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Saturday, October 16, 2004

sorry i didnt post sooner! well, let me tell u about my day!

well, remember that annoying boy? well, guess what? he has a twin brother! it was before school and we were all waiting for them to let us go inside and i saw him and another boy that looks identical to him. one was standing around where i was while the other one was like a little ways away. at first, i thought i was imagining it, but i have to admit, he has a twin! nooo! i hope i told on the right one. i'm like 90% sure i did, but for all i know, they might be trying to trick me or something. i dont know.

well, nothin else happened except the election in 6th hour. like i said before, we're having an election in history. all my friends decided to go to the republican side (even though we're democrats) because no one else in the class would go and because we wanted to be together. well, even though i dont like bush's ideas, i got some info on the internet for our president to use in the debate. even with all the information my team gave our president, she didnt do that great in the debate. it was so obvious the other side won. well, today, we voted. my friends and i almost voted for the other side because we knew that the democrats were better, but if our president saw that she only got like 2 or 3 votes, she'd know we didnt vote for her. so, we decided that the democrats would probably still win, so we voted for our side. well, to our surprise, with only one vote left, it was tied 12 to 12. if we had voted for the other side, they wouldve won! well, Mr. Pool unfolded the paper with the last vote and it was.... blank! someone turned in a blank piece of paper because they didnt want to vote and it ended up being the last vote to be picked. we were all on the edge of our seats, waiting for the deciding last vote and it was blank! it was so weird! it was a tie. u wouldve thought the democrats wouldve won big time since they were so much better, but i guess people felt sorry for us. well, our vice-president was absent, so if he had been there, we wouldve won. maybe he'll get to vote on monday. just think, if i hadnt changed my vote to our team, we wouldve lost! well, thats really all that happened today! your pic for today!

one of my favorite cardcaptor sakura pics of all time! they look so cute!

p.s. i got my 800th visit today! yay! i cant believe i'm already on 800! ive only been on myO since the first of july. cool. well, c ya guys tomorrow! hopefully, i'll get to write a chapter, but i have a big project due monday which will like decided my grade for the quarter, so i may be too busy with that. we'll see!

much love to me luv kyo kun on her 15th birthday! yay! hope it was a good one! well, c ya guys!

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Thursday, October 14, 2004

thanx everybody
thanx everybody! i feel much better now after reading all your posts. they were kinda funny too.

well, i'm gonna start with the annoying boy. well, at gym today, he was bothering me and my friends again. after like 5 minutes of him, my friends convinced me to go tell the gym coaches. we did and the coaches called him over. they were like, "Let me show u to the in-house room." So, the boy got in-house (like he has to sit in a room without talking or anything, but work). well, it was mostly my friend danielle who did all the talking, but it was partially me. we didnt say anything about what he asked me yesterday, but he still got in trouble. after gym he was like cussing us out and stuff. i was like, "Well, at least I'm not an ugly loser in in-house like you." well, maybe now he'll leave us alone.

well the only other thing that happened was the debate we had in history. like i said yesterday, i was forced on the republican side. well, i got some research on the internet for our president and vice-president, but it didnt really do any good. we lost the debate so bad! we mightve stood a chance if our president knew more about the republicans. oh well. we couldnt have won anyway, because republicans arent that great anyway.
this one guy that was on our side, left yesterday and deserted us! he didnt help at all! then, today, the day of the debate, he comes back! he made these stupid posters trying to bash the democrats by saying stupid stuff like, "Vote the Democrats for president... of Burger king." What the heck? Thats stupid. When the Democrat guy said Burger King during his speech, my friends and I burst into laughter. It was a funny debate. We were losing so bad and my friends kept on saying all these jokes, it was fun. i know we lost the debate, but oh well. during out last time-out to talk to one another about what to say, that stupid deserter boy tried to tell us to be a team and we were like "you were the one who deserted us!" even when he was on our team he was arguing with us. whatever. well, i had fun today! i'm still not in the best mood ever (probably because of all the rainy and cold weather like Kitsune said). Feeling better than yesterday. well, c ya guys later! before i go, heres a pic!

ooo! bishies galore! all the yuyu guys!

well, c ya guys later!

