Maybe I should keep you and the other girl as my prize," Haki considered. "Never!" Chie yelled. Haki was taken aback by her rudeness. "You'll regret that," Haki growled. "No, you will!" Tai screamed. He was right beside Haki. He swung his weapon. Haki had no time to morph and was struck with enormous power. Tai smiled to himself. He began to sprint towards Haki again for a second assault, but Haki disappeared. 'After that, he doesnt seem to be weakened very much,' Tai pondered, 'This might be even harder than I thought.'
When Haki appeared, he was standing next to Aishiteru and his minian, Kitou. He had an evil grin on. Tai began to approach. "Remember our deal?" Haki asked. "No coming closer to your friend or she dies." Tai stopped dead in his tracks. "You wouldnt want her to perish would u?" Haki chuckled. 'What can I do?' Tai brooded. Haki grienned and snapped his fingers. A door opened behind them and in came a whole team of more demons. 'Whats going on?' Tai asked himself.
"Get the other girl," Haki instructed. Before Tai could make a move, the demons scooped up Chie and Skye and held them hostage. They each held a gun which they had pointed at the helpless 2.
"Now, get the last one," Haki commanded. They slowly approached, like a lion coming for its prey. Tai tried to fight them off, but there were too many for just him alone. They'd soon restrained him and had him pinned to the wall.
Haki smiled, pleased with himself. He morphed again and reappeared right next to Tai. He began to guffaw. "I knew no children could beat me!" Haki cackled.
All of a sudden, Tai heard a shriek. He turned to see Aishiteru. She was freed and holding Kitou's (who was lying at her feet) gun. Before anyone could react, Aishiteru, with perfect marksmanship, shot the gun. In what sounded like one clear gunshot, she shot down all the demons that held Tai. Tai smirked and hurried over to Chie and Skye. In one swift move, he knocked out the 3 demons holding them. Now, this only left Haki.
"How could this happen? How could u brats beat me?" Haki demanded. "Like I said before, never underestimate your opponent," Tai grinned. Before Tai could finish him, Aishiteru shot the gun once more. This bullet, piercing Haki straight through the heart.
Tai stared at Aishiteru with amazement. She slumped to her knees and held her head in her hands. 'Is this the same Aishiteru I met weeks ago? How did she know how to use a gun?' Tai pondered.
Chie raced over to comfort her friend. "Its ok. Its all over now," Chie assured Aishiteru. "U dont understand," Aishiteru protested. "I killed somebody! I dont want to go back! I never want to go back! I killed somebody! I'm so sorry Tatsu. I promised," Aishiteru cried. 'I have a feeling shes not talking about me. It seems' Tai thought, 'That theres something about Aishiteru that none of us know.'

Well, more will be explained next chapter! hope u liked this one! dont know if its as long as the rest, but i hope it was exciting enough! c ya guys later!

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