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Sunday, October 31, 2004

well, my sister had her birthday/halloween party yesterday. it was supposed to have like 40 people, but since someone decided to throw a party on the same day, only about 10 showed up. it was fun though. since they were just a year older than me, i hung out with them. we danced and talked and stuff. even with only 10 people all the 6 pizzas we ordered, were eaten. ^_^

well, 2 of her friends slept over. we watched this thing on the travel channel about haunted places around the world. some of it was stupid while some of it was scary so afterwards i watched that Animatrix that came on last night to get it out of my head. I fell asleep watching it ^_^

Well, tonight I'm going trick-or-treating with my lil sisters and my sisters friends who slept over. We have to buy costumes still!

Question: What r u gonna be for Halloween and what r u gonna do to celebrate?

p.s. Happy Birthday to Sesshlover18!

Also, Kitsune we read "The Naming of Names"

Also thanx Brokenkokoro for the code!

Heres a Halloween pic everyone!

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Saturday, October 30, 2004

well, if u're still here after reading my warning, i'll tell u about my day. yesterday night was the halloween dance! it was awesome, even though we're not allowed to dress up. we got there kinda late and we missed almost an hour of it, but i still hung out with my friends.

everybody was letting loose and dancing (except for me who for some reason was being too much of a chicken, which i now regret). it was funny watching everyone. then, the slow dances came on. it was so cute seeing all my friends pair up and stuff. there were like 3 couples that i were friends with and they were all so cute together!
i danced a little bit. during the ChaCha Slide and a little during the songs, but it was hard since we were barely ever staying in one place to dance.

During one of the slow dances, one of my guyfriends, Ben, asked like one of my best friends, Liz, if she wanted to dance! it was so cute! she didnt want to though since she only saw him as a friend.
I had my first slow dance though. it was only with one of my friends though. I told Liz that if she danced with Ben, I'd dance with one of my friends who wanted to dance with me. She said yes. She and Ben were so adorable (hes short and shes short too so their like the perfect match ^_^) The whole time though all the guys were like winking at each other and I was like, "Well, we're just friends. You guys are all makin a big deal." I had fun though. After the dance, Ben asked Liz out and now shes got a boyfriend! Yay! And I helped in all of this! I feel so special!
Well, just when I was gettin my groove on, the dance ended!

Well, we were all gonna go to the haunted hayride (it wouldve been my first time) but since it rained earlier, it was closed. So, we all (my sister, her friend Ashleigh, her friend Laura, Ashleigh's sister, Laura's brother, and Laura's brother's friends, Pierre and Shane) drove a 45 minute drive to Petersburg to go to a haunted house there. We waited in line for like 2 hours! We needed to go use the bathroom so we went to this bar. It was like out of the movies: a pool bar, a bartender woman, dancing 70s people, and a horrible smell.

Well, when we were almost in, it started raining! I just ducked down. I wasnt about to leave after being there for so long. Everyone kept on saying how scary it was gonna be and how we were gonna pee our pants and stuff. I got scared as soon as I signed in (Laura told us that if we signed in with our fake names they would like whisper our names to scare us, so I used Chaliqua. It was funny). Anyway, it was kinda scary when some things happened. Like people would pop out of nowhere and a body would fly out of a coffin. It was a funeral home during the 30s so it was even more creepy. It had good special effects though. The only scary part was when our guide was supposedly attacked by a ghost and taken away and we had to find our way through by ourselves. Then, we had to go through a dark and confusing hallway. I just like clung to Shane (who was kinda cute so I had no problem with) and let him guide me. After I got out, I realized it wasnt as scary as they said. On a scale from 1 to 10, I'd give it a 4. The hayride wouldve been better. Laura, Ashleigh, and Ashleigh's sister all chickened out. My sister and I were the only girls who went (unless u count their moms). Well, I had fun. I was exhausted by the time we left since it was like 1 am. Then, we drove back (I almost fell asleep).

Well, that was my night. It was a more eventful 6 hours than my whole week. I had a lot of fun. Well, my sisters birthday was Thursday so shes throwing a birthday/Halloween party at 3 pm. Shes always yelling and making us work. I was gonna help her but after she got this attitude, I'm not sure if I will. Well, thats all for now. Byes! But a pic first!