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

well, i'm not really in the best mood. i'm not sad or mad or anything, just not as happy as usual.

well, math we continued with our basketball tournament and i won my first round! yay! i got my test back though and i got a C. i think i was asleep when i took this test because some of the answers i got were totally ridiculous.

well, band was regular. all that happened was my class was talking too much that and we got in trouble. while we were at band though, some kid playing basketball, popped out his kneecap and was like screaming in pain. i wouldve like thrown up if i'd been there. good thing he decided to do that when i was in band.

it was raining here so at lunch instead of going outside, we got to stay in the lobby.
oh yeah. this morning, that same annoying kid from before was bothering me again and this time he asked me about something i'm not gonna repeat. its not like it was horribly horrible, but it wasnt something he shouldve asked and i dont want to repeat it. i told my friends and they were like i should tell the principal that hes bothering me. at lunch, they told one of my guyfriends about the boy and what he asked and he was like, "I've got friends in high places. If he bothers u, tell me." Then he came back with his "posse". Theyre all like wimpy and skinny and it was funny. Theyre saying theyre gonna beat him up. I could probably beat the annoying boy better.

well, in history, we split up into groups: republicans, democrats, and undecided. i dont like bush at all, but there was an extra spot on the republicans side and no one else would go. so, i'm on the republicans side. we didnt really get much done. the boys in our group were supposed to go look stuff up on the internet, but they didnt find anything for some reason so we were just playing around most of the time. it was fun.

after that, we had math counts. after struggling with the math i barely understood, we played basketball. i was in the math counts tournament too and won my round! yay! now, i'm in the 2nd round! yay! well, after math counts, my sister who had just got out of choir, was like interrogating one of my guyfriends. hes cool, but i dont see him as more than a good friend and my sister for some reason is making a big deal and like telling people stuff. i dont see him as more than a friend and he doesnt see me as more either! i dont see the big deal! maybe i should just go straight up to him and straighten everything out and people will believe me! whatever! well, thats all for now. well, heres a picture. trigun! one of my all-time favs.

well, c ya later everybody!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

well, let me tell u guys about my day!

for the beginning of my day, i was not in the mood for school at all. i'd just got off a 3-day weekend and i was still in weekend mode. even at lunch, i was still adjusting.

we had a BETA club meeting (its like a national junior honor society, but for middle school) and peopled got to sign up to run for president and vide-president. i didint run because i didnt want all that responsibility, but some of my friends ran. now, the only problem is choosing which ones to vote for! everyone wants me to vote for them! i'm confused! @_@

well, nothin else happened until 6th period. Mr. Pool was asking us questions about the English government or whatever we're learning and the 6th period class clown, Blanye, kept on shouting out the answers. Then, Mr. Pool was like, "Do u want to teach the class then?" Blanye went up there and Mr. Pool took his seat and he started teaching. It was funny. He asked for volunteers to read out of the textbook and Mr. Pool raised his hand and Blanye was like, "Ok, u can read Mr. Pool, or should I say Nathan (Nathans our teacher's 1st name)." It was funny. Then, Blanye decided that teaching the class was too hard after like 5 minutes, so Mr. Pool went back up.

We finished reading early so some people were like, "Lets play Heads-Up Seven-Up!" (The game where everybody puts their heads down and sticks their thumbs up. then the people up in the front of the room push people's thumbs down. The people who get picked have to guess who picked them). So, we did. The winners got to go up to the computer to research for a project he'd just assigned. Well, he picked all the people in my row to go up and go up front and push the people's thumbs down. We went for 3 rounds without me getting picked, but then the class started getting rowdy so for the last 5 minutes of class, we had to sit without talking. i still had fun though! well, thats all for now! c ya guys later!!

first, a pic!!

excel saga! i luv mince! hes so cute! well, byes!

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Monday, October 11, 2004

its petie's birthday!
well, in my last post i never got to say happy sweet 16th birthday to my good friend petie! heres a pic for u guys!

well, let me tell u about my day so far. nothin really. we had no school because of columbus day, so i've just been doing a project i have due next week. then, i posted the chapter! well, my sister's friends over. her friend can be a pain. shes a little annoying. theyre supposed to be doing homework, but theyre just messing around. oh well. c ya guys later!

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Chapter Eleven! Finally!
Oh yeah, the beginning of the story is in my archives or u can go to my other site where i have it posted. well, heres chapter eleven

Chapter Eleven
A Glimpse of Evil

“This way,” Aishiteru directed, following the AniCom’s signal. Skye and Tai trailed right behind her. Without warning, Aishiteru came to an abrupt stop, causing the boys to collide and fall to the ground. “What was that about?” Tai quizzed. Aishiteru didn’t answer. Tai gazed past her to see a tiny boy. He was thin and his clothes were tattered. It didn’t seem like he had even taken a proper bath in days. He looked frightened and confused.
Aishiteru held out her arms as if to welcome the boy. “Hey little guy. What’s wrong?” she asked. He whimpered in fear and began to slowly back away. “Don’t worry. I’m not going go hurt you. We want to help you get back home,” Aishiteru stated. The boy’s face lit up as he heard her offer. He began to approach Aishiteru’s warm smile when he let out a gasp. Aishiteru watched, unaware of what was happening. The boy’s body shivered as he slumped over and plummeted to the ground. A dark, red spot formed on his chest. “Blood!” Aishiteru exclaimed. Then, she spotted him, the little boy’s assailant. It was a man that seemed to be in his early thirties or late twenties. Aishiteru hated him instantly; spotting the gun in his hand that had murdered the little boy. She became even more sickening, seeing the evil smirk on his disgusting face.
“You killed him!” Aishiteru cried. “So, it was and your people who have been capturing kids,” Skye remarked. “You guys are monsters! Capturing and killing innocent children!” Aishiteru screamed, charging at the man. “Wait! We can’t be reckless!” Tai warned her. Aishiteru didn’t heed his words. She raced up to the demon and slapped him as hard as she could. He just turned back and gave her his evil grin. She punched him and kicked him, but all of it just seemed ineffective.
“This is getting ridiculous,” the demon told her. With one swipe, he knocked her to the floor. Aishiteru slammed into the pavement. Before Tai and Skye could make a move to help her, the demon held up its gun and shot her. Aishiteru cried out in pain as the bullet pierced through her left thigh. The demon smirked and got ready to finish her when his gun was knocked from his grasp. The man jerked around. Tai was standing beside him with a look of fury in his eyes.
“Stay out of the way. Unless you want to end up like that boy over there,” the demon warned. Tai didn’t even answer. In the blink of an eye, he had vanished. “Hey! Where’d he go!” the demon man demanded. Not another word could escape from his lips as Tai reappeared behind him. Tai made a swift movement and in a flash, the demon crumpled to the floor. Aishiteru watched Tai in awe. She had never seen such quick movements, but at the same time, she was afraid. ‘Tai’s always been against killing the demons no matter how evil. What got into him?’ Aishiteru pondered.
Tai was gazing at his shoes, panting. He looked up and for an instant; Aishiteru saw red rage taking over his usually calm and gentle eyes. Then, the look disappeared and Aishiteru tried to shove the visual out of her mind, believing that she had only imagined it.
Tai made his way over to the little boy. Aishiteru watched as Tai folded his hands, inclined his head and recited a short prayer. He stood and turned to Aishiteru. Now she was sure she’d imagined the evil look. His gaze was deep and caring, always showing genuine concern. He seemed very worried and Aishiteru knew that not even one bone in his body could be “evil”.
“Are you ok?” Tai questioned. Aishiteru nodded and tried to give him a reassuring smile. “Well, I brought my first-aid kit,” Skye spoke up. “I’ll do my best.”
Minutes later, Skye was done and the blood had stopped flowing from Aishiteru’s wound. With Skye’s help, she stood.
“Well, let’s get going,” Aishiteru commented. “Yeah, we’ve got to hurry and bring you back to my aunt’s house,” Skye stated. “No way! I’m going too!” Aishiteru insisted. “You can’t come. You’re injured,” Tai replied. “I promise I can pull my own weight. I could even run if I had to. Its not that bad,” Aishiteru urged. “It’s not that you’ll hold us down,” Tai told her. “It’s the face that I don’t want you to get hurt again.” “You’d be a distraction. I’d be too worried about your well-being, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on saving the kids,” Skye spoke. Aishiteru smiled. ‘I have 2 great guys who care about me. One is a wonderful, but sometimes controlling, friend. The other, a really caring guy who I think and hope sees me as something more,’ Aishiteru thought.
“Fine,” Aishiteru reluctantly agreed. “I’ll go back.” Tai and Skye nodded and both helped in bringing her back.
Mid-way there, Aishiteru noticed a peculiar scent. She was about to point it out to the guys when Skye did first. “Do u guys smell something?” Skye asked. “Yeah, what is it?” Aishiteru questioned. “It smells familiar,” Tai stated. Skye looked up. “It smells like… no that cant be it,” Skye remarked. “We better hurry to make sure.” Instead of helping Aishiteru limp her way back, Skye scooped her up into his arms and jogged. Aishiteru knew she should feel more worried, but she felt so safe in Skye’s arms. She snuggled into his chest.
Soon, Skye halted. Aishiteru stopped daydreaming and glimpsed up. Aishiteru gasped. Tai’s eyes widened in fear. “What could’ve happened?” Skye asked. “We’d barely left!” Tai exclaimed. Aishiteru stared, speechless at the horrible scene. They were looking at Sakura Drive, the street where Aunt Kiori’s house had been, but now, every home on that street were just charred remains.