Halloween! In honor of my Halloween-filled night!

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Friday, October 29, 2004

well, i usually post earlier in the day, but this isnt gonna be a very long post anyway.

today we got out an hour early because its the end of the first quarter. tonights the halloween dance! i dont have a date and i dont really want one. i do have a crush on this one guy and we sometimes joke around, but we would never actually go out.

well, we watched 3 movies today, in 4th, 5th, and 6th periods. 4th period we watched a Goosebumps movie. it was freaky. i'd seen it before so it wasnt that weird, but since its been a while i didnt really remember all of it.

5th period we watched a movie on the life of some author named ray bradbury because we read one of his stories. it was kinda boring but I was talking with my friends the whole time anyway. ^_^

in 6th period we watched some movie on the american revolution. it was boring. my friend who sits behind me fell asleep like mid-way. she only slept for like 5 min. though. Mr. Poole (I just found out he has an "E" in his name) gave us our quarter grades. I have a 94 %. Two points lower would be a "B". I'm glad I decided to correct my test.

well, thats all for now. i'll tell u guys about the dance tomorrow! heres your pic!

kenshin and kaouru. i have this as a wall scroll hung up in my room. theyre so cute together. well, c ya guys later! time to get ready for the dance!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

not that good of day for me. it wasnt like HORRIBLE but not good either.

well, math we had a test and it was semi-easy. in science, i got my test back. i got a B. not too bad, but i'm almost to an A in that class and i dont think getting a B is gonna help me.

band was where i got angry. this loser beginner clarinet geek who sucks challenged me for 2nd chair! he beat me! i cant believe it! we didnt even play one of our real songs. we played this nonsense out of the book. if we had played real music, i definetly wouldve won! i'm so sick of band and friggin Mr. Keys who obviously hates me! i always lose the challenges! well, i'm gonna beat that band dork and get my seat back. he was all like, "I'm gonna be in 1st chair by monday!" i burst out into laughter. for one, hes not beating me again and i know he couldnt beat 1st chair.

anyway, the halloween dance is coming up friday which means break-ups and hook-ups. i'm pretty sure that 2 guys like me. one is just a friend and will always be while the other one i'd consider. i doubt my friends would approve though ^_^ well, there r other stuff going on with my social life which i'm in the middle of. i'll update u guys on it when its all over and done which will hopefully be friday. well, a picture!

dragonball z! one of my favs. dragonball gt isnt that great though i have to admit, but i still luv goku! well, enough of my rambling! byes!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

hello everybody
lets see what happened today? well, in science we had a test. the way our teacher talked about it, i thought it was going to be extremely hard. it wasnt like simple, but it wasnt hard. only a few questions were challenging. it'd be funny if i said it were easy and then i end up getting an F.

literature we had another test. this one didnt even have one challenging question. all tests in that class are easy.

well, 6th period history was cool. for the first 20 minutes all we did was review for the another test we're having tomorrow. for the last 30 minutes, we played jeopardy again! yay! the only bad thing is that we had the same team as before. we were losing by like 1000 (but we werent in the negatives this time!) then, i got 3 questions. one for 200 points, one for 300, an one for 500! oh yeah! go me! we wouldve won too if Mr. Pool had looked over when i raised my hand. we lost by 200 and it was a 500-point question! urgh! oh well. its just a stupid game. we'll get them next time! thats all that happened today (well, thats all i'm in the mood to tell). before i go, a picture!

i cant help but put a cardcaptors pic up! theyre so cute! well, bye everyone!

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Monday, October 25, 2004

well, i didnt post over the weekend. i had a cold and i had a project i had to do, so i was either too tired or too busy.

well, today nothing really happened. all 5 of my first classes were just like always. we played hangman in history though. it was on trivia for our quiz coming up. we played girls against boys. the girls won! yay! well, it wasnt that much of a surprise. girls r just naturally smarter, well at least at my school. ^_^

nothin more to say so heres a picture!

wasnt that movie that came on saturday cool? read or die! i luv nancy and yamiko! well, byes!