Well, that’s all for this chapter! Sorry its 2 days late and not very long! The next chapter will be longer though! Well, c ya guys later!

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

sorry i didnt post again last night like i promised, but i was too torn up after wolfs rain that i couldnt. it was so sad! i cried! especially when tsume started talking about himself and stuff. it was all sad. 3 of the characters that have been there since the beginning are gone! i couldnt write a chapter. well, i have to help my lil sisters while my other sisters r at church. i should be doing that now, but i decided to post instead. my mom will be back in like 30 minutes, so i better get on it! i'll try to make a chapter today, but i'm not gonna make any promises before i end up not being able to do it. well, here r your pics!

wolfs rain! a group pic!

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Saturday, October 9, 2004

Hey everybody!
well, today i decided to make another site. dont worry! its not gonna be as important as myO site. its jsut because i had like no room left on this site. so now, i took out my club banners and put them up there. i also, will be putting up a lot more buttons. i havent yet but i will soon.

regarding my story, i hope my sis wont kick me off the computer before i get to write a chapter, but i'll try to write one tonight. i'll post up the chapter and then, i'll add it to my other site where all the chapters are in order from first to last. well, thats all for now. i know i'll be posting again tonight. if not my story then because of wolfs rain and inuyasha tonight. well, c ya guys then!

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Friday, October 8, 2004

well, i didnt post anything yesterday since nothin happened and there wasnt anything to post. today, only a few things happened. let me fill u guys in!

well, we've had 5 tests this week and 1st period math we had our last one for the week. on tuesday, we had a history one and then on thursday we had one in literature and language arts. the literature one was kinda easy, but it was hard since i had just gotten out of a big narrative essay. my hands hurt from writing so much! then, we had one in history again! so, i had 3 tests back-to-back (4th, 5th, and 6th period). then, today the math one. well, i'm glad we're done with tests for the week. most of the tests were easy though.

anyway, 3rd period, the whole 7th grade band came together. we do every friday. usually, its just the brasses and the saxophones on even numbered days. and then theres us clarinets, flutes, and oboes on the odd numbered days. on fridays, no matter whos day it is, we all come and play. it sounds better with us all there, but it means that theres more things to worry about. usually just the flutes have to tune, but with the whole band, its the flutes, trumpets, saxophones, and the percussion (which takes double the time). its so boring!

well, lunch, 4th, and 5th period were dull. 6th period, we started to have fun! well, i sit right in front of my friend liz in that class since we sit in alphabetical order. i sit a row away from this really stupid boy named kurt. hes perverted and thinks hes all that. we got our tests back from yesterday and both me and liz got 93%. he was all like "u guys r stupid" and stuff. he got his quiz back and he had a 88%. it was funny. then, liz thew her candy wrapper at him. chris (the annoying, but not as stupid boy that sits in front of kurt) asked liz for a piece of candy. as soon as she gave it to him and he started to put it in his mouth, Mr. Pool saw him. He gave him detention for eating candy and talking. It was funny. Then, I stared reading because I didnt want to get in trouble. As soon as I looked up, he threw a piece of paper right at my forehead. i found this huge wad of paper and when he wasnt looking, hit him with it right in the face. it was hillarious. he read what it said and started showing it to all his friends, thinking i'd written it when i'd just found it. he was gonna try to get liz in trouble because it said... well, i dont want to say what it said just in case there r younger readers, so lets just say it said something not that great. (its not horrible, but i dont want to say it ^_^). anyway, liz got the note and on top of the bad word, she wrote that kurt wrote it. Mr. Pool looked up just as kurt was saying pretty loudly, "whos going to believe this?" Then, he got detention too. It was funny. Its just their luck huh? Well, it was a fun class and a good way to start off the weekend. A three-day weekend at that! Yay for Columbus Day!