[ Edit ] i'm changing my site a little for halloween! yay for halloween! right now i'm in between ideas so for now, i hope u like it!

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Friday, October 22, 2004

sorry i didnt post yesterday
like my subject says, i'm sorry for not posting, but it was a busy day. my school day was regular, but after school i had math counts. my smart friend who usually comes with me, couldnt come, but the same guyfriend from yesterday (who isnt being such a jerk anymore) decided to come. i couldnt get any of the math since my smart friend wasnt there to help me, but i had fun. most of the time, i just socialized though. well, we had a knock-out basketball tournament this week in the little hoop in the math teacher's class. well, my first 2 rounds i stayed in, but then i got out on my 3rd. my team ended up winning anyway. go us!

well, after math counts i went to my first school basketball game. my friend was on the team so i wanted to go give her some support. i went with my guyfriend and 3 other friends of mine. well, our team won 29 to 19. the 8th grade game was even worse. we won 57 to 7! they really suck. well, most of my friends left after the 7th grade game though.

well, today was ok. we had that elvis substitute again. this time we had him in math. he said he was too tired to sing though. but he sang for the other classes! thats not fair.

all day long, people have been arguing about baseball. here in illinois, everyones really into the whole cubs and cardinals. people like beat people up (they dont like bloody someones nose but they'll get into like fights like with their friends and stuff) over it. its crazy! i havent chosen sides. i guess i like the cubs since this guy i think is cute likes them. ~_^ i have a bunch of classes with him too! yay!
anyway, back to the topic. our history teacher likes the cardinals and the boy and some of his friends hate the cardinals and want the red socks to win. Mr. Pool said he'd give us a pizza party if the red socks win. if the cardinals win, we have to help pay. i dont know if he really meant it, but we shook on it, so he cant change his mind now.
well, about the boy from yesterday. now, hes not being a jerk, hes being a little too friendly. i mean, hes like always around. i turn around and hes there trying to talk to me. we're like always together, people even think we r going out! yeah right. i was going to ask my girlfriends about it while we walk to the bus, but guess what. he decided to walk with us today! urgh! now, its just getting annoying.
only one more thing before this long post is done. i think there r 2 boys that like me. one is funny and cool, but i could never see him as more than a friend. i heard his friend say my name while they were talking. he sounded like he couldnt believe something, so he mustve been talking about me. lately hes been nice to me and hanging around me more, but not too much. the other one is funny and cool too. my friends dont like him that much though since he can sometimes tease them, but we all know hes joking. they tease back, but its nothin big, but i still know my friends would never approve of me going out with him (not like i want to). i'm not so sure about the 2nd boy. he never said or i never heard he likes me, but i have a feeling that he does. today he was like saying that my friends were weird, but said that i was cool. theres this weird vibe too. well, i guess i'll think more about that on monday.
well, this post is reaaallllly long! thanx to those who r still reading *hands out cookies* well, ttfn! ta-ta for now! first, a picture!

halloween galaxy angel! yay for halloween! i need to put up a halloween theme to get into the spirit. i should start thinking of one. well, byes!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

hey peoples!
well, today was a shortened day! yay! well, i just got back and i decided to post before i forget.

we only had to go to 4th, 5th, and 6th periods today. 4th period was boring as always. 5th period we had another project due which i started at like 9 last night and i finished at 11 (yeah, i'm kinda lazy ^_^). some people brought in artifacts that were related somehow to the book we had been reading. some of them were cool. one of my friends brought in a newspaper article from World War II. it was cool. other people brought in like things frmo other coutries or people made things. it was kinda cool.

well, 6th period, was horrible. the girl who won the election got to teach the class and she had like no clue what she was doing. we had to take notes like it was real class! u'd think that if a student were teaching, it'd be fun. before class started, Mr. Pool left for a bit and everyone started chanting loudly about how they wanted a new president. i didnt chant because i knew we were gonna get in trouble and when Mr. Pool came back we got in big trouble. like 10 people ended up getting detention. then, we had to take the stupid notes. i didnt understand or read what they were doing so i only took notes for the first section. but now we're gonna have a test on it! if i had known, i wouldve taken the stupid notes! i guess i'll just borrow notes from someone else. i dont care anymore.

well, that was a bad start. one of my guyfriends tried out for the basketball team. he made it last year so he thought he'd make it again this year. well, the results were posted up after school, so i decided to go check with him. he was there for me when i didnt make the dance team so i wanted to be there just in case. well, he didnt make it. before i could even say anything to him, he walked off and started talking to his friend who did make it. he didnt even say bye or anything! that got me mad. i was already in a bad mood and then he just left me. i just met up with my good friends and walked down to the bus with them. they didnt desert me! well, i guess i'll c ya guys later. but before i go, a pic!

its sesshomaru! my favorite bishie! maybe he'll cheer me up!

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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

well, i didnt post yesterday. i'd been on the computer all saturday and sunday and wasnt in the mood to go on again. well, i'll just tell u about what happened now.

well, like i said before, the election was a tie. even though we sucked, us republicans (to tell u guys the truth, i dont like republicans that much in real life. well, not republicans, just george bush ^_^) tied with the democrats. our vice-president was absent friday though, so he got to vote on monday. u would think he'd vote for us since he was on our side, but the democrats bribed him! they said they'd give him $2.50 if he voted for them and he listened! good thing Mr. Pool realized there must've been some kind of shady business going on so he disqualified the democrats and let us win! yay, but now our president gets to teach the class tomorrow. if i knew that, i wouldve voted for the other side. i dont like our the girl who won that much. oh well, at least we got the glory! hahaha!

well, today i left my clarinet with the band teacher so he could figure out what was wrong with it. i had to come down after school to pick it up. its like the opposite way from the bus i ride, so i had to run down there, grab my clarinet, and like run all the way down to my bus. with a clarinet and a backpack that wont stay zipped, its not that easy. good thing i got someone to zip my backpack for me or i wouldnt have made it in time. at least i got some exercise which i'm starting to need right now ^_^

well, i think thats all that happened today and yesterday. i better get started on my literature project due tomorrow. i've been putting it off for like 2 weeks. it wont take that long though. well, see ya guys later! byes! a pic before i leave!

cowboy bebop! its been a while since i've had a pic from this show up and its one of my favs! my name is "bebop"inutrigun for a reason! well, c ya guys!! byes!

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

well, i'm just gonna tell u guys right off, i wont be able to visit sites or post a chapter today because of this project i have due tomorrow. i have lots to do, i'm probably only gonna be able to post.

well, i know almost about everyone has posted about wolfs rain last night, but it was sooooooooooo sad! i started crying as soon as blue died and practically had to stop myself from bawling when hige died. hes my fav!!!! then, tsume! i couldnt stop crying! i finally stopped around when darsha died and then started to get a little sniffly when cheza died (i didnt cry though. it took a lot not to! i luv cheza too!) when they showed hige, tsume, toboe, and kiba at the end, i started crying. especially toboe. thats when i couldnt hold it in anymore. i didnt really understand what happened, but i usually dont. when i saw the end of cowboy bebop, i was paying more attention to the fact that spike died then what was going on. the 2nd time i started paying attention and the 3rd time i understood it fully. it'll probably be the same with wolfs rain. maybe next time i see it (if i ever do), i'll understand what happened. i shouldve taped it with our newly-fixed VCR but i forgot! oh well.

well, only one more thing happened thats worth telling. we got final fantasy x-2!! yay!! we got it last night and at midnight after wolfs rain finished, we started playing it. it was actually my sis, shippo323, who got it, but i was working on my styupid project at home. anyway, its more complicated than the first, but i luv it! we havent reached the main plot yet since we've only been playing for like a little while, but its cool. the graphics look better than the first. there r new characters like paine which i know i'm gonna luv and the old ones that u can never forget, like my fav, yuna!! i'm so excited to be getting a new game! we havent gotten one since like june! well, i wont be able to play that much thanks to my stupid project! urgh! well, i better get back to work! bye!

first some pics!

wolfs rain! i'm still crying!

yuna, rikku, and paine!

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