well, heres your pic!

its the front and back cover of the first love hina manga! anyway, luv ya guys! byes!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2004

hey friends!
hehe. funny comments yesterday. i guess u guys r right about the boy just getting what he deserves. i dont think he has issues kitsune, i just think hes really stupid. well, petie, its not really volleyball (people like serve the ball back and forth to each other and we get in this huge circle) so we play outside, so the teachers arent there. they usually stay in the gym and let us go outside alone.

well, lets say about today everybody! math was kinda normal. we play basketball in math (like we do in math counts since the same teacher teaches math and math counts). if u guys didnt read before, we just play with a play hoop in his room with these little basketballs.
anyway, yesterday i joined the basketball tournament for the first time. i had to go against one of the best. he was like on the basketball team and another team outside of school who got to like the national championship. yeah, hes that good. well, on monday we started our match and he missed his first 2 shots (we get 2 shots, then the other person goes, then if we get the same amount of shots we go into overtime.after the 3rd overtime, we go to rock, paper, scissors). then, the bell rang. yesterday, we started again and everyone insisted that we should just start where we left off with him missing his shots instead of him starting all over and getting another chance. i agreed and made my first shot, knocking out the national champion! go me!!

well, today, i went up again and guess who i was up against. another boy on the national champion team!! he got both his shots and i missed my first one so i automatically lost. i know. too bad. well, at least i won my first round and i beat one champion! so, i'm just gonna get my revenge later.

well, thats just my first period. 2nd period science we got to do an experiment with all this colored water and make a rainbow by mizing red, orange, and yellow. it was so prettiful! ^_^

in gym, that same stupid boy came up to me and my friends! one second, he was cussing at my friends and the next, he was trying to flirt with me!! hes so stupid! it was so disgusting. i almost knocked him out! hes sooo annoying!! at least after we finished walking/running our 4 laps, we didnt c him for the rest of gym, but we couldnt play volleyball since the coaches "lost" the like 20 balls they own! we just watched while our friends played knock-out at basketball. it was cool.

well, lunch we had to sit down and be dismissed table-by-table because some people r leaving their garbage. our table had to go last because some of the people sitting at our table was talking. it was mostly this one girl who is soo annoying. shes always talking and flirting with everyone! she was flirting with the like boys she was sitting with and got us to go last. then, she just crept into line early and got to eat before us who weren't talking. good thing they realized that my friends werent talking and let us go (unlike her, we didnt have to cut everyone). then, like 3 of my friends decided to dump us and go sit with her and her posse instead of us! i cant stand her. i was like in the middle of a conversation with someone once and she liked tugged the person away while i was mid-sentence! grrr!

well, only one more thing happened today. in history, we played jeopardy. it was ok except we lost. it wasnt fair. mr. pool obviously liked the other team more. once, he asked a question we couldve gotten 200 points for. it was "whats kurt's (a boy on our team) middle name?" but for some reason, one of our stupider teammates answered before kurt could and made us lose 200 points! we were like in the negatives the whole game until the end. i got us 200 points though by answering what the capital of montana was! go me! in the end, we only lost by 101 points. i wasnt that disappointed. we'd been losing by like 1000 before, so i was happy. well, i should be at math counts right now, but the math teacher cancelled. i wish he hadnt. then, i'd be able to stay for my friend liz's basketball game! and i wouldve been able to collect leaves for our science project. oh well. well, this post is longer than i thought it'd be. well, thanx for reading *hugs everyone whos still reading* well, c ya guys! but first, heres a pic!

chibi gundam seed! arent they cute?

p.s. isnt it so nasty the things u find on the internet? once, i typed in sesshomaru to get pics for this quiz i was making and alf of the pics i got, he was like naked. some, it was just like semi-naked, but others showed everything! it was so nasty! just like 2 days ago, my lil sis and i were gonna play a trick on my other sis who likes kouga. i searched for kouga pics and got this disgusting pic of him TOTALLY naked. my 5 year old sis had to see it! she might not be, but i know i'm scarred for life! well, now, i'll c ya!

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